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Blue Pointe Bistro - Weymouth (Review)

I just had to reply to Hinghamguy because his review is unfair. I've been going to the Blue Pointe Bistro for some time now. It's got its small problems, yes, but the food is excellent. I have yet to have anything there that isn't exquisite. As much as the above gentleman complained about the food (especially the burger) it's amazing. The burger is best on the south shore if you ask me, who cares if it doesn't have bleu cheese. If you get a chance, try one of the nightly specials. The chef is never ceases to amaze me with the specials. I recently had a pork chop with some kind of mango or pineapple glaze,mashed potatoes, and creamed spinach. It's amazing. And I'm not a big pork chop eater either. As far as the decor, yes it could be better. I personally would have table clothes on the tables, but it really doesn't bother me enough to write a complaint about it. The bar area is great with a great selection of bottled beers, decent wine selection and what seems like an ever changing draft selection (and yes there is only two, but do you really care?). As far as the service complaints that hinghamguy suggested above, I can agree to an extent. I go to Blue Pointe Bistro about 2 or 3 times a month as it is close to home. The problem with the service is that you never know what you're going to get. I've been at times where I have had impecable service. The girl has always been spot on and I am always looking for her as my waitress when I go. I have also been where I've had service like hinghamguy stated. No knowledge of anything on the menu or drinks that they serve or generally what is going on all together! I'd tell you to ask for one waitress, but I don't know her name. And I think the owner only hires Blondes so theres no way of even describing her, but if you get her-she's great! The advice I can leave about the Blue Pointe Bistro is to not let one bad experience with a specific waitress take away from the goodness of the food. If I had done that I would have missed out on some excellent food, close to home. A safe way to make sure you get great service is sit at the bar. It's small and quaint and the bartenders are great. I usually go on Fridays and the bartender has never been anything less than awesome. Good size Martinis too! The Coffee Matrini is dangerously good. So to sum it up, go to the Blue Pointe Bistro and give it a shot for yourself. The food is amazing and for the most part the service is great.

Ten best things to eat in Boston

mmmm.... truffle fries. i need some of those!