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paella: fish sauce

Why don't you make her a separate fish dish and enjoy your Paella as god and the Spanish intended? With chicken stock and Chorizo.

That said, I think Fish Stock (not sauce) would work pretty well made from fish bones and perhaps bottled clam juice (however, fish sauce a tablespoon or so - would add a nice punch).

Aug 21, 2014
sparky403 in Home Cooking

I need help!!

Menu does sound good. If you are worried about not enough food - I normally get a couple of sausages to grill - I cut them up and pass with some whole grain mustard.

Also, I will often grill a steak or tri-tip and pass the same way (only with Chimichuri instead of mustard).

I have found that if people are just snacking they eat slower and fill up quicker.

Also, you might encourage your guest to brings something (a desert?)

Things will work out just fine - good luck

Aug 20, 2014
sparky403 in Home Cooking

I'm in the mood for chicken drumsticks...

Jerk Chicken legs!! I have made I made my own jerk seasoning in the past - but it's not nearly as good as walkerswood (you can get it at costplus if you have one near).


I love this marinade also - I have used this on pork, chicken etc. If you can get Kaffir lime leaves (they keep forever in the freezer) this is a great and unique recipe (half the chicken base however).


Aug 20, 2014
sparky403 in Home Cooking

Worst Cooking show Buzzwords

HOw bad could that be?

Aug 19, 2014
sparky403 in Food Media & News

Favorite oyster recipes?

I like you're BBQ Idea.

In San Francisco BBQ oysters are served with gulp - BBQ sauce (*gulp* though usually just larger oysters that wouldn't be as good on the half shell).

To grill them, they're just warmed in their own juices on the half shell uuallly not more than a couple minutes on a hot grill.

Oysters to me are the perfect food so I like them raw but

Aug 17, 2014
sparky403 in Home Cooking


I have heard of white grape gazpacho - but this is new one for me to try, thanks for sharing.

Aug 14, 2014
sparky403 in Home Cooking


Vodka! I think you should add Vodka and serve a Gazpacho Mary for brunch...

I bet Clamato would be good for the tomato juice component.

Aug 14, 2014
sparky403 in Home Cooking

Newly single chow-dude and his crockpot

Jerk Chicken sliders - awesome on rice or in a sando....


Aug 14, 2014
sparky403 in Home Cooking

Grilled Chicken with Nectarine BBQ Sauce

really delicious and simple.

I followed the recipe fairly closely but increased the garlic and used my immersion blender.

Sweet heat!!

Aug 12, 2014
sparky403 in Recipes

Best 8" Chef's Knife $100 or Less

I've had my global chef's knife for 15 years. I have other chef's knives including shun and wusthof but I always grab the global.

It hold and edge very well, is extremely durable and looks cool too.

I would recommend going to the knife shop armed with a couple of carrots to see which knife you like best...

Aug 11, 2014
sparky403 in Cookware

White Chicken Chili

Really good although it's more of a "stoup" than a chili.

I went with 4 roasted pablanos no jalapeños;(not on hand). It had a nice background heat to it. Although I love hot food, the spice level was just right so I would likely stick with more Pablanos in the future.

I also added a large can of Hominy. Other than mash up the beans I used 3 corn tortillas to thicken the "stoup". I would make these changes in the future when I make it again.

Aug 10, 2014
sparky403 in Recipes

other 1 pan dinner ideas?

Chicken Adobo - it's very easy, though not traditionally I normally add some green beans and a red pepper for some color...

there are millions of recipes but it's very good and satisfying


I also like Arroyos Con Pollo - though it takes a bit more time.


Aug 08, 2014
sparky403 in Home Cooking

Slow Cooker Cheesy Sausage Breakfast Casserole

Yes I am surpised too.... I have never seen such low quality photos on chow..

Aug 06, 2014
sparky403 in Features

Slow Cooker Cheesy Sausage Breakfast Casserole

I know Alton Brown's preferred way of making lasagna is in the crock pot..

I wanna love it - but based on the photos I don't think I'd try this?

I will stick with the Strata

Aug 03, 2014
sparky403 in Features

Wagyu Grade 9 Brisket Advice

Hmm..... my that's a tough problem to haveL-)

I have never made Julia Childs Brisket but have always wanted to


Aug 01, 2014
sparky403 in Home Cooking

Boyfriends birthday/moving in dinner

I live in SF in a very tiny apartment - If I want to entertain, I pick out a great park, do all my prep at home and take either my hibachi or my baby weber kettle to the park with the best view and throw down.

Last year for my brother and his wife the menu was

- Melon and procuitto
- Muscles with hard cider and saffron (I have a portable propane burner for these).
- Coffee rubbed rib eye's with twice baked spuds done the right way:-)

- you could also throw in a lobster tail for good measure!!

Key is the prep - I don't know where you live but you can find nice park and go for it.

If you don't have a grill (shame shame)
you can pick up a weber off craig's list for just a few bucks.

I would opt for a bone in Rib Eye other than fillet however.

I have some other idea's if this doesn't work

Jul 29, 2014
sparky403 in Home Cooking

Recipe using bottle of sweet chili sauce

I had the same questions about Chili Garlic Sauce (paste) and did a search.



Jul 28, 2014
sparky403 in Home Cooking

When you were starting out in the kitchen what did you make?

Pasta sauce - gravy.

When I first moved to San Francisco my roomates and I were so broke we had pasta at least 4 times a week. We would take turns making the sauce each nigh. Everyone ttrying to out do the other.

Prevous to this (now almost 20 years ago) I was from one of the flyover states - I had seen cloves of garlic but had no Idea how to cook with it we only had garlic powder where I come from(I sh&T you knot).

Somewhere along the way, I learn to really like cooking. As I didn't have room for power tools I bought All Clad cookware and Henkels knives. I took too watching cooking shows on Saturday (pre food channel) and trying things out.

I do pretty well in the kitchen now days.. the All Clad cookware I bought is some of the best money I have ever spent:-)(you will only need to buy it once!)

Jul 26, 2014
sparky403 in Home Cooking

Is Anyone else on Pinterest? Let's follow each other!

I followed a few of your threads:-). It is very handy!

Jul 26, 2014
sparky403 in Home Cooking

Is Anyone else on Pinterest? Let's follow each other!

I just joined pinterest so just getting it organized. Feel to follow.


Jul 26, 2014
sparky403 in Home Cooking

Really overripe bananas

If you're wanna try something completely different... this Kimchee is actually really good. Your banana would be just right.


Jul 25, 2014
sparky403 in Home Cooking

Simple Way to Flavor Brown Rice

Just add it directly to the rice while hot mix and enjoy. Go sparingly with the sesame and the soy.

Jul 24, 2014
sparky403 in Home Cooking

Memorable Quotes about booze

"Your liver is evil and must be punished"
~ SF dive bar

Jul 24, 2014
sparky403 in Food Media & News

Best bang for the (time/energy/cost) buck recipes

I make escabeche based on recipe that had in mexico - Tulum.

I just add Cinnamon stick and allspice berries to the standard recipes (pick one:-)

I love it much more than what I get in most Mexican places.


I have made this Kimchee' a few times - pretty easy and surprisingly authentic tasting....(needs longer than a day though).


Jul 24, 2014
sparky403 in Home Cooking

Simple Way to Flavor Brown Rice

I love sesame oil, soy sauce and a touch of butter. The taste is greater than the sum of the parts belive me.

My go to rice flavoring for the last few decades!

Jul 24, 2014
sparky403 in Home Cooking

mujadara (lentils and rice) recipe

I have made this a few times. The statement - "that which is simple is not easy" comes to mind everytime I make it.

I use Arti's Party's :-) recipe and it's very very good. Getting it just right is the hard part..


Good luck

Jul 23, 2014
sparky403 in Home Cooking

Worst Cooking show Buzzwords

would I be correctly transilating this as a certain female FN star over prouncing EVERYTHING?

If so it goes to the top of list...

Jul 22, 2014
sparky403 in Food Media & News

Worst Cooking show Buzzwords

You won't see that in the new series "mediocre chef"

Here's the trailer


Worst Cooking show Buzzwords

Calling absolutely everything as "COMFORT FOOD"

If I were king for a day, I would pass a law (under penalty of death of course) that only: Soup, Stew, Meat Loaf, Mac & Cheese - and Pho could be considered "comfort food".

I am sorry, but scallops with citrus foam, caviar and Micro Cilantro is NOT comfort food!!

Worst Cooking show Buzzwords


So over used and I am so sick of it