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Carlina Bistro, Tuckahoe NY

Are they open yet? I thought when we drove by that they looked closed...would be interesting to see how they are...

Lulu's in Scarsdale, NY.... Not Just Cakes!

Totally agree with you ice cream, on the cupcake buttercream not being sugary enough, and i LOVE the devil dogs (or whoopie pies-- are those the same thing?) my wife however, thinks that the cupcake buttercream is perfect, and that the devil dog frosting is too sweet for her taste. We asked them if they could put the devil dog frosting ON TOP of the cupcake and they said we would need to special order that a dozen minimum and to me THAT was the perfect cupcake. (I have four more left in the freezer!) I love sugary sweet magnolia frosting but have a hard time with magnolia style cupcake cake parts being too dry, I think Lulu's is perfectly moist. My new favorite is the yellow cake with the chocolate fudge cream frosting.

If you haven't tried their scones, or the peanut butter cookies, then you are definitely missing out on the best thing there!

Yoshino Fleetwood

Thats good to hear, Sparco, because we were wondering how this place was....we'll have to give it a try now -- do you have any recommendations?

Masala Kraft in Hartsdale??

Does this place have any relation to Kraft in Bronxville? Just curious because its a very particular way of spelling....

birthday dinner recommendations in westchester/CT?

I second Crabtree Kittle House. Nice atmosphere -- great food!

White asparagus bargain at Viva Grande - New Rochelle

OMG thats such a steal for white asparagus -- if only i knew how to cook it like they do in Amsterdam! so soft and buttery!

ISO Valrhona disk (fèves) in Westchester

What about Chef Central? I bought the chocolate log things you put in croisssants during a disastrous attempt at making pain au chocolat at home once...

Breakfast Pastries between Eastchester & White Plains

I second the Chocolate raspberry scone -- it is awesome. I also like the cheese danish, but its not really a danish its something else like a cheese thing made with croissant dough. Even the scones dont really taste like scones -- i thought they were not supposed to be moist, but whatever they do at Lulu is good, who cares if technically, its not a scone. Or maybe the scones im used to are usually dry because they are from starbucks LOL!

Vietnamese in FFC/Westchester?

But is there anything Vietnamese in Westchester? And I'm not talking about fusion, but straight-up Vietnamese?

Sushi Nanase

Good to know that this place is still doing good sushi!

Yolato in Eastchester

Has anyone checked this out? Is this the pinkberry copycat I drove by the other day? Whats that all about? I hope that the imposters are better than the original -- not crazy about pinkberry, but love red mango! why isnt there an entrpreneur in Westchester who hasnt realized that we are light years behind on the yogurt craze!!!

Q in Port Chester

I like Q in Port Chester, but my favorite is DInosaur off the west side highway! Not to crazy about the brisket at Q -- its not as flavorful as Im used to. The sides are pretty good though!

Lulu's in Scarsdale, NY.... Not Just Cakes!

Just wanted to say that I got a very special custom cake from Lulu last weekend. While we liked La Tulipe, we found their stuff to be a bit too rich and sweet. What we did get at Lulu was beautiful and delicious and completely devoured. It was a three d handbag -- will try to post the picture. The details were stunning -- there were even tiny miniature stitches in the bag's seam. They also made a platter of brownies and bars for us - everything was insanely delicious. We finally decided on a peanut butter cake with chocolate. TOo bad when we went in for a Mother's day cake there was nothing left on the shelves.

Fun Restaurant for Group- East Village/LES

I like Back40, Schillers and Inoteca. Suba is also lovely but not sure if they are still open. We tried making reservations about a month ago and the phone just rang and rang...

Mar 19, 2009
PJPasta in Manhattan

Fage Yogurt -- How soften the honey without ruining the yogurt?

I also bought Linda's suggested brand -- will let you know how it goes!!!!

Mar 19, 2009
PJPasta in General Topics

Fage Yogurt -- How soften the honey without ruining the yogurt?

I bought a bottle of Zergut -- will let you know tomorrow during my taste test!

Mar 19, 2009
PJPasta in General Topics

Steak in White Plains?

Well we went to BLT in downtown White Plains just before we moved to Westchester. I have to say, maybe I was going out of my mind but the food at the BLT (midtown and Prime) in the city was a million times better.

The popovers were still equally as delicious but the steak was salty and slightly over-cooked for both of our orders. Sadly, we will have to research this board and find "Our Steakhouse" in Westchester county. I hope we succeed!

Smokehouse in New Rochelle...anyone been?

Hi Chowhound people!

While on my way to the movies at New Roc CIty last night, we drove by something called Smokehouse on North Avenue. Has anyone been there? What kind of food do they serve? I assume (and hope) that its BBQ!

ANy great BBQ places in Westchester? We are new from the city...thanks!


Ace of Cakes type cake in Westchester? Places?

Well fetegirl...maybe you can plan my party since this is really tough stuff not sure how you do it!
We actually have been to Perfect Endings before we live not too far from there- the oatmeal cookies were nice, but the cake we got chocolate with vanilla was okay, but didnt knock me off my socks at all.
I am going to try Magnificent Edibles, Lulu and Sweet Lisas hopefully by this weekend. Im actually bring the Mrs. along to see which is her favorite -- will report back!

best pub fish & chips around east village/stuytown?

Oh no! But do they still have the store in Greenwich st?

Mar 17, 2009
PJPasta in Manhattan

Fage Yogurt -- How soften the honey without ruining the yogurt?

hmmm... I am definitely going to give that a try. I will be in a Russian neighborhood in the Bronx later in the week and will certainly pick some up. So you rec Zegrut brand?

Mar 17, 2009
PJPasta in General Topics

Dinner in Tarrytown

I must agree with you wood, we went to Chiboust after it came highly recommended by a friend. The prices weren't that bad, but the service was very snooty. I felt very unfomfortable -- I thought maybe it was because I was wearing blue jeans, but I saw other patrons in there dressed casually. The I thought maybe it was because I decided to go for tap water, since thats what we normally order. Was it the wine? Did I not buy the most expensive wine? We felt like underlings and very unwelcome. Of course, I did something I never really do when the check came and decided to pay with my American Express Black just to see if thats what it would take to gain some respect (I know, tacky) when the waiter came back -- and acted like a completely different person. We were offered some kind of dessert thing on the house. I know I'm equally as guilty for it, but its a sad state when people in the service industry are so influenced by status.

Of course for the first time in a long while, I left only a 15% gratuity and I dont think we'll ever be back.

best pub fish & chips around east village/stuytown?

I love the cod fish and chips at Assault and Battery. I like that place better than St. Dymphnas

Mar 17, 2009
PJPasta in Manhattan

Aqui Es Santa Fe Cafe, new Colombian place in Port Chester

We are trying this place on Friday...will get back to you and let you know how it goes!!!

Fage Yogurt -- How soften the honey without ruining the yogurt?

hmmmm.... so many womderful suggestions!I though I was the only who had thought about this conundrum and how crazy it gets me first thing in the morning. I will try all and report back on which works best for me!

You guys are awesome!
(A note on buying the honey separate -- I tried that, but for some weird reason, I really LOVE the honey that acompanies the Fage -- call me crazy but no matter what fancy honey I buy, I just love that particular honey!!!)

Mar 17, 2009
PJPasta in General Topics


We just had the corned beef and cabbage at Sam's of Gedney Way in White Plains. All I can say is that it was delicious! Great service too!

Nice restaurant for 40th Bday in S. Westchester

Thanks can't wait!

Ace of Cakes type cake in Westchester? Places?

Thanks everyone for your help I love this website its my new favorite! Is Riviera the same as River Bakehouse. I had a cake from there at a neighbors party it was crooked and painted bright green and other colors. It looked pretty but I wasn't wowed with the flavor. Im gonna check out Lulu and Sweet Lisas for now. While I dont want to spend over $1000 on a cake, I think a few hundred dollars is in my budget.

Ace of Cakes type cake in Westchester? Places?

Sounds like the perfect coconut cake! I love marshmallow frosting I wonder if Lulu can make a cake out of that smooth frosting. I looked on the website and the cakes looks better than Ace of Cakes. Does anyone know the name of that smooth frosting looking stuff?

Fage Yogurt -- How soften the honey without ruining the yogurt?

So my latest addiction is the Fage yogurt with the little side honey compartment. The doctor says its good for me and I'm allowed to eat it on my new diet. Problem is, the honey is always TOO COld to retrieve from its compartment, let alone mix with the yogurt. I tried microwaving it for a quick second, but then the yogurt gets too warm. Does anyone have any tricks to this? Just thought I'd give it a try!

Mar 16, 2009
PJPasta in General Topics