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Best place to buy a Weber gas grill in the GTA?

For those with BBQ's still in good basic shape a cleaning is well worth It. I used BBQ Pro (416-925-9585) and they did a great job. Looks almost new even though it is over 10 years old. A little pricey at $165 but I think well worth it.

Gotta go to Guu

As I am prone to do, I went prowling last night and ended up at Guu Izakaya on Church. Got there around 6:30. It was crowded but I managed to get a seat at the bar. Quite the experience! Staff is truly amazing. They are constantly yelling out food orders and greeting people as they are seated and as they leave. However, very attentive. Had the black cod, pork belly, scallops and some noodles. Also a half litre of wine (not the best quality but for $13 it was a bargoon). While not high end cuisine, it certainly was a great experience and I will going back soon.

Restaurants in Nassau

Anyone know of any good restaurants in Nassau. Just booked a trip there, staying at Atlantis.

Restaurant Openings, 2009 (Toronto)

I heard that they were asking something like $8 million for the new condos in the building which obviously wont fly in this market so the move has been put on hold for now.

Best French restaurant in Toronto for $100 pp?

Try coquine at Yonge and Eglinton. Food is a bit inconsistent but the atmosphere is great.

Front of House

The most amazing feat I encountered by a Maitr d' was at the Fifth a couple of years ago. I believe his name was Christian. I "forgot" to bring flowers for my date so on the way out I asked if he could arrange for flowers to delivered to Czochski's (SP?), our next destination. The flowers arrived about 15 minutes after our arrival and were a big hit. He had my card and could have put any price on them but only charged me $50 which included delivery. I attended Losterlicious at Scaramouche and, as a single, was treated extremely well. Good to see Joanna Yolles back with her coconut cream pie, my favourite desert in Toronto.

Toronto's Best Italian?!?

The guys who used to run Spinello's except for the top guy now run Mirto which is on Toronto at Adelaide next to Terroni's. Great service, good food and a lot less crowded than Terroni's. Try it out.

Trying to Remember a Restaurant

It was called Tapas. Segovia was a Spanish place on Yonge at Wellesley.

Best pulled pork

What about Harlem on Adelaide? I have been there a few times. Great helping of pork but could use a little sauce and the bun does not hold up to the pork.

Scaramouche Lobsterlicious - Any reports?

I actually made the poached lobster dish for my family last week. It was very well received. Bought the lobster at St. Lawrence Market and had them cook it for me as recommended in the article. Only took 10 minutes. As the author says make sure to have them under cook it a bit as mine came out a bit soggy from the bag with the butter in it. I also used broccoflower (a combination of cauliflower and broccoli) as I believe broccoli has more flavour. The myer lemon sauce is amazing. I am going to try it as a marinade for chicken.