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Looking for recs: KS I-70, NE I-80 corridors

Thanks Aguacate and Nimeye! Those sound like great places. And thanks for the bakery recs, too.

I'll eat just about anything, but I'm always interested in local specialties. So I guess that's probably beef and German/Central-to-Eastern European chow on this trip, although my only real requirement is good food. Also, there's a strong possibility that at least one dinner in Omaha will have to be kid-friendly (my hosts have a 3yo) but I'd really rather eat at a real restaurant, not a "family" joint. Any further words of wisdom?

Looking for recs: KS I-70, NE I-80 corridors

I'm going to be doing a road trip from Denver to Omaha and back, via Scottsbluff and Wichita, this spring. I'd love recommendations for breakfast/lunch/dinner anywhere along the route.

Also, if anybody has a greak bakery recommendation for Omaha, I'd love to hear it. I'll need to pick up a hostess gift or two and don't want to screw up. Thanks!