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Supper at i Ricchi

I ate here recently with a group of six and had a similarly negative experience. Seven points stand out: (1) the maitre d' made a point of explaining what a favor he was doing in seating the first two arrivals before the whole party had showed, even though the restaurant was empty; (2) the waiter heavily pushed the three-course Tuscan menu, as if to serve anything else was beneath the restaurant; (3) we were told the "half chicken basted with lemon, fresh sage leaves and olive oil grilled over oak coals" would take 75 minutes to cook -- suspicious, given that it's the least expensive entree; (4) the pasta was so-so, and the portion was tiny for a $22 dish; (5) waiters constantly interrupting conversations by bumping between us to refill water glasses; (6) delivery of food to half the party, leaving the other half waiting; (7) the coffee was cold.

There are two reasons, it seems to me, to eat here. First, to better appreciate other restaurants with better service, and second, to see a dinosaur as it lumbers towards extinction.