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DC for 5 days in August Eating thoughts

ok, I have my list. Will start lining up reservations tonight and will report back on my experiences...

Rose's Luxury (I am most looking froward to)
Rasika West End (closer to where im staying than Rasika)
Ruan Thai
Thip Khao

And if I have time for another dinner, either Red Hen or Kapnos

Founding Farmers
the rest will be wild cards..

Thanks again for all the info!!

DC for 5 days in August Eating thoughts

Wow!! Thanks for all the info... Looks like I have some studying to do. And let me be a little more specific. I would like to do one good Indian and one good Ethiopian meal (not feeling the love for Ethiopic). We don't do those well at all in New Orleans at all.
I will have a car and don't mind driving a little ways for a meal or take the subway. As far as budget, I'll spend $150 on a meal for 2 without wine/drinks, but if I can eat just as well for $50, I'll choose the $50 place. I don't mind hole in the walls. I'll probably do one "fancy" restaurant and do a wine bar or casual stuff for the rest. Lunches will be on the fly. Maybe sit it the bar and eat a small plates from some of the restautants on the list.

Thanks again for all the info and I'll let you know where I decide to enjoy my eat through DC.

DC for 5 days in August Eating thoughts

I would appreciate any help on where to eat on a mid week (monday-friday) trip to DC in August. I will be staying in the Dupont Circle area, but will gladly travel to the best that DC has to offer. I'm game for anything. Would like to do ethnic food some nights (Ethiopian, Indian, Thai). I will pay for GREAT FOOD, but I don't want to over pay for atmosphere or stuffiness. Lunch, dinner, tapas, brunch, whatever... This is a list I have collected (Borrowed heavily from Eater 38 because I'm from New Orleans and feel their list from here is pretty good).

So please narrow my list down, or suggest your best.

The Partisan
Bombay Club
Little Serow
Red Hen

Thanks for any thoughts!!

Food Tourism in NYC

Wow! Thanks for all the information. I think my 5 days will be wonderful exploring all the great food stuffs NYC has to offer. Just need to make it longer next time. Thanks everyone!

Oct 13, 2011
geauxgators in Manhattan

Food Tourism in NYC

Going to NYC in early November. I already have most of my eating plans nailed down.

I want to know what I should do/see in NYC in relation to food other than eating it. What specialty shops/markets should I visit ? (ie. cheese shops, oil shops, cookware shops, ethnic food stores)

Any food related walking tours recommended?

Im going to the James Beard Foundation to look around. Is it worth it?

Can anyone tell me a nice wine shop to stop in for a glass of wine and small bite to eat while exploring the city. I will be all over Manhattan walking around, so any location is fine. (Home base is Midtown East)

Much thanks to my fellow hounders.

Oct 13, 2011
geauxgators in Manhattan

An eating vacation in NYC in November. Help please!

Ok NYC chowhounders, y'all are coming through like the fine people I know you are. Great suggestions. I will have to study them.

So far, I have reservations at Craft for dinner on Friday and Daniel on dinner Monday.

The pre show prix fixe dinner at Daniel looks like a bargain. Three courses with wine for $110. A steal.

Will try to get reservations at Momofuku Ko for saturday or Sunday. Really want to try that place.

Will look into Marc Forgione. I love that description.

Bagels and lox at Russ & Daughters is on the list, as well as Katz. Need to fit a Chinese place in there too.

The info is much appreciated.

Does anyone know if an extra stomach is considered luggage or a carry on? I think I'm going to need to bring one.

Oct 11, 2011
geauxgators in Manhattan

An eating vacation in NYC in November. Help please!

A mea culpa Kathryn. Let me be more specific. Firstly, thank you for the information. Ok, I will be staying at the Waldorf Astoria form November 5-11, so it looks like I miss the 30 day window. I will be briging a suit for that one special dinner, and $150-$200 pp before tax and tip is fine by me. I prefer eating early, so between 5:00 and 6pm is no problem. As for the cuisine for that special dinner, farm to table, Italian, French, American (Boy that narrows exactly nothing down). As long as the food is a knock out and the atmosphere is special, Im not hung up on the category of food.

We do not have exceptional: Italian, Pizza, Delis, Indian, Gastro pubs, Bagels, chinese, Thai, African. So those are all on my hit list for lunches and casual dinners.

I will follow those links you provided. Thanks again.

Oct 11, 2011
geauxgators in Manhattan

An eating vacation in NYC in November. Help please!

Hello Chowhounders,

I know this has been asked a miilion times on this board. I should just get off my ass and do research, but im going to be lazy. And Im very overwhelmed with sheer number of places to eat. So here goes:

Two of us going to NYC in early November for 5 days. Staying in Midtown. Im looking for food. What kind you ask? Good food. Please narrow your parameters you say? Ok, I will try. Im from New Orleans, so I wake up thinking whats for dinner. For me its all about the food and little about location or atmosphere. Atmosphere is fine, but not in place of THE FOOD! I'll pay $5 for a great slice of pizza or $50 for a slab of foie gras, and be equally happy with both. No limits on cuisine type either. Run the gambit on price.

Im looking for two nice dinners. Doesnt have to be fancy, but fancy is great if I dont leave hungry. Pricewise, I guess less than $150 per person without alcohol. The only one I have a recommendation from a friend is Craft. Give me the best NYC has to offer.

Need two casual dinners. Preferably ethnic, but not a must, or a nice gastro pub would do.

And finally a couple lunch spots. Someplace with a good local feel. Deli, street food, pizza, ethnic, whatever. Something I cant get in my neck of the woods.

Sorry for not being more specific, but I am swimming in places to choose from. I say to hell with the guide books and rankings and ask the experts.... YOU!

In advance, thanks!

Oct 11, 2011
geauxgators in Manhattan

cochon's Butcher - take 2

Have to agree 100%. My wife, my two kids, and I went a couple of weekends ago. Great space, interesting menu, wonderful ingredients; and then we got our food.
My wifes tuna melt was of good size but devoid of any flavor. My duck pastrami and gruyere was served on a white wonder type bread without crust. Think of small triangle wedding sandwichs with less flavor.....for $9. There was very little meat. There were parts of this very small sandwich where bread touched bread. Unbelievable. My kids small personal pizzas were miniscule. Good flavor but the size of a beer coaster....for $7. With two kids drinks and two galsses of wine, this was a $70 lunch. We all left very hungry and very dissapointed.

Apr 06, 2009
geauxgators in New Orleans

What's best in Charlotte?

Thanks for all the great advice. Even form a dawg. Enemies on the field, but allies at the table.

My eating around Charlotte was very good. Tuesday I went to Lulu. Maybe the best onion soup I have ever had. The lamb shank was good, not great; but the lemon and goat cheese potatos were something special. Half price bottles of wine was a lucky circumstance.

Next was Las Ramblas. My favorite. I tried lots of different things. It was all was very good. The artichoke cakes were my favorite, but everything was top notch. I was flyiing solo, so the food bar was an excellent place to kick back and read the paper while eating. I don't usually like the strip mall restaurants, but the inside was spacious and very comfortable. Wish I had as good a tapas palce in New Orleans like this.

Thursday was M5 with a friend. Not a place I would normally frequent due to the sleek, polished, high end chain feel. But it was good. I had mussells, onion soup, and braised short ribs. A solid meal. Nothing mind blowing, but it was good.

Lastly on friday was Barringtons. I was also excellent. One the best fish dishes I have had in a while. Good wine, great space.

So all in all, I had a great food experience in Charlotte.

What's best in Charlotte?

Looking for any good eating ideas in Charlotte, NC. I will be in Charlotte from 3/15 to 3/21 for work. I am open to anything. Street food to fine dining. BBQ to fusion to ethnic food to home cooking. Drive thru to white table clothe. City to sticks. What is the best that Charlotte has to offer? I'm form New Orleans so I think about what I'm going to eat that day while I brush my teeth in the morning. Let me have it!

Ruth's Chris vs. Dickie Brennan's Steakhouses

Although I love the atmosphere of Charlies and the onion rings are good, I can not agree with the quality of meat. I went a few weekends ago and got a large T-bone and my wife got a small T-bone. Half our steak ended up in the napkin. Did not have one good bite in the whole thing. These are not cheap steaks either.

Feb 18, 2009
geauxgators in New Orleans

Three nights in NO, narrowing it down...

In my opinion, French Quarter Fest is the best festival in town. Weather is perfect and plenty of good music and food. Enough room to move as well.

I think jacques-imos is a great place for out-of-towners to try. A little out of the way down Oak St., but worth it. I can't eat there often because it is so rich and heavy, but twice a year it hits the spot.

Get there early due to the long waits on the weekends, but put your name in and walk to the Maple Leaf bar two doors down and have some drinks.

Love Luke and Bayona. Stella very good, but a bit too much of the pretty plate of food for my taste. Can't comment on Cochan or August.

Feb 13, 2009
geauxgators in New Orleans

Ruth's Chris vs. Dickie Brennan's Steakhouses

I would agree with most posters. DB's and Ruth's are so so in my book as far as Steakhouses go. (I can do similar steaks at home)

La Boca is very good. I like the skirt steak and the bone in Filet.

For an absolutely killer steak, I have to go to Besh steakhouse. It took me a while to get past the casino thing, but I finally broke down and boy am I gald. The prices are steep. My wife and I split the 38 oz bone in ribeye and we have half a steak leftover. (we do not eat like birds either). The thing I really appreciate is the fact that they give a little vegetables, mushrooms, and potatos with the steak. Everything at DB and Ruth's is a-la-carte. So for a seemingly expesive $58 steak, two grown people have a great steak and meal with leftovers. Cheapest steak in town in my opinion.

Feb 13, 2009
geauxgators in New Orleans