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Suggestions for SF eating itinerary? - FL, Zuni, Crudo, Incanto...

If you are looking for some good eats that will help mitigate some of the drain on the pocketbook, San Francisco has a number of great Indian options for cheap. Shalimar, Lahore Karahi, Naan-N-Curry, and Chutney are all options for some great food, if not a lot of atmosphere. Most of these places are BYOB, and you can order up a feast for dirt cheap. We take visiting guests there from time to time, and always get requests for return visits.

Press Club

I'm a big Press Club fan and think it is definitely worth a visit, especially if you are from out of town, like wine, and won't make it to wine country.

Really fun experience, and an opportunity to try wines from some great producers. For those who complain about price, you have to realize that these are premium wines (not Kendall Jackson) and the prices are no more than in these wineries' tasting rooms in wine country. So many wine bars in the city charge $10 a glass for a $18 bottle of wine. Trying 3-4 tasting portions of $50 bottles of wine for $10-$15 is a much better deal (and more fun).

Service was a bit rough around the edges when the place first opened, but I've been a few times over the last couple of months and have had a great experience. Some favorites in the facility: Chateau Montelena is a Napa legend, and Mount Eden is one of the best kept secrets around.

RIP Red's Java House ?

The food at the Ramp isn't great, but probably a step up from Red's.

If you really want to hang outside, drink a beer, and scarf a burger: go to Zeitgeist. Their burger is one of my favorites in San Francisco - cooked over charcoal, and super-tasty. Served with solid home-fry style potatoes. The only drawback is that the kitchen gets super backed up on a nice day and they actually close the order-taking window for large windows of time.

RIP Red's Java House ?

I love Red's as a place to get outside, either for lunch or for some afternoon beers, but the food here leaves much to be desired. I think the hamburger could be one of the worst I've had in San Francisco. The fries are a little better.

All that being said, I'm hugely supportive of their re-opening. It's sad to see restauranteurs booted out of locations, and this place is a quasi-institution. Also a very fun place to go and hang outside on a nice day.

Going to Napa

On the winery side, Frog's Leap has a great program if you are a visitor. You need to call and make an appointment, but they don't charge for tastings (they rely on customers buying bottles) and have a really cool tour that goes through their sustainable farming techniques (with wine tasting done along the way). Really friendly staff, and great wines.

baby blues bbq opening in SF. any word?

Any reports on this place? There was a lot of chatter prior to the opening, but not many reports back on the Q.

Worth trying, or just another poor SF attempt at BBQ?

Bar/Club to host an event near Moscone Convention Center?

Jillian's at the Metreon is cheesy but has space that can be rented for events. Kind of a nicer pool-hall / sports bar feel.

Press Club is a beautiful space and great location for groups if you're looking to do a wine related event. It basically has 8 wineries in one chic tasting room.

Tropisueno is a mexican restaurant that recently opened up nearby. It doesn't seem like they do super-strong evening business and I'm guessing they could be open to a buy-out for a group event.

Best Sushi in SF is where?

I am a big fan of Sushi Zone. People seem really divided on the place (love it or hate it). It's not super expensive and the fish is great, but the wait is horrendus. The place seats about 12 and you need to get there early to put your name on the list.

Mini rant: Fish. in Sausalito's Wine List

I totally agree that their wine list is unimpressive and overpriced. Makes you wonder a little bit about the markups on their food as well. That crab sandwich (which is one of my absolute favorites) was originally $16 when they opened. I think it now is $26!

New in Berkeley - seek advice from local hounds

Cheeseboard is a unique Berkeley institution. They only make one type of pizza a day, but it is always good. Highly recommened.

Zachary's is another great pizza stop if you like Chicago deep-dish style. They 2 locations, one in N. Berkeley.