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Best Korean Bakery is WHERE???

i am in search of the best Korean Bakery in the bay area.

I'm currently watching the korean drama "king of baking" and am totally needing to satisfy my craving for great korean bread...

please tell me where the best ones are at. one of my friends suggested me going to sunnyvale for korean bakeries...and please also include what i should order as i am a total newbie to korean breads...thanks!!

Mango Lassi and Hot Dog combo $6

I just came across a fantastic meal combo in Downtown SF...and best of all, its only $6....its the mango lassi and hot dog combo at What's Up Dog. I asked around and it is currently only offered at one location (Third Street and Folsom).

When drinking the lassi and eating the dog, the first thing i thought of was...damn thats good!...and the 2nd thing was "this is very reminiscent of Gray's Papaya in NYC"

I've always been bitter that hot dog joints in the bay don't offer anything good to wash down the meal with (always just coke and pepsi) but now i think some people are catching on and hopefully the new trend is tasty drinks with tasty of both worlds right?

anyway, here is my quick review of the "Lassi Dog" Combo...
1. super affordable meal for the downtown area
2. best mango lassi i ever had. (perfectly sweet and actually tastes healthy)
3. hot dog + mango lassi go very well good, if not better than papaya shake + hot dog

I've attached a few photos of the fliers

What's Up Dog
699 Folsom St, San Francisco, CA 94103

Best Local Eats in Las Vegas?

i did a search for "local las vegas foods" and other keyword searches but couldn't find much. do you know of a good thread to use? thanks

Jul 20, 2009
evolnomis in Las Vegas

Best Local Eats in Las Vegas?

yes, i'll be renting a anyplace within 30min drive is even ok.

Jul 20, 2009
evolnomis in Las Vegas

Best Local Eats in Las Vegas?

i'm going to be in las vegas for about 5 days and would like to venture off the strip for some good local food. the good stuff that tourists don't know about but locals flock to. I'm talking about cheap eats, barbeque, steak, late night discounts, brunches, etc. thanks.

Jul 19, 2009
evolnomis in Las Vegas

the search for the ultimate steak

thanks for the info and photo. i hear so many great things so far from this site about el raigon but the reviews on yelp are so mixed...makes me wonder why so many people disliked it on yelp...only 3 or 3.5 stars

the search for the ultimate steak

thanks a lot for all the great info. LCS, town hall and el raigon all seem perfect...can't wait to try them...good luck with your blog.

the search for the ultimate steak

thank you everyone for the helpful information. after looking at the recommendations on this page as well as the thread mentioned by "wolfe", my top choices now are el raigon, south park cafe, florio, and L'ardoise

the search for the ultimate steak

whats the best steak in town (within san francisco preferably)?

i am looking for a good restaurant for groups serving up a great steak for a moderate price. ideally, the restaurant will offer several types of steak and have a rib eye priced around 30-35 dollars...i looked through a bunch of restaurants on yelp and harris' offered the best looking menu but its too expensive. the best steak i ever had was actually not in a steakhouse at all. it was at batali's B&B in las vegas. I actually liked the idea of it not being a steakhouse as it didn't overcharge for steak and had a good selection of appitizers and desserts. If you happen to recall a great steak meal that fits my criteria, please tell me the name of the restaurant. thanks!

Where to buy Rennet / Citric Acid Powder?

i just bought some Citric Acid from Rainbow Market in san francisco (its in the canning area above the peanut butters):

As for Rennet, i looked everywhere and found out that Mollie Stones (formerly tower market) is the only place that sells it in san francisco. Its in aisle 4a above the jello boxes. I got 8 Junket Rennet tablets for $1.99.

FYI...i bought both items yesterday 2/9/09