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Sunday lunch near GMU

Looking for a place to eat lunch before a Sunday afternoon concert at George Mason U in Fairfax. Driving out that way, one sees only the usual tired, dull suburban chain restaurants, but I have faith that even in deepest Fairfax county there are probably good places to eat and if such exist, Chowhounds will know where they are.

My group is more drawn to Asian, eastern Mediterranean or similar fare than the usual Sunday brunch, but are open to any suggestion where good grub can be had.

Restaurants in the Landmark/Duke St area

I used to live in the neighborhood and two of my favorite restaurants were in the same shopping center at the corner of Van Dorn and Edsall (a couple blocks from Landmark). They are Thai Lemon Grass and Akasaka, a Japanese restaurant.

I still make the drive to Akasaka when I'm in a sushi mood. Thai Lemon Grass has been forsaken for the many equally great Thai places nearer to my current South Arlington home.

Dinner in Alexandria

La Bergerie has been a reliable place for delicious high-end French food for a couple of decades. I've never had a meal there that wasn't great.

Bastille, at the north end of Old Town, serves modern bistro food. I've only eaten there once, but it was excellent.

Everyday Eating: Restaurants you frequent

Hong Kong Palace, off Route 7 in Falls Church (above the Home Depot on Route 50). Order from the Chinese, not the American, menu.

Rabieng, Route 7 Falls Church. All-around favorite Thai.

Mark's Duck House, Route 50 in Falls Church. Go for the dim sum. Best between noon and 1 p.m.

Saigon Saigon, Pentagon Row, Arlington. Good inexpensive Vietnamese.

El Charrito Caminante -- Washington Boulevard, Clarendon. Best cheap burrito in town.

Good grub in Ellicott City?

Dilemma: I have a pal who lives north of Baltimore. I live south of D.C. We'd like to meet occasionally and Ellicott City seems a central location. I hear it has a lot of eateries these days. The question is: Are any of them worth eating at?