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Going to Samara Beach, Costa Rica in Feb/March

I'm also going to Costa Rica next week and am looking for some spots around the same area.

Scarpetta, Jaleo, The Palm, Secret Pizza, Mesa Grill, Carnegie Deli

I’ll make this quick and simple; I went to Vegas with the boys last weekend and had some spectacular eats and some unspectacular eats.

Mesa Grill: Goat Cheese Queso Fundido is amazing. We wolfed it down in 5 minutes and wanted more. I had the Shrimp tamale for my main and was unimpressed…. Seemed a bit bland. Service was attentive. 6.5/10

Scarpetta: This was the best meal I had in Vegas. I’m Italian by heritage and I’ve eaten Italian food in Italy and all over North America, so there are very few who are more qualified than me to comment on Italian foods. I was also eating with 6 other Italians. We ordered tons of stuff from the menu to share. The highlights were: ALL of the pastas… all 6 of them. Even the simple tomato/basil was excellent. Service was impeccable. For those of you who have complained about this place, you either had an off night or you have no clue about Italian cuisine. 9/10

Jaleo: First of all, Jose Andres was at the restaurant. The Good: we tried a bunch of appetizers, most of which were pretty good. The Bad: The service wasn’t very attentive and my friend was exposed to shellfish even though he told them about his allergy. Albeit, he was being a bit of a bitch about it. I regret not getting paella, but that is a difficult dish to share. I would definitely try this place again, but the whole party agreed that this place was way over hyped. 6/10

Secret Pizza: Meh… if you’ve been to NYC, you’ll find this exact pizza and better pizza all over the place. The West Coast clearly needs a lesson from NYC. It was tasty though. 7/10

The Palm: This place has the steakhouse arts down to a science. Monday night chopped salad is amazing. The 14oz filet was perfect. Service was very good on a Saturday night. This was my 3rd visit to the Palm (twice in Bal Harbour) and I will go back again and again. 9/10

Carnegie Deli: I wanted corned beef… the sandwich, pickles and cherry peppers were all excellent. Service was okay, but can’t expect too much from this crowded institution. 7.5/10

May 15, 2012
cupidom in Las Vegas

Jaleo Review

I'm going to Jaleo on Friday night, thanks for the review.

May 06, 2012
cupidom in Las Vegas

So I'm moving to Brantford on July 1....

Long story short: I'm moving to Brantford on July 1 with the love of my life. I've lived in Hamilton for the past 25 years, so i've always had access to great food in the city, Burlington, Oakville and Toronto. While I'm still not that far away, I need to know where the decent spots are in Brantford for Pizza, Wings, Steak, Burritos, sushi etc... FIRE AWAY!!!!

I've had wings at Sammy's Rec Room, this place gets the thumbs up.

Pizza at Maria's was pretty good too.

I like pretty much all types of food but I do have an allergy to Nuts, which limits me sometimes... but it also cuts out deserts and keeps me thin. Thanks.

Windsor-style pizza in Toronto?

I'm moving to Brantford on July 1st from Hamilton... I noticed "Pizza Spot" last time I was in town. I will definately give it a try. I tried Maria's Pizza last time I was in town and it was pretty good.


I do find consistancy an issue... when Mario makes your pizza, you know it's from Mario. While the pizza is always "good", it seems subpar when Mario doesn't make it.

I do know that Mario is working on conveying the importance of making the pizza with love (for lack of a better expression) to all of the chefs.

Jaleo v Jullian Serrano

Great picture with Reggie Bush! You girls are gorgeous too. Thanks for the review. I'm heading to Jaleo next Friday night with my buddies. Cheers!

May 03, 2012
cupidom in Las Vegas

Desserts or bakeries in Hamilton?

Sweet Paradise, Valentino's, Roma Bakery and Sam's Queenston bakery are my Votes for Hamilton, but there are many great spots in the city.

One thing Hamilton does have is great bakeries!

Hamilton Area Update

Hi All,

Just a quick update on some great spots in the Hamilton area that I've been to recently.

Ya Man! Caribbean Cusine - This place is great; Dahl soup, pholaries and Roti were all excellent. I had the goat and chicken roti. Jerk Chicken salad is also great as it comes with fresh mango.

La Luna Express - I've been to both the Upper James and Centennial locations and both are excellent. Great salads, wraps and other Lebanese foods. Highly recommend.

Jimmy Gringo's in Westdale near McMaster and Ole Gourmet on Locke both serve a great burrito and I would recommend both.

Papagayo on King Street was fairly good. Cute place, slow service with decent Mexican food.

Pastacino on Upper James has excellent Lasagna, Cannelloni, Manicotti and Rotolo. All made in house. Service is a bit concerning sometimes, but the food is great and the atmosphere is a pure "pasta house".

Claudio's on Jackson (near La Cantina and Lopresti's) was a great experience also. Service is top notch and the shrimp bisque is excellent.

As I've always said, Na Roma Pizza Bar on Locke has incredible pizza. Soups and Salads are great as well. I've tried most pizza places in the Hamilton, Ancaster, Dundas area and Na Roma is my favourite right now.

For thin crust pizza - Bread Bar on Locke, Spasso in Stoney Creek and Fortino's on Centennial all serve great thin crust, charred and blistered pizza.

Next on my list is MEX-I-CAN and WASS.

Las Vegas Food Report. Good and Bad.

I'm definately hitting STK, Jaleo and Yellowtail. I'm staying at the Bellagio for a batchelor party. I'll report back here!

Apr 25, 2012
cupidom in Las Vegas

Blue Fin Tuna / Expensive Dining

Thanks Ivnflyer. Ribbon looks amazing! I'm definately going to try it out.

Mar 08, 2012
cupidom in Las Vegas

Dinner in Indianapolis - March 17 - Suggestions Please!!!

Thank you to everyone! You guys have provided more than enough suggestions! I'm likely going to take my crew to R Bistro.

@huiray Thanks for the bar tips! I'll let you know where we ended up when I get back from Indy. Cheers!

Mar 02, 2012
cupidom in Great Lakes


I have a sickening obsession with Na Roma. To make the experience top notch, order a fresh coppia (takes about 20 mins) and ask for the truffle oil and hot chili paste.

The soup selection has consistantly been amazing too. I had a ten-bean soup on Sunday and it was deadly.

Blue Fin Tuna / Expensive Dining

Hi Dave,

Thank you very much for your suggestions. I should have clarified the cuisines... Italian, Continental European and Modern Steakhouse. He has a shellfish allergy, which eliminates many dishes. Joel Robuchon looks great. I may also give e by Jose Andres a shot.

As far as Blue Fin Tuna goes, it is a shame that a) the great fish has been brought to the brink of extinction and b) that the Japanese and Chinese have it readily available in Tokyo, Osaka, Shanghai and Beijing. I want to try it once and never think about it again. Thanks for your help.

Mar 02, 2012
cupidom in Las Vegas

Blue Fin Tuna / Expensive Dining

Hi Hounds,

I will be visiting Vegas in May and staying at the Bellagio. I’ve been reading through some of the posts and have gotten a few good ideas for meals. But, I have two questions for you: 1. Where can I indulge on some Blue Fin Tuna? 2. In your opinion, what is the most expensive, upscale, delicious restaurant on the Strip or close to it? I need to impress a snob and price is not a concern. Thank you!

Feb 29, 2012
cupidom in Las Vegas

Dinner in Indianapolis - March 17 - Suggestions Please!!!

Thank s everyone for the great suggestions... we'll be able to check out two of the restaurants during our trip. We'll definately try to pick spots with Indy character. I'm from just outside of Toronto and we have Ruth's Chris, Mortons etc, so I'd love to try one of the Indy unique places.

Another question... we'll be meeting some friends from Wisconsin for St. Patty's day festivities on the 17th. Where would you guys suggest partying that night in the downtown core? We're all mid-20's and like our green beer! Thanks!



Jan 25, 2012
cupidom in Great Lakes

Good Food in Hamilton?!

Jack Astor's Wings are really, really good. Not quite as big or tasty as WW's, but among the best in the city. JA's has vastly improved their menu over the last year or two. Great wings.

Good Food in Hamilton?!

Also, for wings – The Whistling Walrus has deadly jumbo hot wings for half price on Monday. I went this past Monday and they are phenomenal. I’m a huge wing critic and I was in heaven eating these ones.

Good Food in Hamilton?!

Here are a few of the spots that I’ve enjoyed recently in Hamilton:

LoPresti’s at Maxwells (fine dining)
Memphis Fire Grill (BBQ – great pulled pork, brisket and ribs!)
1010 Bistro (upscale dining – excellent quality food in a cozy atmosphere)
Na Roma Pizza on Locke (casual contemporary italian – unbelievable soups and pizza slices, my favourite new dining spot)
Chuck’s Burger Bar (casual burger spot – great fresh burgers and fries) this place is WAY better than Union Burger
Jimmy Gringo’s Burrito Factory (take out burrito’s on Main West, behind 1010 Bistro – AWESOME)
Sapporo AYCE Sushi (recently added Thai to the menu… decent spot for sushi fix)

Dinner in Indianapolis - March 17 - Suggestions Please!!!

Hi All,

I will be visiting Indianapolis for the first time with my girlfriend on St. Patrick's Day weekend for The Black Keys concert and the Pacers/Knicks game the following night, both at Conseco Fieldhouse.

I am looking to dine at one of Indianapolis' true gems for lunch and dinner on the 17th. We like all types of food. Any recomendations that you can suggest would be great. Price is not an issue... I would prefer something upscale. Thank you!

Jan 05, 2012
cupidom in Great Lakes

Pre-Buffalo Sabres Game - Wings, Beer and Atmosphere

Thanks for the response! Much appreciated!

Pre-Buffalo Sabres Game - Wings, Beer and Atmosphere

Hi All,

I will be visiting Buffalo on Wednesday from Hamilton with 3 other hockey fans. We are looking at arriving mid afternoon for some wings, beer and appetizers close to First Niagara Center. We were looking at Pearl Street Brewery and Cobblestones... does anyone have a better suggestion? Thank you!

PS. We are huge Wing enthusiasts!

Chicken Wing Prices - RIDICULOUS!!!

My heart just tore a little bit... damn, if only I was 10 years older!!! All those 5 cent wings could have been mine!!!

Chicken Wing Prices - RIDICULOUS!!!

I live in Stoney Creek (East Hamilton) so it's only about a 30-40 minute drive to Niagara Falls, NY... the wings at Gagsters or Sammy's are well worth the $8 in gas I use to get there and back. The pizza is unlike anything in Hamilton too. Amazing.

For people in Toronto... it's a different story. It might not be worth the drive or time.

Chicken Wing Prices - RIDICULOUS!!!

I have a hard time believing that restaurants sell many wings when it's not "wing night". Almost everything else on the menu is a bargain compared to chicken wings.

Chicken Wing Prices - RIDICULOUS!!!

Is it just me or have chicken wing prices gone through the roof in the past year or so?! Aren’t they available wholesale for $1.60-1.90 per pound?! I just looked at Swiss Chalet’s menu and 8 wings are $8.99… even worse, I’ve seen them for $10.99 per pound at many restaurants in Southern Ontario. This is ludicrous!!!! Are people actually ordering wings at that price? I missed out on the 80’s when a pound of wings was $2…. :(

I can drive across the border to Niagara Falls, NY in 40 mins and get 50 wings for $29.99 US. That would easily feed 2 hungry guys.

Memphis Fire Barbeque Company - Stoneycreek

I finally tried this place last night and I was quite happy with my order. They were out of ribs unfortunately… but I saw an order and they looked great.

My friend and I each ordered a plate to share. I got the beef brisket entree with a double order of fries and my friend got the pulled pork entrée with fries and a Caesar. The brisket was very flavourful and came with a spicy mustard dip. The fries were awesome. The pulled pork was extremely tender and smoky. My friend said the Caesar was good, but was too full to get through even a quarter of it. We loved everything. The service was great too. The total bill with 1 beer, 2 cokes, the meals, taxes and tip was $55. I’ll definitely be returning very soon.

Memphis Fire Barbeque Company - Stoneycreek

I am 100% trying Memphis Fire this weekend! I'll post back here on Monday.

Just got 100 dollar Moxie's Restaurant gift card. Is this a good or a bad thing...?

You can't go wrong with a couple of apps and $60 of alcohol. Moxie's is okay.

Brain of J... I see you're a Pearl Jam Fan (love the song Brain of J)... are you going to the two shows at the ACC and Copps in Hamilton? PJ 20 at Alpine?!

Dinner for two dudes near the ACC

Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I will be sure to try Beer Bistro and Biff's Bistro during my next few visits to Toronto.

I ended up taking 3 friends to The Real Sports Bar in Maple Leaf Square. The atmosphere there is great. The place was packed to the rafters and the bar was playing Foo Fighters for everyone going to the concert. Very modern setup with TV's in every booth (tv's are everwhere in fact, even infront of the urinals)

The Food: Average... my friends all like their dishes, but my Ribs were the worst that I've ever had. They were tough and a pain in the ass to tear off the bone. I was extremely disappointed. The fresh cut fries were good and the nacho platter for 4 was just average. Not even close to enough toppings. Everything there was over-priced and the 50+ waitstaff were slow and unattentive. I would not go back.

Beer Bistro
18 King St. E, Toronto, ON M5C 1C4, CA

Biff's Bistro
4 Front St. E, Toronto, ON M5E 1B2, CA

Maple Leaf Restaurant
1076 Cardiff Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5S1P3, CA

Real Sports Bar & Grill
15 York St, Toronto, ON M5J, CA