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Help with Another Visit to Toronto?

foxley/ pomegranate, both are quite reasonable and excellent.

best indian in the suburbs?

For south indian food the best ive found is gurulakshmi in mississauga, 2nd, sarvanna bhavan, also mississauga
for north indian food, i like nirvana in mississauga, but also like mt everest downtown. there's another little place called tandoor fexpress in mississauga which is great.
For south indian style non vegetarian food, anjappar chettinad in brampton is great.
for west indian (gujarati) style vegetarian food, taste of gujarat is my go to place.

2013 Alphonso Mangos

all the branches of patel brother's grocery stores carry them, and there is one in scarborough.

Indian Lunch Buffet?

Hi there, we actually booked the private room at the Host at prince Arthur avenue in can do a set menu either sit down or buffet.but it was a bit more expensive I believe like 22 dollars per head but the food was awesome and the room can be decorated if you wish.

Toronto with young children ???

We have little kids the same age too and find Noble seafood perfect for dimsum, its a lot less crowded than rol san, and the kids can enjoy seeing the fish in the tanks. Also ethiopian restaurants are very kid friendly, we go to lalibela on bloor street. As for the zoo, we always pack a picnic, there's really not much variety at the restaurant. By the way there is an aquarium in toronto?/

Where can I find "Garden Burger" Veggie Burgers

Costco for sure, has amazing ones

Any good sarson saag/makki ki roti in GTA

I usually get my fix at Rajdhani at Albion and Islington, But on tuesdays only.

Best restaurants downtown with visitors?

What about Atlantic on Dundas- its pretty good for small plates.

Best Indian Dining Options

Mid/Up town: Copper chimney
Downtown: The Host
Mississauga/Brampton: Anjappar chettinad, Nirvana, azuba.
Markham/richmond hill: Chauhan's.

Toddler friendly (with highchairs) restaurants on West end?

As a rule, im comfortable taking my toddler to any Indian or Chinese restaurant in town. They always have high chairs. Oh and also, lalibela on bloor is very child friendly, but its ethiopian.

Who makes the best chocolate cake?

Try patisserie de la cignogne. I had the chocolate mousse cake with pears, and rasberries and some sort of liquer. It was awesome and expensive...

ISO : Cape Gooseberries

Hi there, i buy these all the time, coz my son loves them, they are available at the loblaws at burnamthorpe and east mall in etobicoke for 1.99 for a pint.

Amaya Review

i happen to love the butter chicken at anjappar, the sauce is excellent, and the chicken is tender never overcooked. exactly like back home. Their naan is super too. Most south indian chefs also make really good north indian food. (and other cuisines too, most chefs in toronto are either south indian/srilankan).

South indian food in Toronto

Sarvana Bhavan (brampton, scarborough and mississauga), and anjappar chettinad (brampton) Both have thalis. The former is vegetarian only and the latter has a meat option on the thali

Anyone been to lobsterlicious yet?

I was planning to make a reservation next week, was wondering if anyone's been this year and what they had/ Thanks.

The "What's good in Peel" thread.. (BRAMPTON/MISSISSAUGA Only please) :^)

Tried azuba indian food at dixie and drew. Very good value for a 13.99 buffet, really flavourful and greaseless curries, better than brar and tandoori flame, pricewise and flavour wise. They just opened 3-4 months ago, but seemed pretty busy both times i went. And on saturday they have a pav bhaji special included with the buffet. Of course its not as refined as Nirvana which is my favourite, but i thought if you want a few options, it was a good place to go.

ISO a cake worthy of a special occassion

Recently tried the black forest cake from St. Philips bakery in woodbridge at a birthday and have to say it was delicious, one of the best black forests ive had.

Yonge/Steeles reco

I like North Persian restaurant, also known as shomul. I went a long time ago, but heard its still as good.

Canton Chilli Restaurant

Canton Chilli Restaurant

Actually mentioned this restaurant last year. We usually order the dry chilli fish, which is excellent. And yes for some reason their chilli chicken is not too spicy.... but love the dry chilli fish with no gravy. Its more like an appetizer as you can't really have it with rice. Didn't try any of the other dishes, will report back when we do.

Openings 2011

A bit of a trek for most chowpeeps, but recently went for dinner to AZUBA indian restaurant, opened about 3 months ago. Its all you can eat, which i dont' usually favour, but was surprised by the selection and quality of food. Its in brampton at dixie and drew..I believe they have an a la carte menu too.

Best Indian in Toronto - where is it?

I tried murgh kali mirch tikka, dal makhani and paneer tikka masala at Nirvana. I really l liked the food. I hardly ever order meat items unless they are from the tandoor, bec i find the meat in the curries is usually overcooked. Id rather go for prawn/fish curry instead. Having said that i did enjoy the chicken pasanda at copper chimney but felt the tandoor items were better in Nirvana.

Best Indian in Toronto - where is it?

Recently tried Nirvana Indian Cuisine in mississauga, i know its a trek to get there, but was very impressed with the food, no buffet only a la carte.. Also tried copper chimney on avenue and was very good, Had chicken pasanda, prawn masala, and hariyali chicken> Had the bukhara dal, but thought that was a bit oversalted. I would return to both these restaurants...also really enjoy consistently anjappar chettinad in brampton

HELP office christmas party at moxies

Thanks for replying, unfortunately i had to already endure the evening there last week, and needless to say the food sucked, bland, over cooked mushy salmon, desserts too sweet, appetizers run of the mill, coffee cold, would never return. Thank god i didn't pay the bill

Looking for Inexpensive Couples Cooking Classes in the GTA.

Local Loblaws branches also have cooking classes in house

Need Indian take out appetizers for dinner party-Toronto

you can also try some frozen appetizers in the indian grocery stores on gerrard, they're not bad, deep makes good mini cocktail samosas that you can bake in the oven.

The Best Samosa in Toronto

If ever near the big temple at 27 and finch, there's the temple store across the temple called sayona/shayona, they have really good spicy samosas, with a lot of filling,but they are like 75 cents each

HELP office christmas party at moxies

Hi all, ive never been here, and just found out that our annual party is going to be held there. Any suggestions as to what to eat would be really helpful. Also i dont' eat red meat.

Best Bites for 4 days in Toronto (including New Years)

I would definately throw in a dim sum lunch somewhere along your trip. You can do a search on the board and pick depending on your price range. I see you mentioned bistro food, but this could be an alternative.

(Green) Coconut water

i have seen green coconuts at Oceans on hway 10 and eglinton