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Where can I buy "heavy cream"?

and it's gooooood.

Fish and Chips

I relayed my negative experience --particularly on portion size-- to a friend who is a big fan of British Style and she explained that the halibut is always a large portion. So maybe it was a cod problem. BTW there definitely was no problem with the portion size of the chips.

Anyway, halibut fish and chips -- is this an Ontario thing? Everyone here swears by halibut fish and chips but growing up in Newfoundland (when there was a lod of cod) and even now (when there isn't) it was always cod, haddock in a pinch.

Fish and Chips

Tried British Style last night and was disappointed. An order of cod and chips, an order of scallops and chips, and a large coleslaw cost $21, which would have been fine had the scallops not been from Sysco and had the cod been big enough to eat. It was a very very small portion for the price.

The fries were very good and so was the coleslaw. The people were very nice. The batter on the fish was interesting in a good way (dense yet crispy) but neither it nor the size of the protion can really compare to the two fish and chip shops I most prefer to frequent, just down the road and around the bend from my mother-in- law's house in Portugal Cove NL. It's time for a trip home, I think.

Where can I buy "heavy cream"?

I tend to use a lot of English recipes, which call for heavy cream. I consistently use good old North American whipping cream, and I consistently have no problems ....

allen's on the danforth

I used to like Allen's but, in my experience, the food and the attitude have gone way downhill. Last summer we went for dinner and I ordered short ribs, which sounded and looked great but were tough and stringy -- undercooked, undercooked, undercooked. And lukewarm, like they had been dashed out of the fridge and into the oven for too short a time. I find the wings have really lost their zip, and it seems that the sour cream that accompanies the sweet potato fries has lost its generous goosing of stilton (now it seems to be a much more ho-hum danish blue).

Having given up on the food, we agreed to meet some friends there for beers and snacks and were told that if we weren't ordering meals, we could only have the table for 45 minutes! I was deeply confused -- this being a bar as well as a restaurant!!

Cheap Lunch in Bay & Bloor Area

I know you didn't ask for Italian, but I really like the scaccia (kinda like a calzone, bigger and cut into squares) at Scaccia in the basement of the Manulife Center, They have one with rapini that was good; also sausage and peppers. They are about $5. If you go around the corner towards Bay Bloor radio, you can buy a bottle of blood orange juice at another little deli and enjoy them together.

I am also a fan of the roast beef, arugula, and caramelized onion sandwich on focaccia from the to-go counter at Bloor St. Diner, upstairs. About $6. The sandwich suffers a bit from being pre-made and wrapped in saran, but the beef is house-cooked and absolutely delicious. They have other good sandwiches too, but this is my favorite.

New England Style Buns

Top split hotdog buns: I got them once a couple years ago at the Victoria Park Loblaws. I beleive they were from Wonderbread. I haven't seen them in a while.

Massive Onion Rings (Toronto)

I was actually visiting A&Ws in Newfoundland 30 years ago ... maybe that's the difference?

An informal survey of Newfoundlanders in my house remembers strip bacon and battery onion rings in the 1970s and 198Os.


Massive Onion Rings (Toronto)

Still really good but definitely not as yummy-salty -- does anyone else remember that they used to have a different coating, a yeastier batter than the current (but excellent!) crumby coating?

Cannot for the life of me remember a teenburger with Canadian bacon, though -- and I've been eating them for 30 years.

Vegetables for making stock

I always save and freeze vegetable bits, especially dark green ones, for a few days before making stock. I've never had a problem with mushiness or poor taste. It's very handy to have a ziploc in the freezer that you just toss cuttings into.

Dec 23, 2006
Scruncheons in Home Cooking

What's your favorite type of pie such as apple, mincemeat, etc? (We'll save pizza pie for another day)

Sour cherry.

Dec 23, 2006
Scruncheons in General Topics

looking for bone-in smoked pork shoulder (aka picnic ham)

Real Smithfield hams in Chinatown? Really? I'm interested -- tell me more!

in search of REAL quality wine gums

Nutty Choclatier is a good bet but I think there is also a shop (a tobacconist) in the Atruim on Bay that carries English sweeties. They might have them.

Giant Porcetta (pork roast). Help needed.

It sounds fantastic!

Dec 14, 2006
Scruncheons in Home Cooking

Best Lebanese in Toronto?

93 Harbord is excellent upscale Middle Eastern. The chef is Palestinian and he cooks from across the region.

Authentic burek

Thanks CrepesSuzette -- yes, you are right; the place on Donlands in Libra, and I would concur with your assessment of the owner. Part of my decision to see what Tim brings in at FFTF -- strengthened by your assessment of Libra as grubby.

Also agree that Mak is superb (thanks for filling me in on the name!)-- when I was there you could buy the in-house Bosnian-style (rolled) either cooked or frozen, in small or enormous sizes.

I did not try the Serbian-style (flat layered pie). Sometimes when my Bosnian friend makes us burek she makes it this way because she doesn't have a lot of time -- but we all agree it is not as good. She also sometimes makes a burek with potato and onion that I have never seen anywhere, but it is very good. Has anyone ever seen this?

Authentic burek

God, I love burek.

OK, this is kind of sketchy in terms of direction but there is a deli(maybe called European Deli) on the east side of Donlands, south of O'Connor that sometimes sells burek. When I've gotten it there it has been very good.

Fresh from the Farm, which is right across Dolands from this place now sells what I take to be burek: they call it "Balkan pie" and it comes from a place called Mediterranean Bakery. I haven't tried it yet, but I am planning to. Tim, one of the owners of FFTF, has excellent connections with the Bosnian refugee community so I'm guessing this is good stuff. They sell small and large pies in cheese, meat, or spinach and cheese.

I also heard (from a Bosnian friend who makes excellent burek and so whom I trust implicitly) that there is a good place at O'Connor and Pape but I have not tried it.

Now, if you want to go out of your way, she also told me about an excellent place that I have tried, on the South side of Lawrence, west of Victoria Park. The burek there is excellent; you can buy it cooked or uncooked. I am told the cevapi (kebabs) are also excellent.

Truly yummy chocolate for Christmas gift....

Does anyone know if Swiss Master carries paves? Signature chocolate of Geneva: deadly rich little squares dusted in cocoa. Sublime. I would love to get some for Christmas.

I checked the website but found it a little hard to navigate.

Complimentary food at the bar (GTA)

Bloor Street Diner does Bits 'n Bites and olives. Not as good as the mixes at the Park Hyatt. Seems we're not wuote up to standards of Babbo ...

Bathurst and Bloor- Where is Markham Street? Restaurants?

If you want to eat on a budget at Southern Accent, you can't go wrong with the calamari. (Assuming you like calamari.) A huge plate of very fresh, very crisply fried calamari with an excellent tart hot sauce --maybe with some tamarind in it?-- on the side. Throw in a bourbon sour and you're laughing.

Montreal - Style Bagels in the GTA

I don't know which bakery makes them but the Sunglow Bakery in Bloor West Village carries what are, to my mind, quite authentic Montreal bagels. Similar to St. Viateur. Not as good, but close. I stockpile them.

I once looked at a St. Urbain bagel, thought "WTF?" and walked away.

Where in Toronto can I find unbleached flour for rolls?

I get Robin Hood Unbleached All Purpose at my Loblaw's all the time. (It's fine for bread; my mom used it all the time and she made excellent bread.)

Red Dragon Cheese -- where to buy?

Thanks everyone; I'll try WF, Alex, and Sobeys.

Red Dragon Cheese -- where to buy?

On a visit to Costco with the mater-in-law I found a delicious cheese called Red Dragon: Welsh cheddar with mustard seeds and ale. It was by no means high-end or artisanal but it was delicious and I'd like to get a supply for Christmas.

Problem is, the mater-in-law and her Costco are a couple thousand kilometres away, and I don't have a Costco membership myself.

Anyone seen it around Toronto in a non-Costco situation? It's not exactly Alex Farms or Cheese Boutique quality chow, either ...

Free Range Turkey

Atahualpa, sorry if I read snark in your message when snark was not intended. I apologize; however, by saying FFTF is at Donlands, I think I was pretty clear where it was. And the original request was for GTA, preferably North York --- so I took it as a great opportunity to spread the word. As indeed others here have by moving on to lamb! So we're not only geographically diverse, we're protein-diverse as well!

I have never seen a thread here stay perfectly on point with regard to the original question -- that's part of what's so great about it.

And for the record, yes, I have hauled a 20 lb bird --and much more--on the TTC. I, and other carless chowhounds, do it all the time. I'm not saying it's fun, mind you; I'm saying it happens!

To everyone else: sorry for mucking up the thread with things that would be better said in a PM, but I haven't found a PM function, and I did want to be clear.

Over and out.

Free Range Turkey

Atahualpa, not sure you need to get quite so strident in your reply. I thought the spirit of this place was sharing information, even if that info is slightly out of the way. Clearly Donlands isn't North York buy FFTF is a really neat place that I thought people deserved to know about -- maybe people reading this thread who aren't from North York, for example.

And for the record, I live a ways away from FFTF, don't have a care, but still shop there!

Decent afternoon tea in Toronto?

I've enjoyed the King Eddie, especially the option that includes a galss of sherry! Not proper, I'm sure, but good. I want to try La Tea Da.

Free Range Turkey

Fresh From The Farm on Donlands will take orders a little closer to Christmas. (Or orders for other things now.) Excellent meat products, free range, pesticode-free and organic (though not certified organic) from Mennonite farmers:

Hamilton, Ontario ... List of Best Ever Restaurants .....

Is The Stockholm still there? This was the late 80s and I think it was on King William. I remember it being good. Also the Black Forest Inn -- very cheesy but very good. Hunan House had great orange beef. I am glad to hear Dalina's is still there. It was very good. Once a fellow student's parents took us all out for a big meal at Shakespeare's -- classic old school steakhouse with a plate of dill pickles and feta cheese as a starter. Out-dated for sure, but not cheap: these were generous parents and we were starving grad students!

Decent Shawarma

Not at all downtown more on the Lawrence strip: the falafel/shawarma place in the same plaza as NASR foods -- chciken shawarma and falafal were really good; beef okay but not great. The only place I've had a better such sandwich is Palestine.