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Wedding Lunch restaurant

Hello all, I'm getting married Sunday May 12, 2013 and am looking for a restaurant in Toronto that can accommodate about 110 people for lunch. Doesn't have to be fancy but I'm looking for food that is good and can appeal to Indian vegetarians and Italian meat-lovers, budget around $50/person...any ideas? I know there have been a few threads on this, but am looking for current info and also just slightly less than high-end.


local-focused restaurants in mississauga

I'm looking for local food restaurants in mississauga or peel region; i know there's lots sprouting up in Toronto but I was interested specifically in peel...any suggestions?


shops selling local cheeses at yonge and eglinton

Thanks everyone! i need to get it today and Culinarium is closed Sundays, Mondays and Tues. I had heard similar things about Cheese Emporium not selling local cheeses (and being proud of it!) but i'll check them out anyway, as well as Healthy Butcher.

shops selling local cheeses at yonge and eglinton

I'm looking for shops at or around yonge and eglinton that sell local cheeses...any suggestions?

Girls' Night dinner

so i've discovered! thanks for your input, i'll keep looking...

Girls' Night dinner

Some friends and I (about 7 of us in total) want to try out one of the newer restaurants in the queen west/ossington area and were hoping for advice...some of the ones I want to try are Local Kitchen, Union, Paramour. A few of my friends are vegetarians, so that affects the choice..any thoughts?

Sunday breakfast between Toronto and NOTL?

Olsen Foods in Port is great (and open on sundays), and they do serve hot dishes, like sandwiches, pizza, etc. but not sure if they have breakfasts specifically.