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Dear RuBo: My Name Is Not Fucking "Sweetie"

Wow. Ruth Bourdain has way to much time on her/his/its hands. (Wondering what it says about me that I just read the whole entry.) Ah well, it is some of the best advice I've heard all day, sweetie!

Dec 07, 2010
aphrodisiac in Features

Uni at the Hollywood Farmers Market

Thanks for this tip! I walked right by them last week because I didn't want crab but I had no idea they had uni-my favorite!

I've heard about the wriggling and I've always been a little afraid. It didn't bother you?

Jul 28, 2010
aphrodisiac in Los Angeles Area

Sneaking Food into Movies

I have noticed a few theaters evolving into more lax concession rules. I recently visited a theater at the Grove in Los Angeles where the allow movie-goers to bring in food and drink from other Grove restaurants. And in Healdsburg, CA the movie theater has one theater that serves wine.

That being said, I'm a sneaker. If I want a snack, I try to buy something from the concession but as far as beverages go, I BYOB. That's right. I bring wine. Just be sure to uncork that Champagne before you go in!

Dec 01, 2009
aphrodisiac in Features

Where is the best Red Velvet Cake?

Kiss My Bundt bakery on 3rd is right up there!

Good, old fashioned cake but the light, fluffy cream cheese frosting is the real highlight.

Jun 02, 2009
aphrodisiac in Los Angeles Area

Dolce Monachelli's delicious bundt cake

Have not tried them, sound great. However if you like bundt, you should also check out Kiss My Bundt in LA. I live around the corner from the bakery and have developed a serious addiction. They've perfected the balance between fluffy and moist.

Mar 25, 2009
aphrodisiac in Los Angeles Area

eating in Aruba 2009

I just returned from a week in Aruba, (my first!) Overall, I was gravely disappointed in the food. First, the discovery that most of the seafood was shipped in from other islands or, worse, from Florida, depressed me to the core. Here I was snorkeling among millions of snapper and not a one to eat!

I tried to find the fish market at the harbor marked on my map. (I was staying in an apartment with a decently equipped kitchen). Turns out, the market is gone. The only remnant is the mark on the map. What did the woman in the boutique where the market once existed suggest? That I go to the Ling and Sons Supermarket, as they have the best fish. (My other choice was to go to the point where the few remaining fishing boats dock and purchase a fish to clean myself. Now, I said the kitchen was stocked, but I was not equipped for that).

So I tried a few fish restaurants. I did not have a single enjoyable meal in a single hotel restaurant. But I did enjoy a lovely evening at the ill-named Gasparito's and enjoyed a respectable piece of freshly caught Grouper at Madame Janette's. (I also fell in love with the wine list at Madame Janette's).

But my best meal was on Eagle Beach. I was sent to find Mrs. Kelly's snack truck upon recommendation of the tourism office. And my adventure was rewarded. Mrs. Kelly is warm and bubbly and is expert at all the traditional creole foods once found in Aruban homes. (The kind of food that has lost out to prepackaged convenience foods.) I sampled creole fish cakes, goat ribs and chicken with peanut sauce, all tender and flavorful and prepared before my eyes in the cramped quarters of Mrs. Kelly's truck.

If you're in Aruba on a Saturday, you must seek out Mrs. Kelly's truck. It is both a culinary and cultural experience and one of Aruba's gastronomic highlights.

Review: Tigeorge's Chicken

Oh happiness! A restaurant that marks aphrodisiacs with a happy face. Is it just the conch, or did they note other dishes. I must go in and try it out!

Thanks for that. I enjoyed your description.

Feb 16, 2009
aphrodisiac in Los Angeles Area

Hints on Food Shopping and Markets in Aruba?

I'm going to be renting a house in Aruba next week. I would like to check out local ingredients, markets, etc. Do you have any leads for me on the best shops and markets to explore? Or any resources where I might find more info on buying the best ingredients while I'm in Aruba?

Aruba in January - 1st time there

Am going to Aruba next week and renting a house. Do you have any suggestions for local markets and specialty ingredients I should not miss?

The Weak in Review: Least Essential Food Writing for Sept. 4-8

Oh, and sorry to have submitted twice. My computer froze momentarily and the old itchy trigger finger struck in retaliation!

Feb 16, 2009
aphrodisiac in Features

The Weak in Review: Least Essential Food Writing for Sept. 4-8

With regards to the tomato, yes, people have said that it could have been the original forbidden fruit. This would give insight into its otherwise unexplainable name of "love apple." It would also explain the early, European misconception that tomatoes were poison. To read more on this line of thought, i could point you to several sources. Online, you could start with the Epicurean Table, Yes, I realize that it was introduced in modern times to European society from Mexico, but the tomato has been around longer than that. There is no evidence that it could not have been a rare and strange fruit existing in the Garden of Eden. Do you really take Google as the highest power on historical information?

Feb 16, 2009
aphrodisiac in Features