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Saturday Breakfast/Brunch?

The Grand Cafe has a lovely brunch. Pulled pork shoulder and black bean huevos ranchero as well as 2 styles of eggs Benedict . Down the street is Victor's Cuban cafe and they have a wonderful variety of pancakes. Both are highly recommended.

Aug 07, 2012
foodiejoe in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Best Breakfast Ever - Your Favorites

I have to agree with the choice of Grand Cafe and add Victor's to this list. At Grand try the huevos, the Kobe corned beef hash, both benedicts, and the eggs en coquette...all stellar and service is very nice. I just noticed they have their outside patio open too. At Victors the pancakes and the pork dishes are worth waiting for. It's a small place but they do have outside tables too.

Mar 14, 2012
foodiejoe in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Informal Catering

I love Fabulous Catering. They will do everything such as supply dishes, glasses and specific menus to your taste ( they are awesome) and come in and leave the space sparkling...or they can just prep food and drop it off. Their web address is www.fabulouscatering.com. Eden and Dawn are so accommodating.

Feb 18, 2012
foodiejoe in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Top 5 Restaurants for B'day Dinner

1. Piccolo
2. 112 Eatery
3. Bar La Grassa
4. Restaurant Alma
5. Grand Cafe
It's all about the food, service and ambiance.

Restaurant Alma
528 University Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414

112 Eatery
112 N 3rd St, Minneapolis, MN 55401

Bar La Grassa
800 N Washington Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55401

Nov 16, 2011
foodiejoe in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Meritage vs Heartland

Same owner/ manager.

Oct 31, 2011
foodiejoe in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Meritage vs Heartland

Definitely Meritage. Nicer ambiance and better menu selection. Better price points on the menu as well.

410 Saint Peter St, Saint Paul, MN 55102

Oct 29, 2011
foodiejoe in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Minneapols on Valentine's Day

Definitely would recommend Grand Cafe or Lucia's for dinner if you can get in...and I would also recommend Victor's cuban cafe or Grand Cafe for brunch. If you're downtown and want the big city experience ( and the high taxes) then go to Chambers or Solera for a more formal experience.

Feb 14, 2009
foodiejoe in General Midwest Archive

Heartland in St Paul

I've been to Heartland twice, both times with friends who wanted to return but I found the menu very limiting unless you are looking for a gristly venison chop or an overpriced boar chop. I enjoyed the salad choices most, although they were quite small for the price. The service was not very friendly but they sure do keep the water glasses full to the point of being annoying. Overall I would recommend the wine bar where the servers at least smile.

Feb 14, 2009
foodiejoe in General Midwest Archive