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Who makes the best sandwiches in town?

If you head over to Boucherie Marchigianni on 1715 Thierry st. in LaSalle, just off of Newman blvd. The sandwiches are excellent. Authentic Italian sandwiches on beautifully cooked and crisp ciabatta bread. They make incredible homemade italian sausages, the best in the city. As well as delicious porchetta. You can get these as a sandwich along with a myriad of delicious italian toppings. They have a full selection of cold cuts as well as homemade cutlets, steak and peppers, or whatever the special of the day is. DELICIOUS and worth the trip. Imported cheeses, pastas, olive oils and beverages to name a few.

oh yeah, and they deliver for free, if the order is large enough

Marchigianni Aliments Inc
1715, Rue Thierry,
Lasalle, QC H8N 1H6

sweet and smoked paprikas

Hello, I'm new to this board and I was wondering if anyone knew of a good place to pick up sweet, smoked, hot paprikas in Montreal. I can't find them at any supermarkets