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Manna Restaurant - Highly Recommended Homestyle Korean!!

Daaaang!!! My chiropractor raves about this place and I walked by the other day to see their menu and it's closed! A BBQ place is opening soon! Such a shame!! I am Korean, and am surprised to learn that tons of Koreans live on Mabelle, just off Dundas. That explains all the Korean businesses in the area! It's really too bad Soo had to close her shop...I guess the recession affected her badly.

Swatow: Are you kidding???

I'm surprised no one has mentioned Yueh Tung!! It's on Dundas, just west of Bay. The food there is the best downtown, but like most people have mentioned, cannot touch Markham/Scarborough/Richmond Hill. Dishes to try at Yueh Tung are: chili chicken, spicy lobster, beef with chinese broccolli, cream corn soup, and seafood chow mein.

If you downtown folk ever make it up north, try Congee Wong, Richmond Court and Asian Legend. YUMMMMMMM!!!