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Venice, FL Sunday brunch or lunch?

Any recs for (preferably water view) brunch or lunch places in Venice for tomorrow?

Mar 29, 2014
oopboromom in Florida

Lunch between Ft Myers & Venice?

Hi Hounds, Meeting friends for lunch & looking for suggestions between Ft Myers & Venice. We like all cuisines & to quote WC Fields, "I'll eat anything, and I'm very fond of children."

Mar 27, 2014
oopboromom in Florida

Dover update?

Hi Hounds, Looking for current recs for lunch after a biz mtg Tue 2/11 on Ctrl Av in Dover.
Thx! Oopboromom

What's good in Fort Myers (Gateway area)?

We just returned from there and enjoyed Kenwood Grille in Ft. Myers. Local place. Grinds their own hamburg and makes homemade potato chips. They serve lunch and dinner and have outdoor seating options.

Mar 14, 2013
oopboromom in Florida

Looking for Breakfast/Lunch in beautiful settings

Second Simon Pearce!

Looking for Breakfast/Lunch in beautiful settings

Daniel's in Henniker, NH (lunch) overlooking the Contoocook River. Henniker is a college town, and there's a charming covered bridge on the campus of NE College.
Seaglass in Salisbury, MA is right on the ocean, has great food, known for their crab cakes. Upscale but family friendly. Davenport's Maple Farm in Shelburne, MA. Quaint, family friendly, authentic farm atmosphere. Open weekends during maple sugaring season. Best whole wheat pancakes ever! Fun adventure along the scenic Mohawk Trail in Western, MA.

What happened to Luisa's in Bedford, NH?

Hey, Greater Manch Vegas Hounds, Drove by Luisa's Rest in Bedford only to see they're closed & a bagel place is going in. Any news?

Manchester, NH: has anything opened at the former Commercial St Fishery?

Hi Hounds, Wondering if anything has opened in the former Commercial St Fishery, previously known as Starfish Grill in Manch Vegas.

North Conway dining for fussy post-menopausal matriarchs

Hi Hounds, It's Girls Weekend (we use the term"girls" liberally) in No Co & we're looking for good dining preferably a place that uses local &/or fresh ingredients & healthy carb friendly for our diabetic friend. Thanks all, Oopboromom

Need Nashua "Ladies Lunch" place for après Orchid.Show

Thanks so much! Any feedback about availability/quality restaurant in the hotel?

Need Nashua "Ladies Lunch" place for après Orchid.Show

Hi Hounds, Am taking an elderly friend to the orchid show @ the Nashua Radisson next Sat. Need a nice "ladies lunch" type place nearby (Tara Blvd). Thanks, all!

Seeking BBQ/ Pig Roast Catering for New Hampshire

Try Belmont Hall in Manchester. They're versatile & reasonably priced

Belmont Hall & Restaurant
718 Grove St, Manchester, NH 03103

One less breakfast place in Manchester, NH

You may want to drown your sorrows at the bright new Purple Finch in the Woodbury Court Mall in Bedford (across from Macy's). Very good food & service.

Best lobster roll near Wells, ME

hi Hounds, Am taking my 96 yo friend for a ride in the convertible & out to lunch, hoping to end up around Wells, ME, where her parents met! She loves lobster rolls, & am hoping my hounds can keep batting 1000. Thx!

Looking for a great dinner restaurant in the Chelmsford area

Hi Hounds,
We're meeting my college roommate & her husband for dinner soon, & the halfway point is around Chelmsford. Any suggestions? We all enjoy all types of food. Perhaps a quiet place conducive to conversation.
Thanks so much,

Salem/Windham/Derry, NH Lunch Recs

Hi Hounds, Am meeting a friend halfway for lunch, which brings us to the Salem/Windham/Derry, NH area, & we need your help. Any feedback on Buono Panini or the place that went into the old Phoenician in Salem? Thanks for your help.

Need help w/ a brain cramp/Lowell area

Hi Hounds,
I remember reading some encouraging reviews about a vegan-ish restaurant w/in walking distance of the Merrimack Rep. We're headed to a play on Sun and would appreciate any and all leads or other suggestions for lunch.
thanks so much,

Any recs along the Dover, Somersworth, Rochester, Farmington, NH corridor?

Thanks, All. Does anyone know if the Italian restaurant in Farmington (Il Risorante?) is still in business? If not, what happened?

Thank you gift needed in the form of a Frederick, MD restaurant gift cert

Thanks, all! You've been so helpful that I want to come to Frederick & eat!

Thank you gift needed in the form of a Frederick, MD restaurant gift cert

Hi Hounds, you all never disappoint, so here's my request. We recently were weekend guests of some folks from Frederick, MD. I'd like to include a gift certificate to a restaurant in the greater Frederick area in my thank you note. These folks are active retirees who eat well. Any recs are gratefully appreciated!

Any recs along the Dover, Somersworth, Rochester, Farmington, NH corridor?

Hi Hounds, periodically I'll meet my dau 1/2 betw. Portsmouth and Wolfeboro for dinner & was wondering if anyone has any recs along the Dover, Somersworth, Rochester, Farmington, NH corridor.

First anniversary road-trip: Montreal, Quebec City, Portland, ME, and Boston

Since Mainegal described Portland to QC as a food wasteland, have you considered making a circle and returning from Quebec to New England thru Lake Champlain? There would be good food choices in the Burlington, VT area. Have a great trip.

looking for a nice business lunch place in Dover

Hi Hounds,
Am looking for a nice place to take my "all grown up corporate daughter" out for lunch (for her b-day) in Dover. We're pretty eclectic and appreciate all recs. The boss is flexible, too, so time isn't of the essence.
Thanks all,

Ice Cream in New Hampshire?

great thread! Don't forget Johnson's Dairy bar (now known as Johnson's steak & seafood) on the New Durham/Alton, NH line. I believe they just had a fire at their other (original) restaurant in Northwood. Anyhoo, love their mint patty fro yo & for dinner first try their ricidulously cheap and abundant steamers, about 36 for $12.99.

Good apres theatre restaurant near Merrimack Rep in Lowell?

Thanks for all the great info. Is the Cafe Paradiso you mentioned related to the one in the North End of Boston?

Good apres theatre restaurant near Merrimack Rep in Lowell?

Thanks so much for the wealth of info about Lowell's cultural and gastronomic opportunities! Can't wait to explore the area. Is the Cafe Paradiso you mentioned related to the one in the No. End of Boston?

Good apres theatre restaurant near Merrimack Rep in Lowell?

Your feedback is very helpful to these 2 Grammas exploring new territory! We're excited to try a new theatre and new restaurants. May I assume that since you were a member of MRT for 5 yrs. that it was a good experience?

Good apres theatre restaurant near Merrimack Rep in Lowell?

HI Hounds,
Not sure if I'm on the right board. Is Lowell considered greater Boston? It would be in New Zealand, but perhaps not on this site. Anyhoo, am defecting to the Merrimack Rep Theatre this year and looking for good restaurants nearby for either lunch before the Sun. matinee or dinner after.
Thanks so much. You guys are the best and always come thru

Wolfeboro Inn update

Hey Hounds, I feel compelled to weigh in on the oft-maligned Wolfeboro Inn. This old chestnut has seen many incarnations over the past 40 years and very recently underwent a major renovation, obtained a new chef and overhauled the menu. We just had dinner there tonight and come away w/ a tad mixed reviews. My husband had the turkey pie which came w/ veggies and puff pastry. He said it was good (grade B), but a word to the wise, he's been eating whatever slop I've put in front of him for the last 32 years, since our wedding reception at the W-boro Inn in '77 BTW. Anyhoo, I had the salmon which was cooked well, wrapped in applewood smoked bacon (ever notice the correlation betw the price of the meal and the number of adjectives describing the dish?) and doused, yes, doused in a whiskey boubon sauce, that even this former sorority girl found a bit boozy. It came w/ cheddar smashed potatoes and asparagus. The meal was lukewarm and the asparagus was cold. However, my husband's dish was piping hot. The waitress was on something I'd like to get a hold of b/c when we entered she asked, "A table for 3?" After searching the room for Harvey the Rabbit and coming up empty she recanted and acknowledged there were only two of us (there were no other people around us. eerie.) She had the dropsies and forgot to replace things, talked in front of us to another server about how "weeded" she was and parceled out her extra tables. Darn, we lost that lottery and kept her. She only checked back the perfunctory one time, and even at that it was over her shoulder while still motoring by us, didn't notice to refill the waters, cleared my husband's plate before I was finished eating (#2 pet peeve) and asked about dessert while I was still eating (b/c my husb was done eating, which is my #1 pet peeve). I share these specifics b/c a nice Inn should have all these little kinks(that add up) worked out. So, overall, the food was tasty (grade B), the service was fair (hey, she didn't put her hands on the blade of the knife when replacing the one she dropped) (grade C-) the ambiance is good. Very comfy booth (grade A-). The prices were reasonable ($14 and $19) and there's great variety on the menu. We didn't do dessert b/c we had a lovely homemade raspberry pie waiting for us at home, so I can't comment on that, but I think I'd give them another try. The overall experience was sort of like watching the Olympic skater on a bad day.

Restaurant Club Seeks Suggestions

How far north of Boston are you willing to go? Are these folks up for an adventurous trip? There are a few restaurants in southern NH that I feel are worth the trip. Mileaway in Milford, NH consistently delivers high quality food and service that makes you feel like you're "dining" vs. "eating out". Another elegant dining experience we had was at the Chesterfield Inn in Chesterfield (outside of Keene, NH), and a third place, which looks very promising but haven't been to yet is called the Woodbound Inn in Jaffrey, NH. It has recently been bought and renovated by a CIA trained chef who relocated his restaurant, Aylmer's Grille, from the Peterborough area to this Inn. Looking forward to trying it. Stopped by yesterday to p/u a menu, and the dining room is spotless and newly redone in a minimalistic chic way. Here's their website. Bon appetit!