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Anyone been to Dino's wood fired pizza?

5 of us went for lunch today , all of us were underwhelmed . The biggest problem for all of us was the quality of the ingredients , especially considering the price of the meal ( 2 pizzas , i pita, 2 salads = $66.00). The caesar salad contained ultra low quality baco-bits which stained the romaine with a ghastly pink tint, combined with the acrid dressing and phony flavored croutons were a chemical assault on the palate. Greek salad was sprinkled with a red "Seasoning" from a large shaker in the kitchen which along with the sliced olives helped offset any charm the tiny chopped vegetables and bland feta could muster. the pizza crusts were good not great with only a hint of smokey flavor from the impressive wood oven. the toppings on both were sparse and of poor quality , particularly the meat products ( The sausage in particular was visually off putting, texturally spongey and devoid of flavor)The spinach pita was the most successful dish by default ,because of its longer cooking time the presence of the wood fire was more obvious and the spinach gave it a fresh clean taste. There is a lot of good pizza available in the city so schlepping out to Ginos is not worth the trip.

Feb 20, 2010
zxwaze in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Duck Legs in Toronto.

Looking to find good quality fresh or frozen duck legs in downtown Toronto. Any Tips? well priced would be an asset.

Feb 16, 2010
zxwaze in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Breakfast Sausage

Any Good sources for quality breakfast sausages in the British style (Bangers)?

Sep 05, 2009
zxwaze in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Ceili Cottage -- concept OK, execution terrible

Ate there tonight , Had good simple supper,(best Mussels in a loooong time-wild Irish) . place is busier than owners expected, still quality was high and service very good. will be back

Jul 15, 2009
zxwaze in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Looking for a wine cellar private dining venue...

Barbarians has a spectacular cellar for dining.

Jul 13, 2009
zxwaze in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Dinner near AMC Theatre at Dundas Square

The Senator Is Very close to the amc . Had fish tacos there recently , should fit your diet.

Jul 11, 2009
zxwaze in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Delux vs. Foxleys

i've been to Foxley many times and have always had very well conceived and prepared food. The wine list is much better than one would expect and is chosen with the cuisine in mind. Take a few minutes to compose your dinner as there is some redundancy in some of the dishes, but this is easily avoided. I always begin with one or more of the cevice/raw fish dishes which are without peer in the city and are good value . After that the rest is up to you ,the only disappointment that I have had is with the frogs legs which are frozen and too large for my liking.Foxley is a treasure, casual affordable and real.

Apr 14, 2009
zxwaze in Ontario (inc. Toronto)