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Roberts of Charleston?

Somebody tell us what this place is like. Opera?

Chow Rec's For Louisville

As a student, he'll more likely be able to afford the fine sushi at Cafe Mimosa on Bardstown Rd. I like that place a lot.
Also, the kid needs to know about Flabby's Schnitzelberg in the old Germantown section of Louisville. Just tell him to go. His friends will be impressed that he knows such a great, old-school tavern with truly great food.

In Nashville 25-29 June...

There's an amazing NY-style deli called NOSHVILLE that I've been to for lunch and breakfast several times. Everything is delicious. Good bloody marys, too. I particularly liked the mozza ball soup and the smoked fish platter.


Thanks. Some interesting suggestions. Does Landolfi's do seafood on its pizza?
I had forgotten about Kudzu Bakery. Ate their a long time ago.

Lexington, KY-anniversary dinner

Metropol is in an old Federal building (2 stories) that used to be a post office. If you're standing in front of Cheapside on Short Street, look west (left).

Need Restaurant Advice for TN, KY, AL, & SC

Louisville: I discovered Flabby's Schnitzelburg in the old Germantown section of Louisville (just off Eastern Pkwy, off of 65) over a year ago and have been touting it ever since. Subsequent visits have not disappointed me or any of the others I've brought. It's an old neighborhood tavern that serves really good German (mostly) food. Good beer selection including Warsteiner on tap (common, but I love it). Start out with a Rolled Oyster which is a uniquely Louisville item. Love the schnitzel, too. I haven't been there on weekends when they feature fried chicken, but people say it may be the best in town. I really don't think you can go wrong.


We're heading back down to the Low Country next week. Always loved Lee's Inlet Kitchen in Murrells Inlet. Franks-- and Outback at Franks's-- in Pawley's is another favorite. Any changes in the last 5 or so years I should note? What about Georgetown? Anything there? We usually drive there for fresh seafood right off the boat, but have never eaten at at restaurant there.
Thanks for any help.

St. Simon's restaurant suggestions?

Ah, the Crab Trap! We used to go there when we stayed at Jeckyll Island. Always a wait, but for a reason. Loved to start out-- well, we started with a beer while waiting for a table-- with the roasted oysters. Don't remember anything bad about the place.

Boubbon -Mint Julip

I'm fairly certain they use Early Times' premix julep. It's not bad. Makers Mark does a green wax bottling of ready-to-go juleps which is better. I only see it in stores around Derby time. When the mint is up in my backyard, I make my own mint syrup: 2 cups water, 2 cups sugar boiled til dissolved. Add lots of fresh mint chopped or whole. Cover and let sit til completely cool. Strain mint leaves and you've got it. 1-2 tablespoons syrup per jigger of bourbon, served with shaved ice in a julep cup. Garnish with fresh mint sprig, a short straw for sipping, and a sprinkling of powdered sugar. Hold it in a cloth napkin. Pure joy!

Lexington, KY-anniversary dinner

I LOVE Metropol. They really did a good job with the design of the place. And, while I've only been there for lunch, I've never had anything but really good food. I also want the place to do well since there's no other place in Lex like it. I appreciate their daring.
Please go to Metropol. And, congratulations.

Emerald Island NC

The BEAFORT GROCERY COMPANY in nearby Beaufort is worth the short drive. I've eaten there the last two years on vacation and it's a great place. Make time to stroll around the harbor area after dinner. Pretty little town.

Best Restaurant in the State of Kentucky....

Let me add something to what I've already written:
I am particularly fond of a place in Bardstown called Kreso's. It's run by a couple from Bosnia and all their food is homemade. The service is slow, but attentive enough. It's located in an old movie theater downtown. The auditorium is available for parties and such.

Best Restaurant in the State of Kentucky....

Merrick Inn is a favorite, especially after a day at Keeneland. Never been disappointed and I love eating in the bar.
a la Lucie is also an old favorite. I don't know if they still do the beef medalions with lobster mashed potatoes, but they were great. They also have the best server I've ever had anywhere, Louis (pron'd Loo-ee) Z. Bickett.
My favorite in Louisville (haven't tried some of the big names like the Oakroom at the Seelbach or Proof on Main) could be an unimposing little neighborhood bar called Flabby's Schnitzelberg in the Germantown section of Louisville. It's been around over half a century and everything they have is good. Start with an app. of limburger and braunzweiger (sp?) with hot mustard. Don't stop until you've had the Rolled Oyster, a uniquely Louisville specialty, and the schnitzel. Warsteiner on tap is mandatory. You'll like this unassuming joint.

Not Oreo, Not Hydrox... Name this sandwich cookie!

Here's a link that I hope works. It's the page for sending questions to Nabisco. I just sent a request that they bring back Brown Edge Wafers. Pitched it to them as bringing back a line of Nabisco "Classics" that would play on nostalgia.
You all can do the same. Maybe they'll listen if the Chowhounds get on board.

Nov 15, 2006
bluesontap in General Topics


I made a flying trip to Louisville the other day and wanted to eat somewhere different for lunch. Did a little research and found a place I'd never even heard of-- Flabby's Schnitzelburg. Flabby's opened in 1952 and is a corner bar and restaurant in the Germantown section of Louisville. From 65, take Eastern Pkwy east, take Burnett Ave, go 3 miles, at flashing light take right onto Hickory, go two blocks. You'll see it on the corner of Hickory and Lydia. This is an old, working-class German neighborhood in a very German town. Flabby's sign is an old Falls City Beer sign-- a local tradition. I was delighted to find that they had both the regular Warsteiner as well as the dunkel on tap. I had two regulars. I quickly noticed that they serve a dish that, I believe, is unique to Louisville-- a Rolled Oyster. This is ONE OYSTER rolled in enough batter to make it the size of a small baking potato and deep fried. Served with cocktail sauce. Delicious. Hadn't had one in years. For lunch, I ordered the schnitzel (of course)with hunter sauce and was told to pick a side and an appetizer to go with it. I chose German potato salad (warm and with just the right amount of vinegar) and the Limburger and Braunschweiger (sp?) which was a few slices of each on wheat bread triangles with thinly sliced onion and hot German mustard on the side. Fantastic! My lunch arrived and I was surprised (Delighted!) to find that it already came with two sides-- red cabbage and half-dollar size potato pancakes with a dollop of apple sauce. A daunting task lay before me and it took two pulls of Warsteiner to get the job done. By God, I was up to it! Every bite was delicious. Whoever was in the back knew what he/she was doing. As I often do in a new restaurant find, I smiled at my good fortune and swore to return.
I was told by the bartender that I would be wise to come back on a weekend for their famous fried chicken (Deep fried; I asked.).
This is only a few minutes off of 65. Go!

Any good places to eat next Sunday night in Montgomery AL?

I now know why I got no replies to this query. Montgomery is such a sad place. The city mandarins apparently decided a long time ago to level any and all neighborhoods downtown and replace them with something big and shiny. There is one block that the bulldozer missed and that the city is promoting to tourists as "Old Alabama Town". We drove all around town and never saw any area that had any street life to it. You never feel like there is a part of town that is uniquely Montgomery. Very, very sad.
By the way, we ate at Red Lobster.

Lexington, KY Next week

a la Lucie is expensive, but I've never felt that it wasn't worth it. I have heard that Bellini's has been inconsistent, but I've never had a bad meal there. Have eaten there 3-4 times.

Any good places to eat next Sunday night in Montgomery AL?

Anybody heard of Igor's Oystor Bar on Eastern Blvd? I just found it online. Sounds interesting, and it's open on Sundays.

Any good places to eat next Sunday night in Montgomery AL?

Driving south next Sunday and staying the night in Montgomery. Unfortunatly, the Jubilee Seafood Co. isn't open Sundays. What else is there? Thanks.

lexington, ky (university of ky)

And the calzones at Pazzo on Limestone at Euclid are great.

lexington, ky (university of ky)

Best burger in any town is the "O' Round" sirloin burger at Lynaugh's on Woodland at Euclid. Very close to Chevy Chase area where Billy's and Buddy's are.
They also have an amazing Reuben which they call the CBSK. A PILE of thinly sliced corned beef!

Lexington, KY Next week

Are you aware that Holly Hill is not in Lexington but in Midway nearby?

Lexington, KY Next week

I honestly don't know where these people get the idea that downtown Lex has nothing to offer. There are lots of good places, foremost being a la Lucie on Limestone across from the new courthouse. Jonathan's at Gratz Park is nearby. Never eaten there, but hear from reliable sources that it's great. Natasha's cafe on Esplanade is a reliable option. Annabelle's (sp?) is good but a little overpriced. I would very strongly recommend Metropol on Short Street. I always try to tout it. It's in the old Federal-style PO building. Never had a bad meal there, but I fear that it is underappreciated. I've always had great food also at Bellini's on Main Street (almost on the corner of Limestone). In fact, since the new courthouses have been completed, there has been something of a restaurant renaissance downtown. Things are looking good.


Thanks. Judging from the paucity of responses, Montgomery must not be a hotbed of good eating. Too bad.



Need update on Dooky Chase

My wife and I honeymooned in NOLA the fall before Katrina. The best meal we had was at Dooky Chase. The owner, Leah Chase, was so kind and thoughtful to us. She insisted on interrupting her own lunch to come meet my wife and talk to us. It left a lasting impression. I have read online that she plans to reopen. I just wonder if anyone knows how it is going.
Thanks from Kentucky.

Aug 18, 2006
bluesontap in New Orleans

Cincinnati Chili Revisited. (Or visited, however you want to look at it)

I have yet to try it, but Camp Washington Chili just off I75 on the Hopple Street exit usually wins the local surveys. My now-wife used to live nearby in the Clifton neighborhood, but, being a vegetarian, she was never too keen on trying it with me. As God as my witness, I will have Camp Washington Chili before I die!

Road trip through LOUISVILLE [Moved from Elsewhere In America board]

Oh, and I cannot forget to mention Mayan Gypsy, 624 E. Market St, (502) 583-3300. Check out this review from Robin Garr's indispensible online resource:

Road trip through LOUISVILLE [Moved from Elsewhere In America board]

Lynn's is great. I also love Cafe Lou Lou at 1800 Frankfort Avenue, (502) 893-7776. I've never had a less-than-great meal at the very-affordable-but-unique Ramsi's at 1293 Bardstown Road, (502) 451-0700. It doesn't hurt that it's right next door to Carmichael's Books, a great local bookstore. Directly across from Skyline Chili and Mid City Mall.

Nashville, here we come

I always hit Noshville when I'm in Nashville for lunch. It's at 1918 Broadway. The place is amazing. I didn't know I loved matzah ball soup. The smoked fish platter is incredible. I never get tired of the place. Saw Gary Busey in there a couple of months ago, by the way. Good coffee, too.