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Baldwin Restaurants - what's new, what's good?

My favoroute on the strip is Matahari for Malaysian. I've also recently enjoyed Hanoi Bistro for Vietnamese; I found it more refined and the flavours more clean than most of the viet restos on Spadina. I also really enjoy Etsu for both their Japanese and Korean dishes, certainly not the best in the city, but defenitely good for a restaurant that focuses on two seperate types of cuisines.

My experience with all the Italian places on the strip have been dissapointing. I have had cafe le Gaffe recommended to me but have never tried it.

39 Baldwin Street, Toronto, ON M5T 1L1, CA

45 Baldwin St, Toronto, ON M5T 1Y9, CA

Black Hoof

They also have a blood sausage and foie gras with some sort of puree, which I really enjoyed, probably my favourite dish of the night. We also tried the turbot crudo and was pleasantly surprised by how well it was put together considering I've never thought of the hoof for fish.

Best Authentic Meican???

I would suggest the ladies at the back of Perola's (on weekends) and Salsa's for the authenticity as well selection of taco fillings; both in Kensington.

247 Augusta Ave, Toronto, ON M5T, CA

Tobermory Dining Help

Just got back from a weekend up in Tobermory. I gotta say, foodwise it was a huge disappointment. The fish and chip place was a bit of a let down; while the white fish was very good and fresh testing, the frying technique was just not there resulting in a greasy fish with a boring batter. Fries were also boring; of the thinner variety unlike the thicker cut which I prefer with fish.

Went to to Leaside for breakfast and it was pretty good, although basic (terrible homefries). I decided to try Lee's again for their dinner service and it was probably the worst meal I've ever had in a restaurant. Our meals came out way to fast and the meats were very rubbery (I suspect they were microwaved) and everything was terribly bland.

I also tried Craiggy's for breakfast, which was also decent. I would be curious to try their fish and chips, but unfortunately I didnt have enough time.

You should definetely check out the little tub bakery, on right on highway 6 and little cove road. There butter tarts are amazing, the best i've had. The perfect crust encasing the runny filling, and caramelized top... so good!! There fruit filled tarts are also really good.

Best Indian in Toronto - where is it?

One more for Maroli, so far the best I've had. I also really enjoyed Madras Dosa Hut on albion rd for their dosa's and buffet.

630 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6G1K7, CA

Madras Dosa Hut
1123 Albion Rd, Toronto, ON M9V1A9, CA

A question about shawarma and Toronto..

A new place just opened up right at the corner of bay and gerrard called Kabab Grill. Just tried their shawarma which is white meat and I finally understand the white vs. dark shawarna debate, white meat is definately the way to go. I really enjoyed the shawarma, better than Milo's I think. The space is very clean with lots of seating on the second floor. They also do arab pizzas. They seem to be catering to the healthy lunch crowd. was not impressed with the kababs and grilled meats on my first visit but am glad I gave them another chance.

Also, they have a couple of shelves full of assorted baklava. Upon questing the owner about where they were made he said they were from Syria, but I can't imagine they would keep fresh in transport. I wonder if my question was lost in the language barrier and they were actually from Patisserie Royale, which I beleive is Syrian owned, because the pastries reminded me of theirs from their appearance. Wondering if anyone can confirm this?

ISO Berreta cheese

I've bought it at Grande Cheese a couple of times, the one off of Weston Rd. in Woodbridge. They don't always have it though, but last time I was there I was informed that they usually get a shipment of the burrata on thursdays (memory is kind of foggy, could've been tuesdays), which never lasts till their next shipment. Best to call in to figure out the actual day.

Salsa's: new Mexican Restaurant in Kensington

I am not exactly sure but I beleive the menu board described it as pork leg

Salsa's: new Mexican Restaurant in Kensington

A new mexican place opened up in Kensington a little while ago called Salsa's, on Augusta north of Baldwin. The name had kind of turned me off for a while, however today I decided to give them a try. It's a takeout place with your basic mexican menu: taco's, burrito's, taquito's, torta's, quesadillas--nothing overly exciting. I decided to order the carnita burrito, and I must say, it was the best burrito I have ever head. The pork leg was nicely spiced and perfectly cooked, also the best carnita that I've tried. The meat was also the dominant ingredient in the burrito, and for once I found the rice to be a nice compliment and not just filler. It was also only 5$ (no charges for extras), making it one of the cheapest burrito I've bought. I can't comment to much on authenticity, but I was the only non-spanish speaker in the restaurant. Great new addition to the market and I can't wait to go back and try their tacos and torta's!

Vietnamese Food - Where Do You Go?

There's a place that I really like in one of the plaza's across from Vaughan Mills. I forgot what its called (not pho99) but it is in the plaza closest to jane, south of rutherford. The owner is a younger vietnamese women, very friendly, and I think its her mom who does most of the cooking. Everything I tried there has been very good, lots of fresh herbs and vegetables! Its really the only place I order non pho items from, anyone know which one I'm talking about?

La Grille - Armenian/Lebanese Restaurant

I haven't been but the menu describes the chicken shawarma as "Shredded pieces of tender chicken breast seasoned to perfection"


I would suggest Sofra Istanbul at steeles and the 400. So far everything I tried has been amazing: pide, kebabs, even the sides like plain rice. It's mostly a take-out spot but the dining room is always busy and the menu is quite extensive.


I actually started a thread about this place, "Sofra Istanbul", earlier today:

Funny, I was probably there around the same time you were. Everything I tried was excellent and I can't wait to try the rest of the menu.

Sofra Istanbul -- Great Turkish in Vaughan!!

Recently popped in to Sofra Istanbul Kebab house at steeles and the 400, in the same building as the Quiznos, for lunch. The place was packed with people dining in, mostly of turkish and other mid-east looking origins. It's more of a takeout restaurant but their menu is quite extensive and remiscent of a dine-in restaurant. Me and my dining partner ordered the Adana kebab entree ($13ish) and a vegeterian pide ($10ish). Both came in huge proprtions and were very flavourful. Other interesting items on the menu included a few whole fish dishes and falafels which one lady dining beside us exclaimed were the best she'd ever had. I really enjoyed my meal and will definetely be back. This was my first Turkish dining experience so I do wonder how it compares to the other Turkish places in the city. Has anyone been?

Mama Mia Empanadas

I was there this evening and the empanadas were amazing, best I've tried yet. The menu looked very similar to the empanada place in the latin american plaza on milvan. My suspisions were confirmed after talking with the owner's wife, who said that they had recently sold the milvan location and one in Brampton. The sandwiches are also very good, although they go a little heavy on the mayo.

good macarons, seriously.

I recently had a macaron at the cafeteria in the basement of the AGO. They only had pistachio and it was excellent, really enjoyed it, although I have nothing else to compare it too. Anyone else tried it? I'm curious to see how these ones compare.

Anglo-friendly Chinese in Richmondhill

I've been looking to try some good cantonese (other than dim sum), particulaly stir-fry type dishes, in the Richmondhill area. Can anyone recommend such a restaurant that has some of their better dishes also on the english menu? So far I've been thinking either Fantasy Eatery or Kachikee but have no idea what to expect or what to order at these places. Any input would be greatly appreciated!