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Please rate restaurants for me and give suggestions!

Thank you all for your replies! Ate at Vespaio last night and it was very good! We're going to try Uchi since sashimi is what I'm looking for and Eddie V's! Thanks again for all the imput!

Feb 22, 2009
cayobee in Austin

Please rate restaurants for me and give suggestions!

I am heading to Austin this weekend and am stying at Barton Creek Resort and am wondering about various restaurants. I am more interested in really good food and don't care about atmosphere. I do not want to try and chain restaurant even if it's said to be good. The more local the better for me. That being said please tell me about the following:

Uchi (love sashimi, but want really fresh fish, is this the right place)?
Maria's Xpress Tacos
Fonda San Miguel

Any other suggestions?

Feb 15, 2009
cayobee in Austin