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Ameila's American Bistro wine list? i was there last year and had a great meal....i wonder what is going on? maybe it was an off saturday night?

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i, too, would like to edit. thanks

Feb 08, 2010
christiane314 in Site Talk

Best Burger in CT

the burger between two grilled cheese is served everywhere is currently on the menu at max burger in west hartford...

river tavern has the BEST burger on the PLANET...i love that is definately tops on my list

Piatti, Glastonbury, CT

what a complimentary and most of all, morale boosting review of this new restaurant....people, i find, don't give a new place any time to feel comfortable in their shoes, so to speak....everyone is always more than willing to crucify at the first mistake they either see, or more importantly, perceive to see...

good luck piatti! will frequent you soon

Good food, good service, reasonable prices, and clean - Simsbury, Canton, and Avon, CT

what about dish & dat? anyone try it yet?

River Tavern [moved from Restaurant L & E thread]

river tavern, in my opinion, is hands down the best restaurant in ct...i love it...sure, service can be a bit "spotty"...but when you are eating food this glorious and are in the company of someone you want to be with, does it actually matter whether or not service is top notch? give the servers a break...most are young, work especially hard to please and will, if asked, try and accomodate you the best they can.

Sauce in Glastonbury Ct

hey...i drove by on my way home tonight...(monday) and sauce is closed. were you there friday night

Sauce, Glastonbury CT, Please say it is not true!

i drove by sauce on my way home tonight....they are closed. very unfortunate

Front Street Bistro, W Hartford - excellent

uncledave...just to let you know...front street is being auctioned off next week.

Danbury, CT middle eastern

are you thinking of noujaims?

Best Burger in CT

no problem chris...i'm just glad you enjoy it! actually, the burger and 1/2 paninos are all i sold at lunch today!

Best Burger in CT

hey chris...thanks for liking the arugula burger! i don't have roasted peppers on it,'s a black angus hand formed burger, onion marmalade, roasted portobello mushroom & blue, on a grilled bun, smeared with a sun dried tomato pesto & arugula....stop in and say hi!

Best Burger in CT

you're kidding mac.....what did you eat? the courant raves about it...i wonder about articles in papers sometimes....for beer, i love to go to half door

Wood and Tap Coming to Vernon Ct

earle...who has 3 bottle beers????? and what kind of beer is it?????my beers start at 4.25 and go to 14...and it's awesome beer. i guess you get what you pay for

First & Last Taverne, CT

my all time favorite pizza is moderne in new haven...

Best Burger in CT

i've been to burger bar and wasn't really that impressed...i happen to love river tavern's hamburger, in chester, ct...i'm kinda afraid to ask why noone has mentioned max burger..i've also heard that mustard and ketchup in manchester is good.

Grants - West Hartford CT

wow...are you benny?? i came across your post on's fatty burger..i had to laugh...

i've never had a website...when you google arugula, west hartford, it should take you to all the reviews on the bistro...and yeah, the first thing is a website but it's all about vegetables! are you in west hartford? i'm DYING to find out what shaogo is referring to!!! thanks for replying!

Grants - West Hartford CT

hey ratbuddy...of course we are open! i am celebrating 14 years in may....i don't have a web site...never have, actually...what is a domain squatter?

and i am not sure what shaogo is referring to...yelling in the dining room with a server...i truly apologize if that is the case!

Just back from Carol Pecks Good News Cafe Woodbury, CT

i think it's great...she is an awesome chef...maybe she is not in there cooking anymore...that makes all the difference in the world...

Finding kitchen supply stores?

what about Kittredge in springfield? it's AWESOME....i do all my shopping for the bistro there....they are also open to the general public

Top Hartford kitchens

that is an awesome's always interesting and fun to actually meet the people that you correspond with online. let's do it

Party for about 20p midpriced and not formal


Mar 12, 2009
christiane314 in Manhattan

Grants - West Hartford CT

grants is really can't go wrong with anything on his menu...enjoy and let me know how you liked it.

Ambassador of India closed

wow...ambassasdor is closed???? that was probably the best indian food around...sorry to hear that

ANY good Chinese in CT?

my favorite is schezuan tokyo in west hartford on new britain avenue..small bar, excellent niblets and a bartender that will be more than happy to drink jameson shots with you all night!

Landing Zone-CT, anyone been?

i have always loved the landing's a small hole-in-the-wall place...yeah, maybe service isn't the best, but the food and ambience makes up for it...i'm in the restaurant business myself and love the place