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help pick one fab dinner

thanks to all of you for your responses. we ended up at sage. we had been to jr before, have been to a couple different alain duucasse restaurants. but still, planned to splurge at joel robuchon again. however, in trying to confirm our reservation, I got transferred and disconnected FIVE times. took it as a sign and cancelled online. sage had moments of greatness including my app, wagyu beef tartare and the asparagus salad with poached egg. everything else was fine, just not amazing. thanks again for your help and maybe jr will see this and adjust their phone system. or not....

Mar 30, 2014
loml95 in Las Vegas

help pick one fab dinner

mix, sage or Joel robuchon?
can only choose one.
thanks in advance...

Mar 19, 2014
loml95 in Las Vegas

taillevent or le grand vefour

will be going to Paris 11/2-11/7
we picked guy savoy for our one spectacular dinner.
(thank you john talbott!)
reserved for lunch at taillevent but someone is trying to convince me that le grand vefour is the better choice.
thanks in advance...

Sep 24, 2013
loml95 in France

Paris for the first time

hi jt
I have been reading through these Paris fine dining threads and you are everywhere. so I'd like to ask your opinion on guy savoy. my husband and I would like one "blow out" meal, would def do tasting menu and expect to pay a small fortune.
look forward to your reply.

Aug 18, 2013
loml95 in France

best breakfast in dc

looking for a place to have breakfast on sunday morning after a weekend of meetings for a business trip in mid march. not necessarily fancy. i like both ends of the spectrum from fine dining to dives. thanks for any suggestions. oh, and i hate waiting forever!!!