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Chocolate Cake or other Dessert Rec for Mother's Day - Virginia

Yeah, I'm not a fan of the Korean style baked goods when it comes to cakes or "fancier " desserts. I did however find the website for Victoria's Cakery in Fairfax I'm glad to hear they are good. I'll have to try them next time. I'll check out Cenan's tomorrow on my way. Thankfully my Aunt called today to tell me she is making a dessert. So now if my choice tomorrow isn't so great at least I know there is backup.

Thanks for the suggestions!

Chocolate Cake or other Dessert Rec for Mother's Day - Virginia

I actually used to work right near the one in Rosslyn. Definitely went there a few times to get office birthday cakes. But yeah, farther than I wanted to drive for this occasion.

Chocolate Cake or other Dessert Rec for Mother's Day - Virginia

Never heard of them, the website looks promising though. Thanks for the suggestion. I had thought of just making a cake to bring...your right, finding good cake in NoVa is no easy task.

Chocolate Cake or other Dessert Rec for Mother's Day - Virginia


I'm going over to my Aunt's house for Mother's Day and she has requested that I bring a Chocolate Cake or other sweet dessert.

I would like it to be...

1) Something that will travel well
2) Really good quality or special in some way
3) Located in Virginia reasonably close to either Centreville (where I live) or Vienna (where she lives)
4) Not huge as there will only be 6 of us at dinner

Also, I doubt this will narrow down the field much, but my Aunt has mentioned to me before that she doesn't think the cakes etc. from Wegman's are anything special...

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Last Minute Bday Lunch - Burgers/Pizza & Strwbry Shrtck near Cville VA

Thanks for the rec. We actually ended up at The Cheesecake Factory at Fair Oaks mall, they have outdoor seating but we sat inside. Staring at a parking lot just didn't really have that much appeal.

I've been there before and was completely unimpressed. As far as I remember I didn't really like any of the dishes we ordered.

However, this time around was much better. I'm pretty careful with my eating and wasn't ready to indulge in a calorie fest for some chain restaurant so I looked up the nutrition info online. I'm glad I did. I ordered the Ahi Carpaccio (Thin Slices of Raw Ahi Tuna, Wasabi Pesto, Creamy Avocado and Togarashi Aioli) which I shared with my Dad. It was good, however in the future I would ask for the sauce on the side. It comes with two sauces and one is decoratively drizzled all over the tuna. It had a nice flavor but I still scraped most of it off. For the main course I shared the Factory Burger with my mom. We got it on the wheat roll with no cheese. Given the number of burger places around these days I'm sure you could find a dozen better burgers but it was still pretty darn good. Plus the shape (sort of like a small hoagie) makes it easier to share than your typical burger.

In the end we didn't even get the strawberry shortcake cause my Mom was trying to save room for dinner at my Aunt's later that night.

Oh, and the tuna came with this cucumber and onion garnish which was good with the tuna and my Mom liked it so much she asked if she could order it as her side dish...they said yes.

Anyhow, thanks again for the help. That combination had me thrown for a loop as well! Thankfully my Mom's not hard to please :)

Last Minute Bday Lunch - Burgers/Pizza & Strwbry Shrtck near Cville VA

Hey, this is a bit last minute but thought I'd go ahead and post...see if I get any suggestions while I continue to look on my own. My mom's birthday is today and she is in the mood for Burgers/Pizza type of food (her words) and strawberry shortcake. Plus it's so nice out we would prefer a place with nice outdoor seating or a view.

Any suggestions? We are in Centreville but are willing to drive a little bit for the perfect place. Further east or west is fine.

Thanks in advance. And if I find a great place I'll post on the experience later.

Bday Present Idea for Sister

Ok, I never got my sister a present for christmas so I need to get a
really nice combined present for her birthday and xmas... $150 is my max, but I'd rather it be $125 or under.

I would like to get her either gift certificates to 2 or more restaurants. Or, a certificate to a restaurant plus find something else around there that could be an after dinner activity...or a shop to go in and buy something at...nothing big just a nice addition. The problem, I don't live in Chicago and so have to choose everything blind.

Her favorite foods are "brunch, cake, and veggies" so below are my current ideas pulled from the boards. Also, in terms of after brunch ideas she is in theater, likes blueberry muffins, her favorite store is the Brown Elephant and her favorite drink is coffee.

Also, feel free to suggest something else that you think would be better. Depending on how easy it is to get a certificate to the restaurant itself I may just get a visa giftcard and create fake certificates explaining what the funds are for.

Thanks in Advance!

Restaurant Ideas:
1.David Burke's Primehouse downtown in the James Hotel in River North
for American Dim Sum Brunch from 11-2 Sunday All you can eat, 7
courses, plus you can ask for seconds of anything you want and you can
add all you can drink (mimosas, etc.)

2. Sweets & Savories Sunday Brunch from 10-2, 3 course plus a drink

3. NOT Brunch per se.. Lulu Dim Sum for their "Munch a Bunch" on
Saturday & Sunday 11:30 - 3:00 or Monday & Tuesday 5:00 - 9:30

4. The Bongo Room - Offers partial portions so you can go for brunch and for example get orders of 1 pancake instead of 3 so you can try more varieties.

Mar 05, 2009
Sasha360 in Chicago Area

I'm Sick...Recs for Soup etc. Arlington/Georgetown

Thanks so much everyone for the great suggestions. I'm feeling better now, thankfully :) But there were so many great recommendations I'll be set for the rest of the winter. Yay! Soup is such a great winter comfort food...

I'm Sick...Recs for Soup etc. Arlington/Georgetown

Hi. I tried doing some searching and did find some recommendations for Pho. So that is a possibility. I'm not feeling so great and would really like something that will be warm, comforting, and soothing for my sore throat.

I live in Arlington on Columbia Pike and will be driving to Georgetown in a bit. Any recommendations for a good place, near by, that will be open for a bit. (so I have time to actually get there before they close.) I plan to get it to go.


Oh, and if you see this post too late but have a good place to suggest in Arlington...I could always go tomorrow if I'm still not feeling so great :) thx again.