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How much is a box of ramen at Asian groceries?

I thought a box would sell at $10 and less...

Which brand is your duck one, plzthx?

How much is a box of ramen at Asian groceries?

Whether it's MTL Chinatown, Kim Phat, Eden Market, etc?

Home-made caesar dressing vs the OG Cardini table-prepared one?

I was wondering if the Caesar dressing prepared directly in the salad bowl at Mexican restaurants is the same as the express one I make at home (stick-blended oil + egg + Worcestershire + lemon juice + garlic, anchovies + mustard + parmesan + s/p)?

Jul 14, 2014
épikurien in Home Cooking

How is the duck at the Crystal Chinois counter?

I only noticed the BBQ counter yesterday, next to G&D grocery in the Chinatown!

The lineup was pretty good.

Is it worth it or is there a better bbq in Chinatown?

Is there a place in Montreal where one could eat an authentic Mexican-style Caesar salad?

Noted, thanks.

A restaurant that I never knew until now. :)

Where to watch Habs game this weekend

There's this Chinatown restaurant on Clark, across Sun-Yat-Sen place and Maison VIP.

I never been there so I can't say about food quality.

I walked by it on the day the CH were playing their last game vs Tampa Bay. The place had two medium-sized flat screens up on their walls and the restaurant was virtually empty!

Maybe a good place?

BTW, don't go in the dumpling restaurant on corner Clark/Gauchetière. I really didn't like the ambiance and food.

Is there a place in Montreal where one could eat an authentic Mexican-style Caesar salad?

Where can I buy flaky salt?

Often in cooking shows, they use that kind of salt. I haven't seen it in the regular supermarkets.

Where plzthx?

Where else can I buy cheap quails?

So far I buy them at Chinatown, 6 for 7$.

Are there other groceries/supermarkets in Montreal that sell them inexpensively? Even in bulk? Online?


Best time to get a guaranteed bar seat at Kazu?

From reading the reviews, it looks really all cracked up to be and worth the hype.

Where can one eat the best pho soup in the Concordia ghetto?

I walked by yesterday and I spotted the one next to the famous Kazu, a couple near the Jean-Coutu and the one next to the cleaner, corner Maisonneuve.

Any suggestions among them or others that I didn't mention?


My experience at Pied de Cochon

It was Friday, around 9pm, late January, I was really starving. I had throwaway money so I thought that I'd go there and if there was no places available, I'd go home.

It was packed, VERY noisy. I asked the hostess if I could get a place at the counter because I didn't care for a table and better chances to get seated anyway in the evening. She said that she had some at the second bar.


I followed her and got a nice seat near the back of the restaurant. The barmaid asked if I wanted a drink and because it was so damn noisy, I thought she'd asked what I wanted to eat, duh, I felt like a moron! :)

Anyway, the Romain Duris-look-alike asked what I wanted and I ordered the cromesquis (two foie gras cubes in some kind of batter), a foie gras poutine and a soft drink, nothing too fancy.

The poutine, to be perfectly honest, while good, was not as mind-blowing as it was hyped to be! I'd rate it only one notch higher than say, the regular poutine at La Banquise. Sacrilegious, right?

It was damn too rich with its two pieces of foie gras and its sauce! I should've asked for more cheese. The cromesquis cubes were okay too.

Next time, I'm going to get the fish, nothing with fois gras or too fatty. Heck, I'll even go all-veggie as I saw that they offer them (vegetables and PDC mashed potatoes).

Total for all three items was 34$ (not including tip).

So bro, that was my cool story.


Best place to buy toaster oven

Future Shop, Best Buy, Centre du Rasoir, Amazon Canada...

The Breville Smart Oven BOV800XL model is #1 at Consumer Reports.

Where is the best West African restaurant in Montreal?

I'd like to try Senegal's thibou dieun (fish and rice).

How can I make a commercial brown sauce better-tasting?

I know that it's already very salty so making it healthier will be difficult, so what can I add it in it to make it taste better?

Sep 01, 2010
épikurien in General Topics

Chinatown's Sumo Ramen?


Best Smoked Salmon in Montreal - where to buy

I always called the New Victoria place "The Greek".

Like in the sentence:" The best smoked salmon in Montreal can be found at the Greek..."

The people there aren't really Greek, huh?

For people who ate Au Pied De Cochon's foie gras poutine, did you eat everything on your plate?

Or were there any leftovers? I just wanna gauge the supposedly titanic portions.

Can one foie gras poutine serve two people?

Brand recommendations for MULTIGRAIN bread (available at grocery stores)???

It's based on nutritional value: if it has white wheat flour in it , it's GTFO.

Same thing if it has too much salt.

Brand recommendations for MULTIGRAIN bread (available at grocery stores)???

Yeah (^_^)!

You better print the list b/c last time they reviewed bread, it was way back in 2000/2001!

Brand recommendations for MULTIGRAIN bread (available at grocery stores)???

Protégez-Vous magazine reviewed the best breads in their most recent issue and you're lucky, I got them right here!

The best of the best:

Bon Matin Grains Entiers: 12 céréales or Grains Rustiques or Prébiotique Orge et Tournesol

Bon Matin Healthy Way: Blanc - Blé - Multigrain

Boulangerie Stone Mills Grains Fermés: 3 céréales - Seigle aux 12 céréales

Compliments: Multigrain intégral - Équilibre 12 céréales entières et graines- Équilibre Multicéréales entières

Country Harvest: 100% blé moulu à la meule - Avoine et miel - 12 céréales - Lin - - 7 céréales - Son d'avoine - Tournesol et lin

Dimpflmeier Healthy living prebiotic: Multigrain

Food for life Ezekiel 4:9 100% grains germés entiers - Sésame - Genèse Grain et graines germés

Gadoua Vitalité: Tendre blé

Intégral : Lin et soya - Multigrains - Nature

Meule de pierre: Épeautre de riz - Légumineuses germées - Pain avec millet - Pain avec son d'avoine - Sarrasin

Nature-bio: Intégral

Nutriforce: 9 grains germés - 100 bléintégral, germé - 100% de blé entier - Blégermé avec graines de lin - Épeautre germé - Kamut germé - Pain protéine

Pom d'or: 100% blé entier

Pom smart: Sandwich, 100% blé entier

Première Moisson Montignac: Intégral bio au levain

Provigo: 7 grains - Céréales à l'ancienne - 12 céréales - Multigrains

There are 59 breads that are qualified "good" only and might as well settle for the best ones.

You can check out the crappiest breads for free at:

They're mostly white breads. Psh, white bread = Food blasphemy.

Sushiman and Sushi Shop counters: good or bad?

Worth it or avoid like the plague?

Eloping in Montreal in September please help.

My best wishes!

Where can one go for authentic native PEMMICAN?

Looks delicious.

Russian Restaurant?

Restaurant Troika on Crescent...

A mix of French and Russian cuisine.

But you gotta have a fat wallet to eat there.

Never been myself but I wanna go bad, I wanna try the wild boar.

Two Asian restaurants on Amherst near the village worth a look

I walked on Amherst b/c it was such a nice day.

I saw a totally new sushi place called Uchi and a pho restaurant called I think Viet Pho.

Anybody went there, sound off!

Where can I go if I wanna eat CRAB CAKES?

It's something I've never eaten in my life and I gotta try them.

Are most MTL Chinatown staff (waiters and cooks) from the mainland or Hong Kong?

I know V.I.P. is HK but what about the rest?

where to buy knives in Montreal

Consumer Reports rated kitchen knives. Here they are from the best to the surprisingly worst.

Henckels Twin Select

Henckels Twin Professional "S"

Wüsthof Culinar 8907

Wüsthof Trident Classic #8418

Henckels Four Star

Tramontina Professional L-400/03

Forged Rosewood

Messermeister Meridian Elite

Ginsu Chikara

Porsche Chroma Type 301

Chef's Choice Trizor Professional

Henckels Miyabi D
Wüsthof Grand Prix II 8226

Victorinox 7.7243.8

Mercer Genesis by Mercer M0 30768

Kershaw Shun Classic DMS300

Calphalon Kantana Series KNS08V

Oxo Good Grip Professional

Chicago Cutlery Metropolitan
Wüsthof Emeril Professional

Wüsthof Le Cordon Bleu #9845

Henckels Twin Signature

Henckels Twin Five Star

Henckels Twin Gourmet

Mundial Future 4100-10

Chicago Cutlery Walnut Tradition

Chicago Cutlery Insignia

Calphalon Contemporary KNS15C

Lamsonsharp Silver Block 6 Pc Set 39967

Viking VCSR0106

Global G-237
Rachel Ray Furi Gusto-Grip

Scanpan Classic 9900

Culinary Institute of America Master Collection Hyde Park

Scanpan Damastahl 0700

Solicut First Class

Forschner Forged #48890

Henckels Classic
Kershaw 9900 Series

Sabatier Loire (Pakkawood) 14 Piece 7098014

Hampton Forge Contempo (Target)

KitchenAid Professional Series KA1SB16TN

Paula Deen 51484

Chicago Cutlery Fusion

Farberware Pro Forged FPF14N

Cooks Elite (JCPenny)

Martha Stewart Collection Triple Riveted
49 <- ha-ha, so much for the queen of the household!

At Pied de Cochon, is it possible to walk in and get seats right away?

Phew, I thought PDC was one of those extra posh joints.