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ISO Schweppes cream soda

Or you can try mixing it with vanilla ice-cream. My personal favourite drink of all time actually.

Cream soda in a can or 750ml bottle are available in T&T or other chinese supermarkets.

Splendido - Best of 8 Years Menu

I hope you have a great time! I went mid June for my gf's birthday. They had a little surprise for her ( i let them know it was her bday beforehand). So if it is for bday and anniversary, i am sure they would give something special as well.

Btw, it was my first time there and the service is by far one of the best out there.

The tasting menu was great, with two more amuse bouche complimentary of the chef. The food itself was great - ranging from outstanding to very good depending on what you like to eat.

Great Lobster @ Day & Day Coffee

For me and gf, we basically had a 4-5 lb lobster and one plate of veggie totalling $68 before tips. We are not big eaters, but we had enough probably for another meal. I would say adding another dish would be fine for 4 people - around $80.

Since this is not a fancy place, your guest should be okay with the 'plastic' table cloths and small floor space. As well, i think it is family owned and basically the waitress (just one) is in charge of everything up front. So you can expect service are not to attentive when things get busy. As this place is small, try to order the 'typical' item or things that are on promotion (like the lobster).

Great Lobster @ Day & Day Coffee

This place isn't big at all, maybe 7 or 8 tables in total.
However, they have two big round tables, that can probably sit 8-10 depending on how spacious you wish to sit. Don't expect this to be a fancy looking restaurant either, it is more of a 'fast and cheap' stiry fry place. If you are going with a group of people, i suggest making a reservation just in case.

Great Lobster @ Day & Day Coffee

In Richmond Hill, one block north of leslie & hwy 7; northwest plaza (where 'rogers' is). It was great and definitely worth trying - i will post some pictures of the dishes later on.

Best Tokyo neighborhood for food

Been to Tokyo last December and i would say all the popular neighborhood are full of food places. If you are looking for more up-scale restaurants, i would say Roppongi Hill / Mori Tower area would have tons of good food places.

As for small snacks area, perhaps try Shinjuku - Kabukicho area (east exit on Shinjuku station and walk north for 5 mins)

May 27, 2009
spoonandsoup in Japan

Great Lobster @ Day & Day Coffee

As lobsters are now quite cheap, i went to day & day coffee for some. Gf & I went over the weekend, and had a 4-5 lb lobster - done 3 ways and 'hollow' veggie.
1) 'Gold Sand' stir-fry lobster tail - which is using salt egg yolk to stir fry chopped pieces of the body / tail of the lobster.
2) Garlic steamed lobster claws
3) Lobster 'brains' fried rice

The lobster was really fresh and cooked just right. The sauce wasn't overpowering as well.

Actually, almost all the other tables there had lobster as well. It was around $7/lb + preparation fee around $8 for the stir fry, $6 for steaming, and $6 for the fried rice. Overall, 4-5lb lobster was too much for two people to eat -so expect take-out.

Did anyone else try lobster at restaurants lately?

Speciality Sea Salts

Actually went to the Spice Trader too and saw there huge variety of salts and other spices. They have a whole chunk of Pink salt as well as gift packages.
The chunk of pink salt can be shaved on as finishing touch. I tried the Himalaya Pink and it tasted pretty good, without the 'bitter' taste I get from tasting regular table salt.

Popeyes Fried Chicken - Change of Recipe?

allanc, it would be interesting to see what they say. I haven't tried KFC's spicy; hopefully it would be crispy as well.

Speciality Sea Salts

Went to Longo yesterday and notice they have jars of special salts - Himalaya Pink, Mediterrean, etc. The company is Just a Pinch.

Personally, I don't want to buy them all to try what each salt taste like (even though they have some gift packages with 4 types inside). Is there a taste test anywhere?

Casual birthday dinner - Zee Grill?

I think it is a great choice - cozy environment as well. Service was great and attentive (they gave us new sharing plates and even clean any mess on the table between appretizers and mains). We also got nice servings of bread and bread dippers as well.

As for food, my gf and I were there Sat Night and wanted to try the lobster roll. They didn't have that, instead, we had the lobster fritters. The sauce with the fritters was amazing, the bit of spicyness really went well. However, it lacks a bit of lobster flavour though.
We also had the Mussels in white wine sauce, which was very fresh. There was definitely enough for sharing for two people. Also had 2 little neck clams - which were little, but very fresh.

As for the sea scallops dish, it was excellent - the sea scallops were huge! The biggest one was around 2.5" in diameter! And cooked just right. Combined with the saffron creme, it was an amazing dish.

Price wise, it was less than $40 per person without wine, so zee grill would be a great choice for $60 per person and serves great seafood!

Popeyes Fried Chicken - Change of Recipe?

Just went to popeyes over the weekend (across from Markville Mall). It definitely wasn't as crispy as before (my chicken strips came out a bit soggy actually) and NOT Spicy. I thought they might have given me mild...but they said spicy. As well, the menu does not allow ordering pieces only. Does anyone know which popeyes still have spicy and crispy chicken?

Delivary- Don Mills-Finch & Leslie- Bayview area???

I am not sure if they do delivery, but several food places in the Northeast corner plaza on Leslie & Finch. They have some decent chinese food there (the small separated strip facing finch) as well as shanghai food and Rice paper in the main plaza if you want to have some viet/thai food.

Perhaps you can drop by to see if they have a delivery service. I know for sure they have take-out options (call and pick up).

Private Dinner for 10-20 ppl

Thanks KevinB,
All those dishes seem to be pretty good and at a decent price and also a private room!
We will keep this option in mind!

Private Dinner for 10-20 ppl

Thanks JamieK, seems like the group isn't geared towards Japanese at the moment. But this place seems like it is worth while to visit; do you have any recommendation on what is good there? Their waygu? Omakase / Kaiseki?

Private Dinner for 10-20 ppl

Hey Chow-mates,

Please help me with some suggestions of places that can provide a private area/room for 10-20 people.

We are looking to spend around $20-$30 (entree) per person.
As most of us live uptown Toronto, a place North of hwy 401 would be ideal.
Also trying to stay away from the 'chain' restaurants: ie: keg, moxies, etc.

Any suggestions are welcome!
Thanks in advance!

Simple Bistro, Mountpleasant

Actually, I find their dinner was pretty good, and they had a slightly different menu back when I went last year.

Duck Breast and Rabbit Two Ways

Both entrees were cooked very well and great service as well.
The sauce for the meat was excellent as well. Two grainy cellphone pics of the entree.