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Drums N Flats at Avenue and the 401

I have been there a few times I like the wings and the fact I can get flats which I prefer.
I find they have better wings then st.Louis wings (last few times I have been to St.Louis they are just m'eh.)
One thing, I like is the fact you can order side fries with your wings because sometimes you just want a few fries.
yes, they have some problems (sometimes I find the server are not as attentive as they could be)
I can not comment on beer since I do not drink.

Nov 06, 2013
bsv in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Using TTC from Don Mills & Sheppard - HELP.

Mostly take out but I think they do have one table and chair, if you want to eat in.
Yes, breaded shrimp and the fish is good too.
I believe they make everything in house then freeze it to fry right.

Sep 18, 2013
bsv in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Using TTC from Don Mills & Sheppard - HELP.

At peanut near where the Mr.jerk is is a fish and chips place.
Try the shrimp and chips with gravy (personally I like getting the gravy on the fries)

Sep 14, 2013
bsv in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Dr. Laffa needs to requalify

You know what I like about the Laffa, is NO seeds since I can not eat them. I found it tasty and really good.

May 30, 2013
bsv in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Butcher that will grind up meat for me?

ask where ever you are going to buy the meat, if a good butcher it should not be a problem. However, pick a time that is not very busy or middle of holiday rush.
You might have to come back for it.

Mar 20, 2013
bsv in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

electric mud bbq

I was there on saturday.

there was a line up at 5pm (when they open the doors).

the wait staff is great and answered MILLIONS of questions we had, they were attentive. a definite plus of the place

The food:
the server explained, things come out as they are ready and built for sharing
I had the duck ham, which was really good, the sauce made the dish for me. But the quick pickle cucumber were not right (I make homemade cucumber salad at home so it was just missing something for my liking) but was refreshing with the duck.
my bro had the ribs:was only 3 of them but my brother said it was really good.
my sister had the fried chicken: which I tried and have to say I was not that impressed with compared with the other dishes
we got the sides of hush puppies, slaw and pickles. I only had one of the pickles (which were to spicy for me but homemade)
for 3 bucks each you did not feel like you were skimped (the hush puppies I think were about five of them in the order)

for dessert both my siblings had the cream pie, which is deconstructed and came in a small mason jar. They both said was nice but a little pricey at $5.

from just opening at five pm, in under five mins the place was packed so it was impressive that the food came out so quickly they went from zero to slammed so was very quick. I wonder if they will be able to keep this pace up

My complaint:
it is VERY cramped in there, the table that suppose to sit four barely fit us and an unpadded bench seat. (maybe allows for quick turn around since not comfortable seating). We had to ask our server to turn down the music since we couldn't hear each other speak and it was still too loud for me (and I use to work in a club so I can handle loud)
maybe during the summer with the patio open it will allow it to be more spread out. But as it stands it is just to tight of a space for my comfort, I know I sound like an old fuddy duddy but for me I want to feel like I have a little elbow room therefore won't be making a regular thing. ( example of how tight things are the server taking the order at the next table hit me a few times just trying to take that tables order)

The food was great but if your claustrophobic it might not be the place for you.

here are some photo I took, they are not the best quality but they gives you an idea of what you get

Mar 10, 2013
bsv in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Pickle Barrel isn't what it used to be

that place never had GREAT service but okay and someone where you went with your bubby.
however things started to change.
after five years ago, I went and the waitress miss heard me and messed up my order. The manager, came over and told me I WAS wrong that I DID order the salad. At this point, I was dinning with my mom, who pointed out in no way could I have ordered the salad since I can not eat lettuce. The manager left in a huff and did not say anything more

two years ago: I went to order a deli tray, I waited by the counter.the manager came over and we told them we needed to order and left us with the booklet of what to order, then we stood and waited, and waited, we could see the staff standing around talking by the food counter. We finally turned around and left. to have the manager, said, "bye hope everything was okay"

last year: my bro wanted matzo ball soup. We waited forever, the service was slow and the menu still is far to large with ads in it.

Feb 12, 2013
bsv in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Good Thai in North York

well, I could tell you not so good.
Thai place (sorry I can not remember the name) at nymark plaza (don mills between sheppard and finch): I have only had the pad thai and it is expensive but you did get alot however, was just okay.
spring roll at fairview: uhmm. chain so m'eh
Linda: we went ONCE and that was enough for me.

Hope you find somewhere and let me know since I crave pad thai

Nov 14, 2012
bsv in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Longo's on Laird - now open

I went yesterday.
no issues parking.
I found the place really pretty but also pretty expensive. They did have a nice selection of fruit and vegetables.
they had tons of cash registers open which was great.
I went around 3pm on a monday and the place was not that busy.
We did go up to corktown for lunch afterwards, my bro had steak sandwich which came with a side (which he got pasta salad, which I had) he said the sandwich was nice and the pasta salad was pretty good. It did take a wait but not that bad and not stupidly expensive.

Aug 28, 2012
bsv in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

The Works - coming to The Danforth

I went to the oakville location, we got warned for the time and it was expensive but I had the turkey burger and I have to say I really enjoy it, the burger tasted like real turkey. I would go again, it was worth it to me.
I found it amusing the menu has two pages dedicated only to toppings combo for the burger and came with the server giving us a tutorial on how to use it (like, I found out you can change some things on the burger with no charge), I would suggest to go at least once for the experience.
(I want to try the hunka hunka burger - banana, peanut butter and bacon. just because it is there)

May 26, 2012
bsv in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Do not bring me a sandwich - boxed lunch ideas beyond the typical sandwich

I have been making my bro's lunch for a while now and he is sick of sandwiches/wraps. I come to you to ask for ideas of what else to make for a packed lunch to take the place of the sandwich.

his lunch has the basic, salad , fruit, yogurt, etc

I did think of grilled chicken with quinoa with mushrooms and parsley.
I have in the past made sheppard pie and froze them but they only have a toaster oven at his work so it never reheated properly.

however, he dislikes pasta, beans, peppers and only eats can tuna.

I need something that is a small batch.

This is a hard request I know.
thanks in advance

Apr 22, 2012
bsv in Home Cooking

passover order

Hi due to a family emergency, I might not be available to make passover dinner.
I was wondering if anyone has an recommendations for a place to order kosher for passover meal.
just the basic, soup, fish, meat and sides.
Thanks in advance

Mar 26, 2012
bsv in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Looking for a KOSHER brisket

also, with passover coming soon, you can find some at costco near yorkdale but unsure of the fat on it

Mar 20, 2012
bsv in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

visiting for the Grey cup

My brother is coming to town for the Grey Cup this weekend and is staying near the convention center, I was wondering is there any place (not very expensive) you think he should check out to eat?

Nov 22, 2011
bsv in B.C. (inc. Vancouver)

Toronto Food Truck Eats, Part 2: too bad you missed it!

they have announced that the next event is october 1st.
which personally I hate for a number of personal reason,but the one that might effect people is not wanting to do to much during the day since that night is nuit blanche

Aug 23, 2011
bsv in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Where to find loose leaf linden flower tea in Toronto (or online)?

try house of tea. it is near rosedale station.

Aug 17, 2011
bsv in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Summerlicious 2011

I went to Fred's not here not here for lunch and have to say, bl'eah.

for ap:
'Baked Our Famous Lobster & Crab Soup', positive: the look it was pretty with puff pastry ontop. Negative: the soup, no meat and strange flavour (not in a good way)

my friend had: "Chicken Pot Stickers & Grilled Chicken Satay with Dipping Sauces", positive: this was not mine so I do not know about the flavour. Negative: it looked just over cooked to me However, I can not judge this properly

for mains:
I had Roasted Lobster with Calamari Orecchiette, Garlic, Tomatoes, Basil : positive: this dish was good.
Negative: Roasted Certified Angus Prime Rib of Beef “A-La Honest Ed’s Warehouse” with Celeriac Yukon Gold Mash & Buttered Green Peas:
To be a little melodramatic but Ed would be rolling in his grave at what they did to his dish. I use to eat the prime rib they served was a thick cut of meat with jus sauce, creamy mashed potato and really amazing.
What this had was:
1. the juices were baked onto the plate, my friend took effort to even scratch it off and then it flaked.
2. the cut of meat, it was so thinly sliced it looked haggard and very dried out. The fat was thicker then the meat.
3. the mashed potatoes were so dry. That when you stuck your fork in and came out in chucks.
4. We just avoided the peas after the horror shows of the other two.

the worse:
1. it took 45 mins to get our main.
2. when we pointed out to the server that it looked like it had been under a heat lamp. She had said ,'oh there is no way it was under any heat lamp since I was standing waiting for it'... I was amazed by this because I have no idea how you get something so dried out stuck to the plate without it being under something to keep it warm.
3. it took two tries to finally get the manager, who took one look at the plate and said she would take off the main dish but charge us for the ap and dessert.

the dessert:
creme brulee cheesecake. negative: SMALL, so small. For sure not five bucks worth (which is what my friend was charged for the dessert) Plus side: OH MY GOSH, if the whole meal was this good I would have been a happy camper.

I have no idea how the place sells out every licious. I hope we just had a bad experience but I will never go back.

I hope tomorrow of Jump and starfish turns out better.

Fred's Not Here
321 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V1J5, CA

Jul 20, 2011
bsv in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Summerlicious 2011

Oh opps... I was tired when I posted that.
But to answer your question, yes, if you ever have been to a restaurant bathroom at 4am or a disgusting one, you too would feel rushed and stressed.(teehee)

Sorry, let me try that again. I some how got four points messed into three lines.
my point I was trying to get at is:
1. the food was fresh and very nice
2. the bathroom wallpaper was interesting and being a foodie I had to take a picture of it.
3. It is worth checking out for summerlicious.
4. the waitstaff was friendly and did not try to rush you out the door.

sorry again, I hope that makes better sense. Maybe I should have waited till morning to post that comment

Jul 20, 2011
bsv in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Summerlicious 2011

I went to the wine bar tonight and can I say it was good. I was there with two friends. The server was nice and extremely friendly and found over all the dishes were seasoned well.

starter I had the calamari and was really good, I dislike chili and had it without. You know if your a fan of calamari how when you order it, you always need to add lemon to it these were perfect maybe a little salty but so tasty.
one of the other people had the asparagus, he liked it so much he pouted when it was gone.

main: I had the wild fish and one of the people had the risotto. the fish was good tender and moist however, I would have liked a little more of the butter sauce on it but the risotto was ridiculous, the tomatoes that were in it I could have happily eaten a bowl of them.

dessert: I went off menu and had the pavlova and wow... I wanted to lick the plate.
My friends, one had the bread pudding, she was not a fan and he had the tart which was rich and really good. another table had the peanut butter cream brulee and over heard they really liked it specially the cookie.

sorry for any typos I am stuffed and to tired to fix any. I had no relized till someone pointed out it use to be Jammie Kennedy wine bar but someone new has taken it over.

It was fresh and really nice but if you go check out the bathroom. I had to take a picture of the wall paper.
I think if you can it is worth checking out, very relaxing and at no point did I feel rushed.
Hope you enjoy where ever you end up
okay I go fall over now, tomorrow is Fred's not here for lunch

Jul 19, 2011
bsv in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Going to Linda at the Shops at Don Mills- what to order?

I went for lunch last week and have to say compared to salad king I remember from downtown, it was a complete disappointment. My pad thai was tastless and everyone else is my party found their dish either the same way or oily. I do not know how they are for dinner but I would not go back for lunch again.
I hope you have a better experience then I did.

Jul 19, 2011
bsv in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Summerlicious 2011

the butter at Pangaea. It seems a thing they do for licious or maybe just a lunch thing but OH MY GOSH. I went for winterlicious and have to say the beet butter was the winner in my book, I even had to get more.
I was disappointed with the cheese tray since they did not say what cheese it was. But I really have enjoyed that place time after time.

Jul 17, 2011
bsv in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Summerlicious 2011

I will let you know, I am going on tuesday

Jul 17, 2011
bsv in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Summerlicious 2011

I did King street social for lunch, it seems to be one of the only places that does a different main for lunch and dinner.
Someone told me they went for dinner and found themselves still hungry. I went for lunch and it was filling and very delicious. I had the heirloom tomato and grilled calamari which was tasty and well seasoned.
The lobster sandwich, was nice and reminded me of a club so a little to much bread for my liking but was very light.
and for dessert: the mango sorbet and summer fruit, my only pet peeve here was the blueberries had the steams on it still but was nice and again light.

The people I went with had the other two desserts and the ice cream trio seemed if your a fan of ice cream the win.

I have next on my menu for places:
the wine bar

I wanted to try BLD but could not get reservations and I HOPE I can score some reservations for fred's not here for lunch next week. I also wanted to go to 7 #'s but ran out of people to go with.

Jul 14, 2011
bsv in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Night It Up and Waterfront Night Market 2011

I went last year to the T&T one, some of the line ups were stupid (like the stinky tofu) but I had a 10 buck lobster with just some lemon was so good I want to go back (with hope they have it again) . My friend did not like it due to the crowd

Jul 13, 2011
bsv in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Summerlicious 2011

I read the reviews and expected the worse when I went to Toula and have to say I liked it. The view is spectacular and makes up more for any short coming found in the food (I found the food actual good but some dishes were just a disappointment). I think if going with friends and can make reservations for seats by the window (or wait till one comes available ) it is worth checking out for licious

1 Harbour Square, Toronto, ON M5J 1A6, CA

Jul 12, 2011
bsv in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Food Truck Festival - Distillery District - July 2, 2011

we got in line shortly before noon for the grill cheese and by the time we got to the front they sold out of bacon. The woman taking the cash said they had brought enough bacon for 200 sandwiches and were sold out quickly. (they were shocked at how many people came out to the event)

I LOVED the cava shrimp tamale ! I tried a bite of my friends and by the time I went back the line up was to long. (I would have waited but my friends were tired)

also, no idea who it was but two guys sold cotton candy (made fresh)...which might have been my favorite but I have a slight addiction to sugar (also, only 3 bucks was a good deal)

I agree with TorontoJo's approach best way to handle that event was divided and conquer, that way you got to try more places.

unsure if I will go to the next event , it all depends on how the fix the line up situation, I found with the long lines that wrap around like it did I ended up missing stands since lost behind the line.

I do not know if people have found ways around Toronto by-laws since I noticed behind the Community Centre on dundas and bathurst there is about five big metal packing crates (I guess how you would describe it) selling grill cheese sandwiches, bubble tea, a vegan place and a travel agency (no idea for that last one). So maybe they found some loop hole, I guess maybe hope to have more late night choices

Jul 02, 2011
bsv in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

1000 Tastes - 2011 Edition - John Street (Toronto) June 18 and 19 - Luminato

at first I was disappointed by how many booths there was but after thinking about it, I found it was a good amount since the size of the event gave me a chance to scope out the places then decided.

If you take a look at other food events like taste of little Italy, so many of the booths sell the exact same thing, with the Toronto event each booth sold different style of food and with the toronto being only half the street it never made you feel crowded or caused the bottle necks that little Italy had, last: I found I liked that it did not have to much noise, I could talk with people but I agree with the person who posted some sound would be nice just not over lapping sounds like some of the other events. (I am not bashing little Italy just comparing different food fests)

I enjoyed most of the places we tried but we avoided the places like poutini and fish and chips since we can get that any time (besides the line up was stupidly long)

we arrived around 1 and starfish had a huge line up by the time we passed an hour latter they were packed up. Maybe next year they will bring the second top shucked and might last both days

My fav was Luma even though I found the lobster slider a little small for 5 bucks but it was my favorite (I could never place what the little hit of hot that was in it) However, I looked at there menu online and they do not sell the lobster slider but great that they brought out something you can not get anytime (even though I want more!)

My friends tried Lee's spring roll , which they all loved (but my only complaint was is that they seem to do the spring roll at all events since they sold it at the night market)

I do not remember the name of the one place we were disappointed in (I think next to lee or two down from it) my friends had the grilled beef with fig and couscous. Which they found the beef over cooked and I had the grilled eggplant with tomato salad, the salad was really good until you got to a point where it just was nothing but parsley steams and the grilled eggplant was to big for eating with your hands, bland (and only one on the plate)

everyone LOVED delight, I have been going for a while since they have a milk free ice cream that is to die for but was I disappointed that they did not bring it (since I am sure it would have gone like hot cakes and my friend says it taste as good as there chocolate). But the strawberry ice cream just smelled amazing.

my only complaints is, the no refund on tickets (I bought 4 but was full after 2) and I was full after two places.

I would go again, it seems to be a more high end food fest and I really enjoyed it. However, I agree with most the people here, that it is not a whole day event, it is more of a pit stop between other things (we went to the small press expo afterward)

330 King St W, Toronto, ON , CA

Jun 22, 2011
bsv in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Bonnie Gordon -advice

A friend and I are thinking of taking a baking class at Bonnie Gordon college of confectionary arts. I was wondering has anyone taken a class there and if so how did you find it?

thanks in advance

May 28, 2011
bsv in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Where's the lobster? - downtown toronto

thanks for the help.

I know alot of people who have been to the lobster trap but no one that has been to it recently. I have no idea why my family stop going.

Apr 28, 2011
bsv in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Where's the lobster? - downtown toronto

My friend and I are wanting to go for lobster but I do not know where to go.
I know red lobster is not expensive but I am unsure for quality and fisherman's wharf would have good quality but a little pricey.
I was hoping someone knows of a place to have good lobster at a mid-price range.

and anyone been to the lobster trap and how is there lobster? (I have not been in years and do not remember it)

Apr 27, 2011
bsv in Ontario (inc. Toronto)