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Puttanesca? Midtown

Can anyone recommend a restaurant that has a tasty puttanesca? I'm staying near Grand Central and work near 34th and Park.


Mar 23, 2014
letoile in Manhattan

Any restaurants serving tongue (DTW)?

Great. I live in Troy.

When in NYC - my office is at 34th and Park. I can go to Katzs one night for dinner next week.

I'd like to try it in a few dishes. Thanks!

Oct 10, 2013
letoile in Great Lakes

Any restaurants serving tongue (DTW)?

I've heard that tongue is delicious, and am curious to try it.

Are there any restaurants serving it in the Detroit area?

Or anyone know of any in NYC? I travel there once a month.

Last month I was in NYC and ordered a tongue taco, but they were out of tongue that day. Ears were also on the menu, but I was hesitant to try them!

Oct 09, 2013
letoile in Great Lakes

Lebanon Bologna in the Pompano Area?

Anyone know where a source for Lebanon bologna in the area?

My Dad is originally from Lebanon County, Pennsylvania and he loves the stuff (the original, not the sweet). He goes to Pompano Beach for the winter, and I'd like to let him know where he can purchase it there.

Lebanon Bologna in DTW area?

Thank you. Nino's is closer to my than Holiday Market.

I did go to Holiday to pick it up, Seltzer's is 5.99 a pound there. Nino's is closer, so I'll likely pick it up there in the future.

I hadn't had it before. I like it. It's a bit like a mild summer sausage, but with better beef, and less greasy.

Nov 21, 2012
letoile in Great Lakes

Lebanon Bologna in DTW area?

Thank you. I don't usually shop the deli section, so I'm at a bit of disadvantage. I appreciate the info.

(I'm usually a PB & Strawberry J type of lady)

Nov 20, 2012
letoile in Great Lakes

Lebanon Bologna in DTW area?

Good to know. I can pick up some scrapple for him while I'm there.

Nov 20, 2012
letoile in Great Lakes

Lebanon Bologna in DTW area?

Anyone know where a source for Lebanon bologna in the area? My Dad's from Pennsylvania and he loves the stuff (the original, not the sweet).

Thank you!

Nov 19, 2012
letoile in Great Lakes

Big money to spend! Metro Detroit

I agree. The Capital Grille in Troy is PATHETIC. I took my parents there for fathers day. The soup and bread was the best thing about the meal. The meat and salads were forgettable.

I wanted to treat my parents to this, and it was embarassing to pay $400+ for 3 people and to sit in a booth that had MULTIPLE rips in the 'p'leather.

Nov 15, 2012
letoile in Great Lakes

Feta and Chevre Cheesemaking Supplies? [Suburban Detroit]

Thanks. I was able to find rennet tablets I'm the pudding section at Kroger.

Aug 23, 2012
letoile in Great Lakes

Feta and Chevre Cheesemaking Supplies? [Suburban Detroit]

Thanks. That site looks really interesting

Aug 17, 2012
letoile in Great Lakes

Feta and Chevre Cheesemaking Supplies? [Suburban Detroit]

Great. I'll check it out tonight on my way up north

Ive been able to purchase rennet in the pudding section of my locale grocer. I'll check out Hopmans tonight

Aug 17, 2012
letoile in Great Lakes

Feta and Chevre Cheesemaking Supplies? [Suburban Detroit]

My dad just bought a family of goats - I'm going to have about gallon of goat milk a day and am looking forward to some cheese.

Where can I find cheesemaking supplies in the area? I would love to make Feta and Chevre.

I'm in Troy, I often work in Wyandotte, the goats are in West Branch.

Thank you

Aug 15, 2012
letoile in Great Lakes

Site Design "Wish List"

I would like a site map. The current
site map link doesn't really help me.

Aug 17, 2010
letoile in Site Talk

Got to try Lazybones' new location in Clinton Township, MI

I went there today. I really wanted to love the place. My mother is from GA, and I love nothing better than to enjoy a good meal with her.

Hoggers /Berkley= thumbs up
Slows/Detroit = thumbs up
Lazybones/Clinton Township = maybe on the fence

I ordered one plate, for me, and dropped a bill + into the tip jar at the register. I'll hold off on the next visit. (and it's only on the strength of the past reviews that I'll go again.)

The portions were beyond generous (excepting the cornbread)

I ordered the burnt ends. This isn't what I typically order at a bbq place, and they were too rich for me. The pork was tender. I'll try the pulled pork next time, as that is what I typically order.

The cornbread piece was smaller than what I'm accustomed to, almost 2x2x1 and fully saturated. I couldn't have added a pat of butter, it was that full. I prefer drier /fluffier cornbread. Ironically, if they'd not mentioned this on the menu, it'd be a non-issue, but because it didn't meet my expectation of cornbread, it was. I considered it to be more of a garnish, rather than adding to the meal.

The beans were tasty, and they had nice bits of meat in them. Be careful, as I had a couple of joints in my dish, and that detracted from it.

The broasted potatoes were the best. I'd try them again without the garlic and parmesan. i think the potatoes would stand on their own.

Great bbq can be greasy. Unfortunately this was apparent on the black tables, even after i observed two tables getting a quick wipe down. Crumbs and streaks existed on the tables after the wipe down. During my meal, the staff didn't clean or push in any chairs, which would have made for a neater appearance. The carpet is shaded, but it wasn't clean. I should not see these things in a new location.

I'll try this place again, as there have been SUCH great reviews. I hope that my experience was an anomoly.

I usually order pulled pork, so that may have been my mistake. I'll try again in this next week, and will update based upon that visit.

As such, I'll try it again in the next week, and order the pulled pork.

I really want to love this place.

Jul 24, 2010
letoile in Great Lakes

Top 5 "Must Eats" in NYC

I loved the dish, but preferred the oxtail marmalade to the less seasoned bone marrow.

I also had the Fried Chicken and Collard Greens. I bought the cookbook as that was such a great dish. The fried chicken was good, but I couldn't believe that what I ate were collard greens. They never tasted that good when I'd made them.

I regret that I didn't try any of the raw bar selections at Blue Ribbon. I was a single, in town for business, and I ate at the bar. As such, I saw such care given to the prep of the shellfish - I tipped the guy, even though I didn't eat the shellfish!

I can tell you that at my nexxt supper, at another well known NYC restaurant, the shellfish wasn't prepared with the same care.

Jul 24, 2010
letoile in Manhattan

Top 5 "Must Eats" in NYC

1. Momofuku pork buns are great

Jul 24, 2010
letoile in Manhattan

I renjoyed the bread plate.

I ~REALLY~ wanted to like the Oyster Bar in Grand Central.

They were out of fried oysters (at approx 7 pm on Thursday). I then ordered the oysters rockefeller for an app. I saw other diners order hot apps after me and receive them before me.

When I received the oysters rock - it was cold. I ate one before catching the eye of the waitress. She asked if it was cold before I had the opportunity to tell her.

The waitress took them back, and brought me a plate after a few minutes

The remaining oysters appeared to have been slid off the plate, heated, and put back on in a jumble - no lemon garnish this time around! It was quite sloppy - and the cheese now had an odd texture, but it tasted okay.

I ordered the lobster roll as an entree. The lobster roll was very tasty. The cole slaw was soggy, and the sweet potato fries were cold and a bit greasy.

Overall, I enjoyed the bread plate.

I just went to to send a message to the management, but couldn't find a contact link on that site.

PS - I ate at the Blue Ribbon Brasserie the night before. The oysters at the Blue Ribbon were prepped with great care. The oysters at the Oyster Bar NYC - not so much.

Blue Ribbon Brasserie
97 Sullivan St, New York, NY 10012

Jun 11, 2010
letoile in Manhattan

Lunch in the Wyandotte Mi area?

Can anyone recommend a place for lunch in the Wyandotte area? Nicer is better. I'm taking a client to lunch on Wednesday.

Feb 07, 2010
letoile in Great Lakes

Fishbones- anyone ever have a good meal there? [Detroit Area]

I have not.

Nov 18, 2009
letoile in Great Lakes

Easy Chicken and Chive-Dumpling Soup

It was good. I'd recommend cutting using 1/2 the salt for the dumplings.

Feb 15, 2009
letoile in Recipes