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Sunday Roast in London?

Can anyone suggest a great place for a Sunday roast in London? Maybe a gastro-pub?

Nov 02, 2006
ireallylikefood in U.K./Ireland

Individual Wine Boxes?

Has anyone else tried these Three Theives Cabernet in mini boxes? I know it sounds soooooo terrible but I have to say, they are actually really drinkable and fresh. And they were so easy to transport. I wonder if they're doing well?

Oct 24, 2006
ireallylikefood in Wine

Batali vs Flay

Batali is much better, hands down. Although as GB3 said, it is true that Batali's food is italian and Flay is southwestern. Mesa Grill and Bolo (Flay's) have both seen their hey day come and go. I haven't eaten at his new one but I heard its 'eh'. I LOVE Babbo and in fact just had dinner there for my birthday. The food is amazing and the decor is beautiful. The upstairs is quieter and more romantic and the downstairs is more fun and 'cooler'. The service is impeccable and easy going. Lupa is the less expensive version. I've heard Del Posto is amazing if a bit over the top.

Sep 03, 2006
ireallylikefood in Manhattan

Great restaurant near Killington, VT and Woodstock, VT

My family and I were referred to a restaurant along Rte. 4W called Corners Inn. It was so great! Beautiful stone house across from a gorgeous river and mountains with a massive fire place and wood beams. The food was hearty; duck, pasta carbonara, fish, beef, specials and a decent wine list. The chef came out and said hello to every table. He was a young guy, really mellow, affable, friendly. A great find!

Great down and dirty lobster joint near Woodstock, VT?

Can anyone suggest a great place to get a lobster dinner near Woodstock? Nothing too fancy. My family and I prefer to get our hands dirty!

Thank you!