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Bachelorette Party for Under 21 year olds?

There are some opportunities for home pre-partying and going to an 18+ club, but those places can be *really* young.

I've known of some parties making a foray into the Nob Hill Theatre for a show, if that's your cup of tea. It's a no-alcohol establishment...

CHOW Tour Oakland, Your Thoughts On Where To Go?

A Cote is overrated, and cocktails are easily eclipsed by Adesso, Sidebar and Boot and Shoe. I ordered *everything* on their menu one night, and the only standout dish was the muscles. Wont go back.

Great Korean on Telegraph. La Mexicana on Internation is great too.

A Cote
5478 College Ave, Oakland, CA 94618

4395 Piedmont Ave, Oakland, CA

La Mexicana
3930 International Boulevard, Oakland, CA 94601-4012

1 night in San Francisco

Wait... you *been* to Danko, and not Boulevard, and you're asking which?

1 night in San Francisco

Maybe some of these recent "one night SF" threads might be helpful:

However, it does appear you have difficulty deciding between solid choices on a limited schedule, given your recent questions:
"1 night in Zaragoza, Spain"
"Please help me choose!"
"3 Nights -- What about this line up?"

In any event, it's difficult to give great advice without knowing your preferences. Otherwise it's just an odd poll. It's natural to feel anxious about missing out on a limited schedule to a wonderful destination. If you can't spend two nights, might I suggest you do what I do: double up on meals.

List of Baby Friendly East Bay Spots

Oh please, god no. Don't put Triple Rock on your kid friendly places.

Unless you want your kids sitting next to a table yelling profanities at the TV's. And allow them to hear to people yelling about vaginas and butt sex.

You may love your kids, but bar patrons generally don't.

Mountain View Farmers Market "Best in Bay Area"

Is this a commercial? A PSA?

I don't think anything in MV is Best in the Bay...

how spicy is Korean food s'posed to be?

Where did you read that?

The spiciness of dishes both here and in Korea is regional and family specific in nature. On the average, you don't get super spicy without asking for it special in a restaurant around here.

Best Authentic Mexican

What kind of double speak is that: authentic, with its own flare?

Wood Tavern lunch and young kids?

If you have to ask...

Breakfest East Bay

Doug's Place. Castro Valley. Better Chicken Steak than anything mentioned above, or below. And good hash browns. Cheaper than half of the options above too.

Doug's Place
20871 Redwood Rd, Castro Valley, CA 94546

What non-obvious things do you store in your fridge?

Raccoons and squirrels store well in the freezer. It makes them much easier to tan at your leisure and will kill all the mites and fleas too.

Aug 29, 2010
Jumbo_Jack in Not About Food

Best Authentic Mexican

San Fran... really?

Try Taqueria Cancun at 1003 Market street. Fantastic burritos and better than the Mission St location for sure.

Even the taco truck by Best Buy has got to better than anything in New York. I poked my head into a couple places in Manhattan, and just kept on walking. They just didn't look right.


Taqueria Cancun
2288 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110

machine shop that will refinish an old, large cast iron pan?

Have you ever even worked in the trades or in a machine shop?

We should honor labor, expertise, and investment in tools. Sending someone around to machine shops with the expectation of free work is at best pretentious. "hey sure, I'd love to use my thousands of dollars worth of equipment and years of expertise to fix your used pan for free"

Also, bead blasting and sand blasting are very different procedures, and most machine shops do NOT bead blast. Bead blasting (spraying high velocity small glass particles) usually requires a special room, and you'll find it at auto body shops or powder coaters. Bead blasting would probably help though...

Are you concerned about getting all the black off of the iron or something to make it 'clean'? If the surface is smooth, you can just heat the iron at 500-600 degrees to burn everything off. Then get to a hardware store, and buy a sheet of course and medium sandpaper. Just sand out the surface for 20 minutes, and you should be fine.

There's just a VERY thin patina on a smooth cast iron pan. And cast iron is soft.

And vintage cast iron is no better than a couple month old cast iron if treated right, and the pan bottoms are smooth. The only issue with newish pans is the cooking surface often still has the rough shape of the mold.

Great lunch, happy hour, or dinner recommendations in Alameda?

Have you never eaten at the Mutt Hut in San Leandro? Friendly little hot dog counter. A tasty but out of the way option.

If Jabba the Hutt opened a restaurant, wouldn't you go?

Mutt Hut
1904 Washington Ave, San Leandro, CA 94577

NICE Bar suggestions in SF?

There are a multitude of experiences available at the Redwood Room, although I'm unsure what specific ones you have tied to the place.

On afternoons, particularly weekends, you'll see tourists in pleated khakis and mom jeans (they're not just for mom's anymore) poking around and shocked at how expensive a single drink is in sf.

In the early evenings is quieter and more sedate with the dinner crowd, but thurs/fri/sat late it's a full blown scene complete with a velvet rope and a bouncer keeping people in a straight line.

A keen eye will notice a couple higher end working girls plying their trade, whereby 'higher end' denotes more expensive, not necessarily more exclusive. Sorta like Grey Goose. And the usual assortment of gold diggers available wherever uber expensive drinks are sold.

But amidst all that, the bartenders are good, the wood paneling gorgeous, and it's the first place I heard B-Star (AKA Battlestar or Battlestar America) played by any DJ. You can reserve a table for a fee on the weekends. Good times.

Redwood Room
495 Geary St, San Francisco, CA

Great lunch, happy hour, or dinner recommendations in Alameda?

Dragon Village is an interesting Chinese food choice. A d****bag on yelp complained about the exterior.

They serve a selection of Rosenblum wines, and one of the tasting staff from Rosenblum also works at Dragon at nite. They have a lot of pictures on the wall of 'special' dishes, named after locals. Some seem decidedly non-traditional chinese, but are still tasty.

Interesting local food, cheap, and deeply infused in local culture. It's very Alameda and very friendly. I got a small taste of a Rosenblum red while waiting for my take-out.
The cheapest best place to get drunk on the island is at Lemon Tree. It's a place time forgot, and if you show up for happy hour, you can sit down next to someone who's 5 hours ahead of you. The first time I walked in, I was excited to see what I thought were a plate of little white mints for free on the bar... turns out it was a dish of aspirins. Good times.

Dragon Village
642 Lincoln Ave, Alameda, CA 94501

Fried chicken in Oakland?

The Bakesale Betty sandwich is a cult-like experience. Stand in line and get your cool-aid. It's bland. Sometimes cold, and not fried fresh to order.

About a 15-20 minute drive from Oakland, you'll find Caesar's Chicken. The spicy is better than the regular.

It's freshly made and crispy. They have a 4 piece dinner combo, with tasty sourdough bread, decent coleslaw, and a little bit of spaghetti with meat sauce. Good stuff and cheap compared to what you find anywhere in Oakland.

Caesar's Chicken
19450 Hesperian Blvd, Hayward, CA 94541

NICE Bar suggestions in SF?

What would you consider the NICE areas of SF, and not too ghetto at all? Is ghetto referring to a music style, property values on the block, or patrons in the bar?

All of the dives, and cheapest to moderate priced bars in SF will serve both beer and Jack Daniels. Some of the NICEST bars in town will only have a small selection of bottled beer and not serve Jack Daniels at all.

Jack Daniels--and the 'Jack and Coke' is seen by some as simply too common. I think their recent co-branding of supermarket bbq sauces and TGIF food-like products isn't helping the image either. I would mostly fault Jack Daniels for lowering their alcohol content the past decade, but not lowering their prices accordingly.

How do you usually drink your Tennessee whiskey?

ISO Segway friendly bars and eateries--planing a Segway Tour!

Planning a Segway food and drinks tour. Segway is the theme, but I don't have a neighborhood area pinned down just yet.

Anyone know of Segway friendly bars and eateries? No stairs! A little room somewhere to crowd in 5-10 Segways for a while? We can't lock/leave them outside... but an outdoor/backyard eating area can work.

I was thinking Rockridge/Piedmont, but the trick is finding 4-5 places that are Segway friendly in the right proximity.

PIzzaiolo would be great with the outdoor seating, but it's just too crowded back there. Raleigh's in Berkeley has a nice back space, but I forget if there are stairs or not. George and Walt's is big enough in the inside, and not usually crowded on a Sunday afternoon.

Any suggestions?

Chicken-fried steak in the Bay Area?

Neither Sonic nor Dairy Queen carry then around here that I've seen.

Are you originally from CV? How can you *not* be a fan of one? It seems to me there is a red-state/blue-state like dichotomy that exists in CV, that most people grow up only going to one eatery. Maybe you're just not going with the right people?

What are you a fan of in CV?

Everett Jones BBQ in JLS Oakland

Due to your choice to live in LA and love of the Raiders, you are undoubtedly a difficult person to disappoint.

In a manner somewhat similar to the La Pinata restaurants in the bay area, each individual E&J is operated by a different family member, and has its own feel. E&J in Hayward is consistently better than in Jack London Square. I imagine it's because it is smaller, with less people in the kitchen, only does BBQ, but is still quite busy.

JLS has a few consistency issues... sometimes the meat seems dry and reheated. Generally, I've found manufactured ambiance to be a detriment to good BBQ. People have an image of eating BBQ at something like Armadillo Willys, but I've found the best in California to be no frills, smoky goodness.

LA does have some excellent BBQ. Phillips on Crenshaw right at the Hwy 10 exit is consistently the best BBQ I've had. Busy. Take out only. rib tips, pork ribs, links and chicken. You can only order the hot or the mixed sauce. Mild is a waste of time. I've picked up the $150 catering tray, at straight out of it at the bench, and drove the rest straight up Hwy 5 home. Check it out.

Jack London Square
70 Washington St # 207, Oakland, CA

La Pinata
904 Rose St, Hayward, CA 94541

Oakland Chinatown Recs

Original Poster asked for Chinatown recs, and who leaves Chinatown on a *segway* to Piedmont for Chinese food anyway? 12.5 mile top speed on a flat surface... it's over 20 minutes away.

The the little gem Fortune Restaurant on Webster. Always busy, and open real late too. Lots of great seafood dishes that a cheaper than its neighbors. Had a great fresh shrimp dish there, where each shrimp is cut if half with a little sauce poured on top. They also have a consistent frog leg dish too!

Look around and you'll see families and a lot of chinese contractors. Chinese contractors are a sign of simple good value, food and fast service in a restaurant.

I like their chinese broccoli with preserved pork (chinese sausage), although for some reason, it often comes to me at different prices. Princess chicken is deep fried sweet spicy goodness.

940 Webster St, Oakland, CA 94607

Chicken-fried steak in the Bay Area?

Correction on Rudy's chicken-steak: It's one of the rotating lunch/dinner specials... in this case Monday's only. Don't say I didn't warn you if you show up looking for breakfast steak...

It looks like Castro Valley is a veritable treasure trove of fried steak these days. JD's on Castro Valley Blvd (locals just call it 'the boulevard' as CV really only has one) has been advertising their chicken steak with a big window painting for a couple months now. You always gotta keep an eye out for the food deal when driving through town. It's $9.75 for chicken fried steak, smothered in a white gravy, two eggs, toast. The first week, it was so popular they were running out.

On an absolute scale, I like Doug's gravy and hash browns better. Taking into account the price, and excellent calories per dollar ratio, JD's is a must try.

Looking for help: I was daydreaming the other nite in bed and came up with this: chicken fried steak sticks! Maybe a half in wide, served in a french fry like container. With a mashed potato and gravy (either brown or white with sausage) dipping sauce. While some have not been altogether enthusiastic about my idea(s), doesn't this sound great? And do you know anyone who serves something like this? chicken steak for the food on the run crowd!

Sura's Hot Naked Dok Bukki

Went to Sura and had a few dishes I've never had before like their 'naked' dok bukki. Nobody ever looked at a menu all nite, so it *may* be off menu.

The dok bukki had no hot pepper paste at all, but had a similar consistency and viscosity to the sauce. It appeared to have more veggies (mushrooms, little carrot bits, onions) than regular, but it could have been an illusion because I could actually see all the vegetables clearly.

It was sweet ... with a flavor somewhere between jap chae and bulgogi.

It's a nice answer to the question "does everything in a Korean restaurant have to be red?".

It was good, but I'd only order it again to balance out the flavors on the table.

Also had a dish, when translated, is called 'old whole kimchee with mackeral' that was very good. Mackeral was cooked together with well fermented whole napa kimchee leaves. Kind of like a very thick kimchee jigae. You take the long leaves (maybe splitting in half) and wrap it around the fish to eat. Use the leftover sauce to mix with your rice. Spicy and good.

4869 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609

Foraging in San Francisco

The Oakland hills, say up and around skyline blvd or the top of Keller or Golf Links is full of wonderful fernbrake. Enough to walk through fields and be able to pick just the delicate ends and buds off. A hardworking afternoon can get you a bushel full.

While there are some fresh dishes to be made, it's most often dried and used in Korean gosari-namul. It's also super expensive when you purchase it, and not often seen in the free banchan at restaurants anymore.

There was a period, about 15-20 years ago when new fancy houses were being built in the hills, that the practice of foraging was actively discouraged. All the new rich folk weren't so happy seeing scores of Asian folk walking around on their hillside and spoiling the view. So some rangers and police were sent up there to write a few tickets and send people on their way.

I really haven't heard of much fuss recently. Some of the land is public parkland up there, some of it is just wild.

Foraging in San Francisco

Good miner's lettuce is tender and juicy. It has a delicate flavor. Eat it raw or in a lightly dressed salad. I've tried it cooked, but doesn't seem to hold up well.

It works well in preventing scurvy.

Foraging in San Francisco

It's not the season for blackberry, and it always seems to me that the ones in SF don't grow as big as in the east bay. Maybe not enough sun in the summer months.

Currently, in the east bay and everywhere, you have a lot of wild green onions with small white flowers on top. Stems have a distinct triangle shape, and the flavor is sweeter and more fruity than commercial green onions. Definitely a lot in Lake Temescal and Tilden Park. Grows as weeds in people's front and backyards this time of year.

Redwood Road where it intersects Skyline in Oakland has a very popular stand of blackberry bushes late summer. Other parts of the Tilden and other parks have huge sections on the roadsides.

Miner's lettuce grows all around. I like it.

Nob Hill Garlic Bread.

Hey... I've tried the bread from Nob Hill. It's good fresh with just a little salted butter. After a day or two, a light toasting helps to freshen it up again.

Best dduk bokki in the East Bay?

Just about any Korean restaurant will make it for you, but overall, restaurants don't put too much effort into it. It's just not their type of food... in Korea, you don't go to a restaurant for dduk bokki.

Dduk Bokki is street and bar food. Get to a soju-bang/bar-restaurant. Porno Bar serves the best in Oakland. Get the largest plate that has EVERYTHING in it. Ramen noodles + hard boiled egg + fish cake + mandu.

Venture out if you like good food. Don't hang out in bars? There's probably some asian fusion restaurant at Disneyland.

Flint's BBQ - Gone but not forgotten

Hayward Everett and Jones.

Each location is owned and operated by a different family member, and each has its own vibe. Everett and Jones in Hayward is somewhat close to the old Flints: Bullet proof glass, a layer of old grease around. They're friendly. It's mostly take out, but there are a couple of tables inside. They don't sell drinks, but there is a soda machine well stocked with grape, orange, and strawberry soda.