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Hamantaschen in the South Bay?

Do you know of any bakeries between Palo Alto and Los Gatos that sell good Hamantaschen?


Suggestions in Flushing or near Shea Stadium

Coming in from California to attend the Yankees vs Mets next week at Shea. I would love to get some suggestions for a place nearby, either a short walk, ~20mins, or a couple of train stations away. Nothing fancy or super expensive. I am especially interested in Italian food since that is hard to find out here. I am not interested in Mexican since that is akin to pizza places in NYC, i.e. all over the place here.

Chow and go Yankees!

Jun 18, 2008
traderbot in Outer Boroughs

Really good seafood place in San Francisco?

I'd like to try a place tomorrow that specializes in seafood but is not so over the top like Aqua.

Staten Island Bagels

Looking for the real deal.


Aug 17, 2006
traderbot in Outer Boroughs