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questions about a few Montreal restaurants

I appreciate fine food more than atmosphere but unfortunately must work within a budget. Would gladly go for taste of good food than a lot of mediocre fare.

Are the following merely well-publicized eateries or worthy of the attention? Please give your opinions and recommendations of favorite foods and types of menus from :



club chasse de Peche

Au Cinqieme Peche


Au pied du cochon



Garde Manger

Au petite extra

Thanks for all your immediate assistance. I haven't had as much time to search the boards so I appreciate your answering questions that may have been addressed by many others.

Montreal Mile End Bakery Tour

Thanks I didn't have this link thread but heard it mentioned. I will definitely do this stroll.

Montreal Mile End Bakery Tour


I am very interested in the "Mile End Bakery Tour" mentioned in an earlier post. Is this a commercial organized tour or a self guided meandering through a nirvana of pastries. I would love to have more specifics or breadcrumbs on this thread.

Thanks for all tips so far. Enjoyed a wonderful repast at Stash.

Palate exceeds wallets - underemployed chefs seek great Montreal moderately price dinners Oct 27-30, 2009


We are in Montreal for a meeting Oct 27-30, 2009. No car. Seek great restaurants under $25 per main dish accessible by metro or other public transportion or foot. Not a fast food or chain food fan. Enjoy fresh ingredients and good taste, ambiance secondary. PLEASE HELP. We are located near Papineau Metro near Le Village area.

Interested in best:

local specialities
your favorite can't miss spot

Many thanks

Seaside birthday lunch tomorrow

I am requesting locations for a birthday lunch at a coastal location less than two hours from Concord, MA.

Thanks much!

Concord MA for birthday lunch tomorrow

Attending evening event in Concord MA would like to celebrate birthday at luncheon beforehand. Wahoo, I'm still on the planet! Good cuisine appreciated but unfortunately economizing so lunch is better. Would love to see the ocean either nearby or waterfront view and travel to evening date afterwards. Help with Concord or other coastal restaurant venues nearby. Thanks for your help.