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Versailles Cuban Restaurant: So yummy. I also love their garlic chicken plate with plantains.
1415 S. La Cienega
Los Angeles, CA 90034
(310) 289-0392

May 03, 2009
wuwu in Los Angeles Area

Japanese Curry in a Crock Pot?

I have made it in a crock pot, but i didn't put in the S&B block until i got home. I cut it up in to small fine pieces and then just stirred it into the tenderized meat and vegetables. Alternatively, I guess you could cut it up into small pieces and stir it in with the meat and vegetables before you put it into the crock pot. It turned out fine when i mixed the curry block in after it was done cooking. I didn't want clumps of the curry floating around, and if you don't stir it well when you make it over the stove top it usually has clumps. I hope this helps :)

Mar 02, 2009
wuwu in Home Cooking

Best Italian in North Beach for a group of 6???

Can you help? I'm trying to find a great Italian restaurant in North Beach for a party of 6. I will be treating, so i'd like it to be reasonable in price as well. Any suggestions? thanks

Feb 27, 2009
wuwu in San Francisco Bay Area

French restaurant where the waiters speak French?

Cote Sud in the Castro. Very cute little place, decent prices and great food. All of the servers there speak French. Bon Appetit! 4238 18th St, San Francisco, CA -
(415) 255-6565

Feb 24, 2009
wuwu in San Francisco Bay Area