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Current Food Truck or Brewery Scene?

Hi all, coming to visit next week. Hubby loves a good food truck....we have Mexican only at home (and some are very good). Current recommendations? He loves almost anything...I lean towards ethnic foods (especially Asian, but like African/Moroccan, anything hard to find) of almost any kind. I've searched the boards...picked out Nong and Tabor, but most of the information is not current and things can change quickly.

Also, any new/outstanding breweries/brewpubs to check out?

We will be staying at the Nines on Morrison with no car. Walking, bus, train and the occasional taxi keep us mobile in Portland.

p.s. I was born in Portland, in 19*cough* at the Portland Portland Adventist? We make some fairly regular trips to Portland for the beer scene (I've been a home brewer for over 15 years and a beer judge for just about as long).

Jan 30, 2014
ms_behavin in Metro Portland

Looking for Puyallup area recommendations

Thanks for the info, I did find out about Crockett's Pub and It's Greek to Me. Will definitely visit a few of these and report back.

Feb 08, 2012
ms_behavin in Greater Seattle

Looking for Puyallup area recommendations

I'll be staying in the Puyallup area for a few days in early March. Looking for breakfast and dinner recommendations within a reasonable driving distance. Prefer chow worthy gems of any ethnicity. Cost not really an issue. Also, recommendations on a good bar would be welcome.

Feb 07, 2012
ms_behavin in Greater Seattle

Las Vegas Trip Report (Charlie Palmer, Rosemary, Sage, Raku Grill, MoZen)

That's too bad, we enjoyed the restaurant. Oh, well.....that leaves us with exploring other interesting places on our next visit.

Jan 30, 2012
ms_behavin in Las Vegas

Anaheim area - Beer week recommendation

Thanks, really enjoyed the prix fixe for Charlie Palmer in Vegas a few months ago. Will take your advice.

Oct 05, 2011
ms_behavin in Los Angeles Area

Anaheim area - Beer week recommendation

I am in the Anaheim area. Looking for a restaurant that is doing a good food/beer pairing for beer week in the area for Wednesday night. I do have a car. Price doesn't matter. Thanks in advance!

Oct 04, 2011
ms_behavin in Los Angeles Area

Las Vegas Trip Report (Charlie Palmer, Rosemary, Sage, Raku Grill, MoZen)

Thanks for the help on planning our dining options during our recent visit to Las Vegas. Here's the recap:

Charlie Palmer Steak (Four Seasons Hotel) - Cut of the Week
$48pp for a 3 course meal including wine with the first two courses. Excellent deal on a nice traditional steak house. Four of us, everyone enjoyed the meal. Nice salad, 12 oz lamb delmonico cut with chimichuri sauce, and dessert. Main course came with shared sides (scalloped potatoes and vegies). I thought the lamb was a bit overcooked, but otherwise enjoyable meal and more than adequate service.

Rosemary's - Friday lunch
Interesting restaurant, wouldn't know the quality of service and food by the location or the outside of the building. $28pp for 3 course meal. For starters, I had the yukon gold potato and mushroom gratin with prosciutto panko and sonoma goat cheese coulis (delish) and hubs had the butter poached haricot vert and baby spinach salad tossed in warm dijon meyer lemon vinaigrette with scallion pancake, toasted almonds and an over easy local duck egg (egg nicely done, good salad). For the main course I had the sesame steamed organic salmon with bok choy, crispy wonton strips and ginger soy butter (good salmon and bok choy but could not taste any sesame or ginger, well cooked but under seasoned). Hubs had the mozzarella and roasted red pepper stuffed eggplant packages with roasted tomate, black olive and arugula salad and basil pesto beurre blanc (it looked very interesting and hubs liked it). Dessert for me was the coconut cream pie with rum caramel sauce and hubs had the dark chocolate mouse napoleon with cointreau anglaise. Both were great. Excellent service, excellent beer selection.

Sage (Aria Hotel)
We went for the "Chef McClain's Signature Menu," a four course tasting for $79 plus wine or beer pairing for $40. After talking to our server, we went with the 6 course tasting, 2 of us had the wine pairing and 2 had the beer pairing. I will write a separate recap of this meal (got to find where I wrote down what we had). They were very happy to accommodate 1) my sons dislike for mushrooms and 2) my husbands lactose intolerance - both of them had one course each that was different from the rest of us. We thoroughly enjoyed the meal, the wine and beer pairings were excellent. The service was great.

Raku Grill
Another excellent restaurant away from the strip in a non-assuming strip mall. We had a very interesting meal, tried lots of different things, and got a gift from the chef of fried chicken's knees because we had to wait for a bit for our table. Everyone loved the sashimi salad, and the housemade tofu is to die for! When I find the list of stuff we ate, I'll post that along with the details on the Sage meal.

MoZen Bistro Sunday Brunch (Mandarin Oriental Hotel)
A gem!!! Sunday brunch, with a mix of buffet style offerings, along with fresh all you can eat "passesd items" and a main course that you order. We thoroughly loved this concept. Sushi/sashimi prepared on the spot, and great salads, fruits, pastries, cheese selection on the buffet. For the main course we ordered subz kofta curry (vegetable dumplings in spicy onion, tomato curry, served with traditional indian accompaniments), mysore chilly chicken (mysore chicken with coconut an chilies, served with traditional indian accompaniments) scallops (pan seared scallops with tapioca pudding, fried buttermilk liver, bacon and poultry jus) and beef cheek ravioli (beef cheek ravioli with shaved brussel sprouts, spring garlic, pine nuts and whole grain mustard jus). An excellent dessert selection was offered, with small bite size offerings of various sweets. The passed items that came around were raw oysters, and a few other selections that I can't remember now - all very good and fresh. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed this meal, although we were a bit full from enjoying sashimi, that were were getting full when we got our main course. They offer unlimited beverages (mojitos, ginger crush, mimosa, champagne) for an additional charge. I would absolutely go back if this meal is offered on my next visit.

On the last night, two of our party tried out the buffet at Wynn (yes I know, but they had to try one). They didn't think much of it after all the great meals above.

We have a list of places we didn't have time to try for our next visit.

Charlie Palmer Steak
3960 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Las Vegas, NV 89119

Sage (Aria)
3730 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Apr 06, 2011
ms_behavin in Las Vegas

4 Nights - $1000 (food only) - 2 People... HELP!

Funny....sorry, with 2 of my own and 3 step kids, and 3 grandkids (so far) I think we are done. :)

We couldn't get the tasting menu at Raku. Any advice on dishes to order?

Got Bachi Burger added to the lunch list. Looking forward to Charlie Palmer tonight and Rosemary's tomorrow for lunch.

Bachi Burger
Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV

Mar 24, 2011
ms_behavin in Las Vegas

Recs for outside of town?

I will be taking my family out to see the places where I grew up and touring outside of town to include Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, Valley of Fire, Red Rock, Calico Basin (used to have kegers there :). Any recs for snack, lunch places while we are outside of town?

Red Rock Bar
1729 E Charleston Blvd Ste A, Las Vegas, NV 89104

Mar 20, 2011
ms_behavin in Las Vegas

4 Nights - $1000 (food only) - 2 People... HELP!

Beavshak's mom chiming in! We do have a car, I sort of still know my way around, and we are not tied to the strip. Here is what we have planned so far:

Dinner 1: Charlie Parker Steakhouse - cut of the week
Dinner 2: Sage - signature menu
Dinner 3: Raku Grill - kaiseki 10 course
Dinner 4: TBD - need a good pre-show option

Breakfast 1: MoZen brunch
Breakast 2: Wynn or Bellagio brunch buffet
Breakfast 3: Bouchon

Late night snack possibilities - Fremont St (aloho hawaiian food), Peppermill (I spent quite a few nights there in my younger days snacking on nuts and drinking strawberry daiquiris). Where is that pizza place hidden down the hallway in some hotel?

Hubs and I are having Friday lunch at Rosemary's, but haven't nailed down any other lunches (we may be too full!). I grew up in Vegas (lived there 24 years), we moved when my son was 1 and he has been back once when he was 10. This is his first over 21 trip, so I did look for options where alcohol could be added on reasonably. :) We all love a variety of excellent foods be they neighborhood pub or fine dining. Any comments on our lineup so far?

3355 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

3600 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV

Mar 20, 2011
ms_behavin in Las Vegas

U District on a Monday night

We will be in the U District for one night...any recs for a good ethnic restaurant? Something that we can't get in the Tri-Cities! Anything interesting.

Sep 19, 2010
ms_behavin in Greater Seattle

Reno Recommendations Needed

Hi Chowhounds...we'll be visiting Reno for a few days in November, looking for recommendations on places to eat. Any experience as long as the food is good.

Thx in advance.

Oct 04, 2009
ms_behavin in Southwest

1st timers trip report

Thank you thank you thank you! I've been lurking, asking a few questions and doing lots of research to plan our recent first time trip. I really appreciate all the info.

I showed up on Sunday (3/1), for work until Wednesday (when my hubby was flying in). Food at the conference, Marriott lounge and House of Blues – not worth further mention.

WED EVE (hubby's first night): Arnaud's
Nice quiet cigar bar for a drink first, then in for dinner in the Jazz Bistro. We let the waiter guide us on what to have for our first real NOLA dinner. Appetizers: Oysters Bienville (delicious, buttery, fresh tasting), Souffle Potatoes (ok, not served hot enough) and Crab Claws Prov (ok). Entrees: Veal Wohl with Arnaud’s Crabcake and Crawfish O’Conner (veal was good, crawfish ok, crabcake was excellent) and Pompano Duarte (fish nicely cooked, good flavors). Dessert: Strawberries Arnaud (ok) and Chocolate Devastation (excellent – according to hubby, he forgot to share). Good service. We would both go back again.

THUR EVE: Progessive Dinner
Napoleon House (pre-dinner drink): Pimm’s Cup (refreshing)

K Paul (appetizer): Fried Green Tomatoes (delicious) and Alligator Sausage (good but couldn’t tell it was alligator). Sazerac's - too strong for us. Service OK, probably wouldn’t go back – too many other places to try.

NOLA (entrée): Hickory-Roasted Duck with Whiskey-Caramel Glaze, Buttermilk Cornbread Pudding, Haricot Verts-Fire Roasted Corn Salad, Natural Jus and Candied Pecans (very good, probably the best duck either of us have had) and "Shrimp & Grits" Sautéed Gulf Shrimp, Grilled Green Onions, Smoked Cheddar Grits, Apple Smoked Bacon, Crimini Mushrooms, Creole Tomato Glaze and Red Chili-Abita Butter Sauce (I really liked this dish). Good service, seated promptly without reservations, 2 top tables too close together. We would both go back again, and certainly try another Emeril restaurant.

Bayona (dessert): Apricot and Almond Beignets with Muscat Sabayon with recommended wine (food good, wine excellent – looking for a bottle to buy) and Dark Chocolate Pecan Crepe Gateau with Louisiana Strawberries (good – have to take hubby’s word again, as he forgot to share…again!). We will definitely go back again to try other food at this restaurant.
FRI LUNCH: Galatoire’s (upstairs)

Appetizer: Galatoire Gouté – two kinds of shrimp and a kind of crab salad (all cold, all excellent), Entrees: Crabmeat Sardou (excellent, first time for “sardou”, loved the artichoke, flavor combinations), Sauteed Redfish with Crabmeat Yvonne (excellent). Finish with Café Brulot – fun, delicious. Great service, lively place, excellent food. Worth another trip.

FRI DINNER: Acme Oyster House
Raw and char-grilled oysters, pound of crawfish, bread. Couple of beers. Simple, good, fun to talk to “Hollywood” the oyster shucker at the bar, and kids got a pic of us on the webcam. We’ll go back, and stick to the oysters.

SAT MORN: Café Du Monde (beignets and café au lait) – great, will be back!

SAT LUNCH: Central Grocery (muffaletta, bag of chips, couple of beers) – take them to the levee, eat, drink, watch people and the river flow by. Probably one of my favorite things we did, will do it again when we get back!

SAT DINNER: Restaurant August
Hubby: Appetizer was Hand-made potato gnocchi tossed with blue crab and Perigold truffle (he loved it) and the entrée was the “Whole-roast Rabbit” (excellent, he used to raise rabbits and thought this was very flavorful and done properly). Me: 5 course tasting menu - Warm salad of pieds du cochon, veal sweetbreads, hearts of palm and black truffle, Spaghetti Alla Carbonera (white sauce, peas, bacon), Lacquered Berkshire pork belly with Louisiana crawfish, olives and blood orange, Slow-braised Kobe beef short rib rapini, baby root vegetables and rösti potato, and Napoleon of nougatine with Valrhona chocolate bavarois and salted toffee ice cream. I never had sweetbreads or pork belly before, but I’m willing to try anything and had never done a chef’s tasting before. I loved it. The flavors were intricate, interesting, delicious and the experience was wonderful. I’ll be making a version of the spaghetti dish for my family. I will try a tasting menu again. This was our most expensive meal. The restaurant, service, food was excellent. We recommend this restaurant, but will save it ourselves for a special occasion.

SUN BRUNCH: Commanders Palace

Appetizers: Turtle Soup and Seafood Gumbo (gumbo good, turtle soup excellent), Entrees: New Orleans Barbecued Shrimp and the Sportsmans Special (roasted pecan pancake with duck debris) (both were very good), Dessert: Creole Bread Pudding Souffle and Ponchatoula strawberry shortcake with a warm buttermilk biscuit, Dixie crystals, whipped Chantilly (both were excellent, but again I will have to take hubby’s word as he didn’t share the shortcake). Excellent, worth another trip.


We split a Scallop appetizer (good) and BBQ Shrimp (excellent). The restaurant split the entrée for us, with extra bread, napkins, warm washcloth for both – they were very gracious about serving the split. Took a while to get the entree. Worth another trip.

MON (for travel): Verti Marte

We had an All That Jazz and a Royal Feast delivered to our hotel at 7:30am for us to take while flying home. We ate one on the way and one when we got home (Washington State). Both were excellent, we have a menu and would consider this an option for a late arrival, anytime we are too tired to go out and definitely for travel home again.

We had a wonderful time and some great food. We definitely want to visit again. BTW – hubby did not mean to not share desserts…at least so he claims…he forgot, however it is worth some guilt points I’m benefitting from! I’m sure I gained weight – probably didn’t need those tastes anyway!

Thanks again for all the great advice given here.

Mar 10, 2009
ms_behavin in New Orleans

NOLA, Emeril's or Delmonico?

We ate at NOLAs last Thursday as walk-ins, as a part of our "progressive" dinner we were doing in the French Quarter. We were seated promptly (without reservations at ~7:30pm), service was good, and we enjoyed our drinks and entree. My husband had the Hickory-Roasted Duck with Whiskey-Caramel Glaze and I had the Shrimp & Grits. We both enjoyed our meals, the duck was excellent. We told the staff we were doing a progressive dinner.

Our only complaint was the closeness of the 2 tops on the upper floor - three right next to each other...too close for comfort.

BTW...during our visit, we ate at Arnauds, K Paul, NOLA, Bayona, Galatoire, Restuarant August and Commanders Palace. We would try NOLA again or another Emeril restaurant..

Mar 10, 2009
ms_behavin in New Orleans

Is a Progressive Dinner Posible?

We did our progressive dinner last night. Thanks for the input. It was a great experience.

Pre-dinner drinks: Napoleon House - first time for a Pimms Cup. Refreshing.

Appetizers: K Pauls
Me: Fried Green Tomatoes with Shrimp Caper Dill Remoulade - excellent, we both
loved it.
Hubby: Alligator Sausage - good but couldn't tell it was alligator taste-wise.

Entree: NOLA
Me: "Shrimp & Grits" Sautéed Gulf Shrimp, Grilled Green Onions, Smoked Cheddar
Grits, Apple Smoked Bacon, Crimini Mushrooms, Creole Tomato Glaze and Red
Chili-Abita Butter Sauce - yummy, great flavor combo, definitely recommend
Husband: Hickory-Roasted Duck with Whiskey-Caramel Glaze, Buttermilk Cornbread
Pudding, Haricot Verts-Fire Roasted Corn Salad, Natural Jus and Candied
Pecans - probably the best duck either of us had ever had

Dessert: Bayona
Me: Apricot and almond beignets with their recommended wine - absolutely delicious.
I need to buy a couple of bottles of the wine!
Hubby: Dark chocolate pecan crepe gateau with Louisianne strawberries - he said it
was good ... and as he forgot to share I'll have to take his word for it (he'll feel guilty
the rest of the weekend now :) )

No post dinner drink, we "waddled" back to our hotel and settled down with a couple of bottles of water, now I'm waiting for him to wake up so I can get my first Cafe Du Monde fix!

Again, thanks for the input. The information on chowhound has really helped us plan some great food experiences on our visit in your lovely city.

Mar 06, 2009
ms_behavin in New Orleans

Is a Progressive Dinner Posible?

My husband and I are visiting New Orleans for the first time 3/4 - 3/9/2009. Is a progressive dinner possible as busy as many restaurants are? We thought about trying it on Thursday evening, for the two of us. Here's our take on an article we found, doing research, and some recommendations:

Pre-Dinner Drinks: Napoleon House
Appetizers: Emeril's
Entree: Brigtsens's
Dessert: Bayona
After Dinner Drinks: Old Absinthe House

We have not included these restaurants as we hope to have a complete meal experience at them individually: Commander's Palace (reserved for Sunday brunch), Restaurant August (dinner), Galatoire (trying for Friday lunch - Cuvee or Mila as backup), Casamento (dinner).


Feb 21, 2009
ms_behavin in New Orleans