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New Dumpling Place in Mother Dumpling's old Huron Location

re frozen, MD can't keep their own freezers full with their new level of business so we all get stuck with cooked-only.

On the positive side, most types are "today's dumpling" everyday! :D


Family Dumplings has taken the colours and the design of MD's restaurant and, according to some, is even saying that they ARE Mother's.

Pretty slimy if you ask me!

Mother's Dumplings - another rave review

I am a huge fan of M's D but I will say that I think pan-fried is not their strongest technique.
For dumpling bliss I would recommend the pork and dill (boiled) or the juicy pork bun (steamed and really more of a dumpling than a bun).

Mother's Dumplings - another rave review

I got a chance to talk to the owner about your MSG issue. She says they have not used any MSG since the first 6 months of operation. That means it has been over a year now. She has no reason to lie to me since I am a dedicated (addicted?) regular customer with no allergy to MSG. I do prefer my food without but I'm not religious about it.

I can't explain your experience but I think you must be mistaken.

Dutchpot on Queen E

Has anyone been to the North York location?

It's near Steeles or somewhere. I am never that far North but I'm running out of their homemade pepper sauce. I need some info, please.

Mother's Dumplings - another rave review

It is odd that you are having a reaction because they have a no MSG policy there. I will ask them about it next time I'm in.

I'm not trying to convince you to enjoy the place but I'm genuinely puzzled about your experience.

I have noticed that they are positively flooded with customers lately. I don't think they are at all used to the level of business and many of the dumplings are running out by evening. They have 2 stoves now but they are still not keeping up.

Better luck next time, merlot. I will reply again when I find out about the MSG.

Mother's Dumplings - another rave review

they now have a website too

Mother's Dumplings - another rave review

I think you had a rare experience there. I would say that you went to the other place just south of them but they are NEVER busy.

Try them again, but then I am an addict.

Caribbean Dutchpot, where are you - Any news?

Thanks sora.

They have great recipes and the patience to make my roti exactly the way I want it. I miss them too.

Did they say where they would reappear?

Caribbean Dutchpot, where are you - Any news?

Calling other jerk and roti lovers in Toronto,

Has anyone heard anything about the fate of the Caribbean Dutchpot?

I am widening my scope as I try the alternatives but I miss their recipe so.


Dutchpot on Queen E

The Real Jerk isn't much of an option once you've had Dutchpot. I work on the same block as the Jerk and I ride my bike to Dutchpot weekly. Well, I did...

Dennis, the original owner, had opened a new location way up in the North end of the city. Has anyone been there? How is it doing?

I will try out D&D when a chance comes up. I look forward to news.