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First night in Maui

Everyone seems to have conflicting opinions...I've also heard that Mama's Fish House isn't all it is cracked up to be. I've vacationed in Wailea twice in the last 5 years and would recommend Spago. You have incredible food perched atop the Four Seasons with a great view of the ocean. Atmosphere, service and food are great.

My other favorite restaurant for dinner is Capiche? Have you considered it? I would choose Spago over it for your first night since Spago is in the middle of everything and you can walk there if you're staying at one of the major resorts. Look up Capiche, make a reservation so your there during sunset and request a table on the balcony. View of amazing sunset (not sure when you're going...I was there in early Oct and sunset was incredible) over the ocean in the distance.


Mama's Fish House
Paia HI, Paia, HI

3900 Wailea Alanui Dr, Kihei, HI 96753

Sep 24, 2011
shermanoaksfoodie in Hawaii

Barcelona Nightlife

Do you have any suggestions for nightlife in Barcelona? My husband and I will be there for just a few nights. One night we will have dinner at Inopia and our second night we will likely be eating in Eixample near our hotel (Paco Meralgo or Tapac24) or tapa hopping in El Born area. We're 30, not really "clubbing" type people, but would enjoy an upscale bar or lounge type of place. Atmosphere is a plus. I'm not really sure what our options are, so I'm open to learning more about our choices and your recommendations. We don't want to be required to drop $150 to have a few drinks but would enjoy a unique, fun and happening experience. Also, we'd enjoy a place where we could look nice, but still be wearing jeans if possible. Thoughts?

Inopia Tasting Menu

Wonderful. Thank you!!

Inopia Tasting Menu

Can anyone get the tasting menu at Inopia in Barcelona, or is it only available to those who get the reservation at the group table?

Help with my Sevilla Tapas Choices

Thanks for all of your help!!

Help with my Sevilla Tapas Choices


We will be making a trip to Spain soon and I'm trying to finalize Sevilla food plans. I've spent a lot of time reading through the boards and making a google map to see where everything is located. I have only 1 lunch and 2 dinners to figure out. Can you please help? We want informal, good, inexpensive, hopefully not touristy yet good atmosphere tapa options. We're staying about a half mile east of the Cathedral.

We arrive around noon, will want to grab lunch, and then see the Cathedral and Alcazar. For lunch, I'm thinking Las Teresas or Bodega Morales. Thoughts??

For dinner, these seem to be the options I've narrowed it down to that are near each other:
Casa Robles - Bar Europa -- Gran Tino
Casa Moreno - La Flor de Toranzo - Meson Cinco Jotas - Enrique Becerra (would need to narrow down to 2-3 here)
Bar Giralda - Bodega Santa Cruz/Las Columnas - Las Teresas/Bodega Morales (depending onlunch)

I welcome your critique and suggestions. What can't we miss? What MUST we miss?


Sunday Madrid Recommendations

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I am loving your suggestions and appreciate your time to give me thoughtful, memorable and non-touristy suggestions. I can't wait to check it out!

Sunday Madrid Recommendations

Thanks, this is very helpful! Also, thanks for the feedback on the Sangria. Haha...good to know. I'll focus on your quality food recommendations!

Sunday Madrid Recommendations


My husband and I are heading to Madrid in 3 weeks. We're 30 and well-traveled, but this is my husband's first time in Spain and I haven't been back in 10 years. We arrive on a Sunday and we're staying near Plaza Santa Ana for only one night before leaving for Sevilla. I've been reading the boards for quite a while and still need help with some specific recommendations.

Could you please help recommend an easy tapas place or two nearby for lunch (we'll be headed to Museo Reina Sofia afterwards) and a place for dinner where we can have paella and sangria? Or, if you think we should wait to do paella in Sevilla, let me know that too. I really appreciate your help! Thank you!

Lunch suggestions in Santa Monica

Looking for a Friday lunch suggestion (sandwiches, salads) in the Santa Monica area to take an out of towner. Outdoor seating would be wonderful, but not required. Is there anything along the Montana strip of stores? Again, not required but we will likely go there afterwards to do some shopping. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance for your help!

Laurel Tavern vs...

I agree. Not familiar with the others, but Laurel Tavern is definitely not a place you'd bring the kids. It is always busy around 6pm, so you have to "stalk your seating" and there isn't anywhere else natural to stand. It is definitely a bar, and although great burgers, would be tough with kids or 4+ people.

Lunch spot with a view? Coming from LAX

I'm picking up my mom from the airport (LAX), who will be visiting from the midwest for a long weekend. We'd normally hop on the 405 north to the valley, but I'd like to stop somewhere in Marina del Rey, Santa Monica, etc. for lunch. I'm primarily looking for a spot on the water that is clean, where we can eat outside, has good food and a view. Something in the $15pp ballpark would be best. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Studio City Recommendations?

I also agree with Artisian Cheese Gallery, but more for a lunch place. LOVE IT THERE. Get a sandwich and a cheese plate to split. Yum. You can even sit outside.

Suggestions for Santa Barbara????

I second Bouchon for a great dinner!

Apr 14, 2009
shermanoaksfoodie in California

30th Birthday Group (10) Dinner Recs?

Thanks a lot for your candid feedback. That is what I'm looking for. The estimated price range was not incorporating drinks, tax, tip, I was just thinking about the food part since the rest of those items would add up and wanted to choose a place with good food where we could still keep the food price down. To keep it from being stressful, and allowing people to know what kind of dinner it was ahead of time, is why we wanted to try to find a place where we could arrange a set menu.

The Bazaar by José Andrés

Just thought I should check back in since I just went to The Bazaar last weekend for dinner. Ok, this place is awesome. Forget the tea service, just do dinner. It had an incredible energy and was a lot of fun. The service was good and the food was fantastic. My favorites: Jamon Iberico (Ah-May-zing), Rossejat - paella-style pasta with shrimp (enough for 4 to share), Braized Veal Cheeks (fall apart yummy goodness), tortilla "new way" (need one per person, but so wonderful), Philly cheesesteak, and jicama wrapped guaqamole.

We will definitely be back, especially to take out-of-towners or just to go to the bar and enjoy some jamon, cheese and yummy tapas. Would be a great place to just grab drinks or dessert if you're in the area too.

30th Birthday Group (10) Dinner Recs?

I know, I know...believe me, I've searched the history of this topic and have done a lot of research and am still looking for help. Looking for recommendations from my fellow foodies for a good place to do dinner with about 10 people on a Friday night for my 30th Birthday!

I'm looking for a place that has great food, good energy, fun and hopefully a set-up where it won't be too complicated to split the bill and no one gets screwed. So, if they have a tasting menu or we can set a menu ahead of time, or generous portions that we share (and maybe just figure out before we get there)...that might work best. I'd like to stay under $55 per person for food.

I've been to both Mozzas, and the Osteria remains my favorite spot in LA so far. I'm just thinking it might be a little fancy, expensive and serious for this occassion. I'm considering the private room at Pizzeria Mozza as an option.

Just checked The Bazaar off my list over the weekend, which was great and definitely fits the bill in terms of atmosphere and food was great, but it probably isn't the right choice for such a large group.

I haven't been to the following places yet, and they're on my list. I'm wondering if one of these might be the best choice:

If there was a fun spot nearby to get drinks afterwards, that would be a bonus, but not required.

Or, thinking to maybe take a different route and get a table at The Edison downtown (I was already able to book for 10 through OpenTable if I need it)

Any help and suggestions you can provide is most appreciated!

The Bazaar by José Andrés

HI everyone. My friend and I just checked out The Bazaar's afternoon tea service yesterday. Unfortunately, the service was awful. We had to find someone to seat us (we had reservations, and knew it would be slow in there, but still...). We sat for at least 10 minutes before our server came to us, and that was after we flagged him down. However, once we got into the food courses, they moved along. The food was all good, and you could choose among a number of teas. I wish they came around to heat up your tea, or had something to put your individual tea pot on to keep it hot. My tea quickly became lukewarm at best , and I polished the entire pot! I thought $25 was pretty reasonable, but there could be come improvements and I've had better.

I have dinner reservations next month and still have very high expectations and can't wait to check it out. I think and hope dinner will be a completely different experience. I think it will be a fun spot once its packed in the evenings.

Great real deli in LA?

If you go to Brents, be sure to get a Black and White cookie for dessert!

$25 for 2 -dinner challenge

Siam Cabin Cuisine for Thai on Ventura in Sherman Oaks. If you're in the area, they even offer free (and fast) delivery! Pretty nice for a thai place! You can get 2 entrees and an appetizer for about $25.