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Four Days in Kansas City for all your can eat!

I saw this rather late and was wondering if you had already been to Kansas City. Having lived there for many years, I will share some suggestions if you have yet to make the trip.

On the other hand, if you have already been, please share where you went and what you had.


Dec 25, 2009
mpls3467 in Great Plains

Wine Pairing for Shrimp in Pesto Cream Sauce?


I also make a shrimp pesto and have have 2 suggestions:
Ferrari Carrano Chardonnay
La Crema Chardonnay

Let us know how things turned out.

Dec 13, 2009
mpls3467 in Wine

Golden Valley, MN Smashburger now open

I had sent them feedback and the Smashburger Rep. addressed it in a classy manner:

"Thank you for taking the time to write regarding your first Smashburger experience! I am glad to hear your burger was good and you enjoyed it. I apologize that your fries were not as tasty as the burger! It sounds like you had your order to go? We do try to cook our fries fresh for each order, so that even when you take them home they will still be hot and crisp. It is also our standard practice to write the name of each burger on each box so that you do not have to try to figure that out on your own. It seems that practice may have been missed on your order and apologize for that as well.

I am from MN, and I have been working to get the Baja burger on the menu here. It was not taken off because we Minnesota folks would not like it; but more because the Twin City burger was added and some ingredients were eliminated to make room for it. I do know there is consideration being given to get it added back to the menu- stay tuned.

In the meantime, I would love to send you a couple of certificates for you to use the next time you are in. If you could respond with your address, I will get them in the mail to you this week.

Thanks again for your time and patronage.

Brian A Beers "

Minneapolis ETHNIC Food Snobs, Your Help Is Needed!

Thanks for the link...I haven't explored this site enough but I see that even the holes in the walls, are known to the contributors here (and their detailed reviews).

Next time, I'll do a search before posting :)

Jul 07, 2009
mpls3467 in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Minneapolis ETHNIC Food Snobs, Your Help Is Needed!

Forgot to add image:
Not the most beautiful looking dish, but the taste is very unique.

Jul 07, 2009
mpls3467 in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Minneapolis ETHNIC Food Snobs, Your Help Is Needed!

I would recommend a whole in the wall in St. Paul called "Manana". They specialize in El Salvadorian foods, especially "Pupusas".

These pupusas are hand made tortillas, stuffed with pork, beans and cheese. They do not come particularly spicy but you must add the pickled cabbage that comes as a side and the hot sauce which you ask for.

It is one of the best tasting Central American dishes I have ever tried here in the TC.
Follow this link to the location and let me know what you think after you try it.

Also see:

Jul 07, 2009
mpls3467 in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Golden Valley, MN Smashburger now open

I was curious and tried it for the first time today.
Underwhelmed is an understatement.

> At 2 PM there was a line that took about 10 minutes (which is just fine if you are going to get something very special).

> The 5 minute wait on a take out order was actually 10 minutes. They also have no accommodations for those wanting to take out.

> The fries were over-salted, lukewarm and hard -- not crispy on the outside and tender in the middle. I'd guess they'd been sitting around for a while. I have had better fries at McDonalds.

> The containers weren't labeled. That doesn't sound like a big deal, but when you get a burger with a lot of toppings, it's messy to disassemble it to figure out which one is which and then have to put it back together again.

> What's with the lack of Spicy Baja burger here in Minnesota?
I asked for it and was told that it's only served in California and Colorado -- that you're serving the Twin Cities burger here. For that matter, we don't even warrant a pepper-jack cheese or chipotle bun option??? Don't tell me, let me guess: you bought into the hype that no one here likes heat, right? That generalization is about as outdated and untrue as that whole "Minnesota Nice" thing. Not so much on either of them. The order taker suggested a "spicy mustard". I passed.

> I now know why its called a "smash" burger. The patty was smashed and charred in grease. It came completely unsalted.

It is my first and likely last visit. If I was an investor, I'd stay away from this place

Luci: Ancora vs Ristorante - MSP

It is a good thing that I checked this board after I visited Luci, or I may have been dissuaded from trying it. This restaurant was not recommended by anyone but we like to try different places and the truth is that we have found maybe one or two places in the Twin Cities that offer good Italian...and it's still not on par with what we find in Chicago.

It is the exception for me to walk out of a dining experience and rate it an A.
This was an A for exceeding all expectations.

Mussels in a tomato and (brussel sprouts??) sauce. Excellent. The mussels were small but the taste popped, in a good way.

The Caesar salad was simple but delicious. The croutons were seasoned well and placed just before plating.

We split a Spaghetti Carbonara...The pasta was perfectly cooked and the egg, bacon and seasonings complimented each other perfectly.

My wife had the Scallops and she was found of it. I thought they were good, but I have had better. I recall having better at the Dakota and possibly at Babalu, years ago, before they closed.

I had the ranch steak with a pesto puree. Perfectly prepared and presented (could have used a little more seasoning).

Our service was outstanding. A very young but mature for her age, 22-year-old, who knew the menu and offered exceptional insight.

Our bill was $145 (including a bottle of Spanish red) and we left there feeling it was worth every penny.