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best burgers in T.O.

Craft Burger - King & Portland

Caplansky's Amazing Smoked Meat Sandwich

BEST SMOKED MEAT IN TORONTO! Definitely a fantastic spot to eat - Zane came out and chatted with us for during our lunch there. Don't miss it!

Fresh and Wild coming to Bayview? the foodie hot spot gets "hotter"?

Hotter? I think not. Here is my experience at King & Spadina.

The only people who religiously shop there are the types that couldn't cook if their lives depended on it - aka, grab something prepared (and overpriced for that matter, $5 for a grilled chicken breast!) and nuke it. Produce is garbage, the lineups are stupidly long and the cashiers are bitchy. Have fun shopping there!

Anatolia Turkish Restaurant (Bloor & Dundas) - Disappointing & Overpriced

This turkish restaurant was nice when it first opened, but has gone downhill after receiving all the publicity from Toronto Life, etc..

I have eaten there several times a year for the past 4 years or so and have noticed it gradually getting worse:

- Adana Kebap
One of my favourite dishes. Unfortunately, it tasted like it came out of the microwave. The recepie itself is quite simple - spiced meat, grilled and served over a bed of pita bread, topped with yoghurt, tomato sauce and butter. Anatolia's version: yoghurt that had the consistancy of hot milk, pita bread that tastes like yesterdays waste and dry, hard meat. Seriously, it tasted like someone froze this from several days ago, and nuked it and charged me $19 for it (rip off). I have cooked long enough to know what tomato paste tastes like after being nuked.

- Wine
Do not order wine by the glass here; GF commented that it tasted like vinagar. I am sure it had been fermenting in the bottle for weeks. Although the prices for the bottles are reasonable, it is due to the fact that most of them are <$10 at the LCBO, but marked up to $30+ (300% markup). Better off spending $20 more and getting one of their decent bottles.

Thank god I ordered beer but the servers are too slow and incompetant to ask if I want a second one, or even offer water. Hmm, most turkish restaurants bring water to start anyways. Anyways - service was poor.

There was food and crap under the table, like someone wiped off a bunch of crumbs and did not sweep it up.

That's about it. Turkish food is meant to be simple, fresh and have good value. I don't mind paying top dollar when going out to dine, but I want to receive something in return, like fresh made food, or decent service. The fact that they nuked the food is an insult to turkish cuisine. Oh by the way, I told the staff about my complaint, and they just said "oh its all grilled but let me go to the kitchen and check about the microwave" WTF?

Avoid anatolia - there are better places to spend your $$$$ if you are hungry for turkish food. In fact, go to a turkish bakkal (store) and buy the ingredients and make it yourself - you will do a better job than this restaurant, even if its your first time cooking!