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Lord Sandwich (Calgary) [moved from Canada board]

Was at the Lazy Loaf last week. Not a lot of choices in the West Hillhurst/Parkdale neighbourhood. I ordered the Smoked Meat to go. There was one single slice of meat on the single slice. Thin slice. Was it a mistake? Is this what people in Calgary think is good food. I was shocked.

Noble in Calgary?

Tried Notable for the first time last night. It was really good. Prices were nice for Calgary. The veggie pizza was a waste. Flatbread right out of the eighties..really soggy. Lamb Shank was excellent but the risotto was average. Good service, nice room and close to home. Will be returning for sure.

Shawarma King Kensington (Calgary)

We tried Shawarma King in Kensington for the first and last time last weekend. They took the pita apart for two Shawarmas. I've never seen that before. Into it went a couple of slices of something from a warming tray. Ripoff.

Marda Loop Institution Wolfman"s Gone????

Does anyone know what happened and what's going in there? I'm going to miss the cheap beer and atmosphere.

New Mex on 17th SW? (Cgy)

$6 for a bottled beer wouldn't bother me at all if it was a nice place with decent food. This isn't either of those things. We were one of only two tables for the night. Maybe Manzo was at the other but they didn't look happy either.
We lived in Southern California the last 5 years and never saw a taco that came with nothing but sawdust. Off to Mexico next week... I will keep my eyes open for a taco with nothing in it.

New Mex on 17th SW? (Cgy)

Just got back from Los Chilitos. $80 for two drinks each and not nearly enough food. Very very dissapointing. Tacos are dry and tiny with nothing other than an ounce of meat in each. No Salsa, lettuce nothing. Shotglass of beans and rice. Sausage and cheese appetizer was dry and no flavour. That's got to be hard to do. $6 beers. Went home and had a sandwich. Why would they open like this? Not going back for sure.

Calgary Fish and Chips?

Trawlers used to be great but I think they changed hands. I use to love the place in Deerfoot Mall. Don't remember the name.

Steak in Calgary???

Thank You ...we will look up Leo up at Second to None Meats.
Has all the really expensive beef I have been buying not been organic? Interestingly, I don't remember anyone claiming their beef was organic. What's the diff???

Steak in Calgary???

I need help to get a good steak in Calgary. Seems strange doesn't it? The steaks at Safeway, Co-op, Supestore and Costco are all just between bad and OK. Costco is probably the best and of course Safeway the worst. I've bought Hoven Beef at the Farmers Market and its great and really expensive. I've bought the best steaks I've had in Calgary at Mercato but $32lb to cook at home is not something I want to do on a regular basis. Are there any good butchers with fair prices in Calgary???

New Restaurant in Avignon, L'Essentiel

Yes, really liked L'essential. The owner is absolutely charming. She was always interested to know if we liked what we got and when we did she would tell us that it was cooked by her husband. You could tell she was very proud. The food was really good, beautiful courtyard and not too expensive. She needs to let her staff do more of the work. I could see other diners weren't getting the same quality of serivce that we were.
The other place we loved was La (le?) Fourchete. Absolutely terrific in every way. Again the owner was very very charming and helpful.

O-O-O Oh It's Open

You are right I am not used to eating lousy fresh food. At least at Original Joes I know what I am getting. The Kitchen at O can not execute the menu. I understand they are in the midst of a menu overhaul. The owners are doing it on there own without their Celebrity chef's help which I think is a great idea. Next time I'm on my way to Globefish I'll give yo a wave as you are sitting on the patio in the midst of traffic picking the seeds of the strawberry and string of the rhubarb from your teeth. MMMM Fresh!!

O-O-O Oh It's Open

We gave it another try the other night. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid. We have been seven times. We have tried everything on the menu. Can't recommed a single thing. We really wanted it to work because we live so close. In the future we will go there for drinks and then Original Joes for food. Its that bad.

Calgary Safeways

The prices are not competitive at all and the product stinks. I come out of there feeling used and dirty. I never see people doing there weekly grocery shop at either. I think people go there just to pick up a couple of things when they have to. Sobeys or Costco are way better options. Why don't we have Loblaws, or Provigo or any of the Eastern grocery stores?
Has anyone ever seen Lamb in Coop or Safeway or anything other than the most standard cuts of Beef. Pork and Chicken.

Nice, Big, Meaty Dinner... But... (Calgary)

My personal favorite and very meaty is Mercato. We have only been once but it was by far the best restaurant experience we have had in Calgary. Everything was perfect. Its not just a great restaurant for Calgary; it would stand up to just about anything in New York, or Montreal or I think anywhere. It's hard to impress this very jaded diner but they did it. Can't wait to go back.

O-O-O Oh It's Open

O-O-O Oh It's not so good. We live in the neighbourhood and have been several times and really struggle with the food. We would love these people to thrive and be great. I understand there has been some turnover in the Kitchen already. I was excited to hear about the Lobster Nachos everyone else liked, but mine came out with a hard gob of lobster on each of 6 nacho chips...nothing else. The fish sandwich 's breading was wet right thru. Its suppose to be Vodka batter but I didn't taste any vodka. I though vodka didn't have a taste. So whats the point? The Margarita pizza was tasteless. The Jerk wings were inedible. The pasta's are incredibly tiny and not really that good. I know they spent a lot of money to have a Celebrity Chef design the menu but it doesn't work at all. I'll be back because I'm hoping they will turn it around, but they have a lot of work to do.