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ice cream cakes in st louis?

Hi folks!

I'm traveling from NYC to St Louis this weekend and would love to surprise my boyfriend with an ice cream cake for his bday that can be delivered. The one place I was delivered to was Culinaria, but the smallest they do is an 8" round, which is a bit larger than what I was hoping for, given that we're just 2 people. Anyone know of another place that I could check out?

Thanks a million!

Jan 10, 2011
hotdishandkimchi in Great Plains

seva - good indian in astoria!

And get this: You can order from Seva online!!! I think I'm in love!

seva - good indian in astoria!

I strongly second all the positive things people have said about Seva! Stopped by there on my way home from work this evening because I was intrigued by the menu, which offers a lot of great dishes not found in the other Indian restaurants around the 'hood.

I ordered the pakora appetizer (mixture of cauliflower, onion and potato fritters) and baghare baigan (baby eggplant with sesame tamarind sauce) entree. The owner told me that baghare baigan is a popular dish in Hyderabad so he decided to put it on the menu. He also said that he was going to be changing the menu with the seasons - very exciting news!

The pakora was fantastic, particularly the cauliflower and onion pieces. I liked that you could actually distinguish whole pieces of veg, as opposed to a mashed up mess I've seen at other places. Also, the flavor of the veg itself was very apparent and not overwhelmed by the batter or too much salt.

The baghare baigan was even more delicious! Even in its takeout container it looked so appetizing and well-arranged. It had whole baby eggplants that were cooked perfectly in a very thick, greaseless and perfectly spiced sauce. Even the rice deserves mention since it was so moist and tender. One would think this should be a given, but after a lot of dry, old rice at places that shall remain unnamed...

Lastly, the BYOB + no corking charge puts it way up there in my book!

I'll definitely be back for the goa fish curry, butternut squash soup and fennel kaddu (sweet yellow pumpkin, fennel seeds and nutmeg)!

Persimmon, neo-Korean on E 10th

The head chef at Persimmon is Youngsun Lee, former chef at Momofuku. I actually took a kimchi making class with him today at ICE (which was fantastic). He mentioned that it took a number of years to find space for his restaurant so who knows, it might be intentionally positioned near his former employer, or it may have just been coincidence given that real estate is so limited. In any case, it sounds like it's worth a try. He seemed to put a lot of emphasis on using high quality ingredients that were as natural as possible (using honey powder instead of processed white sugar, high quality miso paste and gochujang from a particular farm in NJ, etc).

May 03, 2008
hotdishandkimchi in Manhattan

Zabb Astoria disaster

Darn! I suspected that would be the case. Thai Angel was in that space previously and I was worried that it would be the same crappy food with a slick new interior. Sadly, it sounds like I was right. Thanks for your report. You've saved me a trip to pick up the menu.

pao de queijo shack coming to astoria

Has anyone been to NY Pao de Queijo yet? I grabbed a menu yesterday but didn't have time to stop in and try something.

Best Panini - Astoria - Il Bambino

Last time I was there, it was still BYOB. I've heard they recently added a corking fee though.

Best Japanese in Astoria

I can validate the pounded to the ground complaint. In the beginning, the katsu was a very generous size and was the typical japanese-style thickness. My bf and I always wondered how long that would last at the cheap prices they charged. Nowadays, it's quite thin and thus, not as tasty, but still cheap. However, in a pinch, it does cure a katsu curry craving emergency.

Best Japanese in Astoria

Also, if you like katsu curry, you should check out Nebuta, one of the few Japanese-owned Japanese places in Astoria. They're located right under the Astoria Blvd N/W station near the Triboro.

Korean Spicy Chicken

Yeah, that place was called 1.5 Dak Kalbi (dak kalbi = chicken kalbi). They had a location I think Palisades Park, NJ but it closed a long time ago. I've never found another dak kalbi place since 1.5 which is a shame since it IS so good!

Ali and Kebab Cafe

Are highlighted in today's NY Times. Hooray!

Late nite chow in Astoria

My best suggestion would be to go to the taco truck on 30th Ave and 33rd St, or the Mexican grocery store directly across the street which has take away as well.

Hi All! New to Astoria, need assistance. :)

I would also recommend Il Bambino which is on 31st Ave and 34th Street. It's really cute with friendly and helpful staff and delicious food. There are a lot of antipasti and tapas as well as some beautiful panini. Oh and it's probably too warm outside now, but I've heard great things about their peanut butter hot chocolate and maple steamed milk!

Brunch in Astoria??

Even though it's not really "brunchy", I would suggest checking out Il Bambino on 31st Ave and 34th Street. They have great small plates and a delicious and wide variety of panini and crostini. It's also really, really cute inside and the staff are friendly and helpful.

Go Wasabi 30th Ave CLOSED!

Walked by Go Wasabi on 30th Ave this morning and found a sign from the Dpt of Health and Mental Hygiene that the restaurant has been shut down. Apparently though, the Ditmars location is still open and the owners hope to re-open the 30th Ave location soon. Yikes!

Old Ubol's/New Arunee

So I decided to try the new Arunee this weekend since I was optimistic that it might be different in some way from Ubol's. Much to my dismay, I learned that you now must pay $1 if you would like rice with your entree. Not extra rice, but just rice in general. That is really crazy to me. Also, I don't think they actually are a different restaurant since they still had my credit card number on file... As for the chow, it seemed exactly the same as before.

Ubol's is now Arunee...

That's disappointing! I was hoping when I saw the new awning that it would be something better than Ubols. Will have to check out some noodle dishes though. I don't suppose you know if they still accept credit card for deliveries?

Pao de queijo in Astoria

Does anyone know if any of the local Brazilian restaurants have it? I've only been to Sabor Tropical which does not. I know you can buy it frozen at the Brazilian supermarket near Northern, but was hoping to find a restaurant that has it.

Ovelia Report

Great report! Just curious though, how were the prices? Also, nice to know about the Marino's connection.

food delivery service for elderly parents

I hope FD works out. I find it bizarre that they disqualify your parents because your dad drives. I've seen a number of MOW clients that are still able to drive and get around somewhat ok. Anyway, good luck to you!


Thanks so much for the list - will try to do some shopping this weekend and pick some up. I see Marmite now comes in a convenient little squeezey bottle which is awesome!


Ah the beloved Rover. Am there every week so will have to make the inquiry. Thanks for the tips. Will check out Cyprus and ask the good folks at the Rover if nothing else pans out.

food delivery service for elderly parents

If they have a serious/terminal illness, you might try God's Love We Deliver which hand delivers nutritious specialized diet meals ( To receive meals on wheels they must be 60 years or older and homebound such that they cannot shop for and prepare a nutritious meal on their own (in case you received some misinformation about how to qualify). There are no income requirements for the program. There are at least two programs serving Bayside including one run by the Visiting Nurse Service of NY. For more info Good luck!


Excellent. Thanks very much. That will give me a good excuse to grab some delicious Thai and/or other treats while I'm there (as if one needs an excuse)!


Does anyone know where I can buy Marmite or Vegemite in Queens? Have been searching the International Foods section of my local grocery in Astoria but haven't had any luck.

Lunch between 59 and 42 on the east side, preferably between lex and 5th

Slightly outside your boundaries, but on 41st and Madison is Cafe Zaiya which is a super budget friendly cafeteria style Japanese place. It's great! There are lots of different options such as rice bowls with marinated beef or tofu, bento boxes, sushi, tossed salad bar, noodles to order, hot food and best of all, a Beard Papa!

Dec 06, 2006
hotdishandkimchi in Manhattan

New Psistaria on 30th Ave in Astoria

Has anyone been in there yet? I believe the name is Day and Night and it's on the corner of 34th Street and 30th Ave right across from Go Wasabi.

Go Wasabi in Astoria, not worth the price!!

I mean come on, it's a KOREAN owned "Japanese" restaurant. Of course it's not that good! I would stick with the Korean dishes on the menu like bibimbap and bulgogi, both of which are totally acceptable. Not mind-blowing by any stretch, but acceptable. And PS, what is up with that tempura-ed beef negimaki???

pre-drinks dinner in astoria near the bohemian

Yes, actually the garden has great food and it's all pretty inexpensive. Great goulash, potato pancakes, pierogies and of course kielbasa.

Best Japanese in Astoria?

Actually, if you're talking about Go Wasabi on 34th and 30th, it's probably better for Korean food since it's a Korean-owned, Korean-style Japanese restaurant. I like their bibimbap the most. The sushi is pretty mediocre.

According to my bf who is Japanese, Shima on Broadway is not that great either, but they have decent lunchboxes. Frankly, I think you have to really watch out for Japanese restaurants that are owned by Chinese or other non-Japanese people because the food is not really Japanese.

Try Nebuta on Astoria Blvd and 31st (next to Dunkin Donuts). It is Japanese owned but is more fast food stuff like Japanese curry and tonkatsu. No sushi, but very nice owner and very authentic and tasty and cheap too!