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Best bubble tea in Flushing?

A few weeks ago, I would have said that Quickly had the best bubble tea in Flushing. Two weekends ago, though, that all changed. I tried the bubble tea at the New World Mall, at MaLa Tang. It had a particular flavor in it that I recall from my favorite bubble tea place in California (Fantasia). The bubbles had a very nice consistency, on the firm side of what is normal, but pleasantly so. I wouldn't have thought that this random food court shop would have a better tea than Quickly, which specializes in it, but it did.

I noticed there were at least two other bubble tea places as well in and around the mall. One was just outside it, and the other was a Taiwanese dessert place in the corner of the food court. I haven't tried these yet, perhaps they are also excellent.

Anyone have any other interesting bubble tea experiences to report?

4140 Kissena Blvd, Queens, NY 11355

136-49 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11354

New World Mall
40-21 Main St, Queens, NY 11354

Jun 15, 2011
Andrew Hyatt in Outer Boroughs

Is Szechuan Gourmet in Flushing really that great?

The list in question:

These are all good places, but I don't think these are the best Chinese restaurants in the country, or even that it is possible to compile a list of the best Chinese restaurants in the country.

Feb 12, 2011
Andrew Hyatt in Outer Boroughs

Artichoke Basilles Pizzeria West Chelsea

The Artichoke Basille in Chelsea was fairly bad for slices, in my opinion. I've tried it three times, and each time they have multiple pizzas already baked. The slices they are serving are very stale, and not even slightly warm. They warm it up, but my guess is that it's stale enough that it can no longer be evenly heated. So you get a slice that is hot on the outside and cold on the inside.

I haven't had anything close to an acceptable slice there, and this goes for both Sicilian and Margherita slices.

114 10th Ave, New York, NY 10011

Jan 29, 2011
Andrew Hyatt in Manhattan

Can't seem to find authentic Sichuan in NYC - Where's the ma ้บป???

OK, you want ma? I agree that it's hard to find. One dish I remember being particularly ma-full is the cold rooster in Wu Liang Ye. That had a very healthy amount of it. Almost no one except me ever liked that dish, though...

Nov 20, 2010
Andrew Hyatt in Outer Boroughs

Taste Good - authentic Malaysian in Elmhurst

I go every week. There's been no change so far.

Oct 02, 2010
Andrew Hyatt in Outer Boroughs

Maharaja Sweets and Snacks, Jackson Heights

The masala dosa here is currently my favorite. It is a bit thicker and heartier, and the masala inside is not overwhelmingly potato, but instead has a variety of great stuff. The coconut chutney it comes with is quite good as well.

Jul 10, 2009
Andrew Hyatt in Outer Boroughs

Chaat bar (is there such a thing)?

Bukhara Grill in Manhattan has one, although it was not extensive.

Mar 23, 2009
Andrew Hyatt in Outer Boroughs

Best Burrito in NY?

This talk of steaming tortillas being good surprises me. Steaming is common, yes, but it's common because it's fast. The best places do not steam, which leaves a soggy and insipid tortilla. Instead, they toast the tortilla.

Jan 18, 2009
Andrew Hyatt in Outer Boroughs

Fast food Tibetan in Jackson Heights

Interesting! So there's two Tibetan/Himalayan fast food places in Jackson Heights? Man, I love that neighborhood.

Jan 03, 2009
Andrew Hyatt in Outer Boroughs

Fast food Tibetan in Jackson Heights

I stopped by a new Tibetan fast food place this weekend. Unfortunately, I did not record the name of the restaurant, but it's located on that short block where the Indian movie theater and subway entrance is.

They had both chaat and Tibetan food, probably more chaat then Tibetan. I'm not sure why. On the counter was a Chai dispenser and a thermos. The thermos was corked and had Tibetan-style salted tea inside. Both types of tea were good. I'm assuming they were free, but maybe I was charged for it. It was all very informal.

As far as I can tell, the Tibetan food you can get are all dumplings: beef, chicken or vegetarian. I tried the beef. The dumplings were steamed, I believe. The dumpling skin was light and too delicate, but the beef inside was pleasantly greasy and tasty. It came with a Tibetan hot sauce that was quite nice.

Dumplings were about $6.50 total, and the staff was very pleasant. If you are in Jackson Heights, and want a meaty snack, this is a pretty good way to go. It suited the cold, snowy weather perfectly.

Jan 02, 2009
Andrew Hyatt in Outer Boroughs

Top 2 Pizza Places In NYC - Zagat

Really? I find this hard to believe. I can't imagine anyone from New York enjoying St. Louis style pizza.

Oct 10, 2008
Andrew Hyatt in Outer Boroughs

Amazing 66 -- new in Chinatown

I tried this place a few months ago, and was not blown away. It was a decent Cantonese place, but really nothing special. That said, Cantonese food in general is not all that well done in New York (compared to, say, California). Of the dishes I had, I enjoyed a lamb casserole with tofu skin the best.

Apr 16, 2008
Andrew Hyatt in Manhattan

Interesting but well priced for pretheater?

Ollie's Sichuan on 42nd street near 9th ave. I think it meets all of your criteria very well.

Mar 09, 2008
Andrew Hyatt in Manhattan

Grass fed beef ratings

I'm not an expert by any means, but I believe all cows are grass-fed, at least for a while. Grass is, after all, cheaper than corn. The difference is whether they are grass-finished or not. So I wonder what the difference is from what Staubitz does and anyone else?

Mar 03, 2008
Andrew Hyatt in Outer Boroughs

Lombardi's- big disappointment...

Seconded. Una Pizza is my favorite pizza in NY right now. I've been to DiFara's several times, and it's also great, but in a different way. Una Pizza's pizza is subtle, really well balanced, and has the perfect crust, whereas DiFara's has a great crust but is substantially richer tasting.

Mar 01, 2008
Andrew Hyatt in Manhattan

How Are No-Boil Lasagna Noodles Made?

Sounds a lot like fresh pasta. Has anyone tried cutting the no-boil noodles into ribbons and boiling them for pasta?

Feb 24, 2008
Andrew Hyatt in Features

Out of this world central Asian in the FH/Rego Pk area?

My current favorite is Cheburechnaya. There's a few others also about as good as this in the area as well.

Jan 05, 2008
Andrew Hyatt in Outer Boroughs

Chengdu Heaven -- the best Sichuan food in a tiny basement stall at the 41-28 Main St Mall, Flushing

I've eaten here before, but I much prefer the other Sichuan stall in the other food mall (also called Chengu something). However, I didn't get the dish you are referring to... it sounds pretty good, I'll have to try it.

Jan 05, 2008
Andrew Hyatt in Outer Boroughs

"Authentic" Chinese food in Flushing?

Pretty much anywhere in Flushing. While American-style Chinese places are in the far majority nationwide, and in the majority NYC-wide, in Flushing they are a small minority, if they even exist. However, and this is a big however, most great Chinese restaurants will still have some American-Chinese dishes. Stay away from those dishes and order in the realm of the region that the place represents. Some learning may be required.

You should try some notable places from a few different regions. Search the boards to find some good recommendations. My current favorite there is the Chengdu stall in the farther Main St. food court. But you have to know Chinese to order there. Spicy & Tasty is highly recommended, and has English on their menu. Try their cold dishes, especially ones with the red (spicy) oil.

(I'm not sure why it is repeating my post twice here...)

Aug 05, 2007
Andrew Hyatt in Outer Boroughs

overrated restaurants

Hey, I'm from St. Louis, home of the Concrete, and Shake Shack is the real deal. The only real difference between this and the standard St. Louis concrete is that Shake Shack uses much larger ingredient chunks in their mix-ins.

Jul 17, 2007
Andrew Hyatt in Manhattan

Any mexican places serve Huitlacoche(Corn Fungus)?

The upscale mexican place Hell's Kitchen often has it.

Jul 14, 2007
Andrew Hyatt in Outer Boroughs

Hot Cocoa Hotties

Summerfield - yes, Cook's Illustrated tasters ranked the dutch processed cocoas as better, consistently rating the dutched cocoas as having a strong chocolate flavor. Their explanation was that the acidity and bitterness in the cocoa distracted from the chocolate flavors, and that since the dutching process got rid of those elements, it enabled the tasters to taste more of the chocolate flavors.

Note that this is for cocoas, so it wouldn't apply to melting chocolate.

Jul 07, 2007
Andrew Hyatt in Features

In search of: Bake and Shark

Man, I love Bake & Shark, pretty much my favorite Trini food. But I don't recall seeing it in New York yet. It's not even all that common in Trinidad except at the beach.

Jan 27, 2007
Andrew Hyatt in Outer Boroughs

What happened to Zibetto?

I was there last weekend, and it was very much open. Its a very small shop, are you sure you are not confusing it with some other space?

Jan 10, 2007
Andrew Hyatt in Manhattan

Jury duty in Jamaica and desperate

there's a decent Trinidadian roti shop a few blocks down, right by the LIRR station. Even though it's cold out, be sure and try the Mauby drink.

Jan 03, 2007
Andrew Hyatt in Outer Boroughs

Thai Crepe Place on Austin St--Forest Hills

I haven't tried the crepes, but was unimpressed by the bubble tea. I've had worse, but it was too milky and sweet, not enough tea flavor.

Dec 08, 2006
Andrew Hyatt in Outer Boroughs

Din Tai Fung

Well, I asked the guys at the Sheraton a few months ago, and they said they are not coming this year. Of course, that could mean they are coming somewhere else, but I wouldn't count on it.

Nov 20, 2006
Andrew Hyatt in Outer Boroughs

do you mind talking about Difara's AGAIN? i haven't been yet...

The artichokes on the artichoke pizza are awesome, same with the porcinis. However, it makes the pizza very soggy. I would recommend staying with a plain cheese pizza.

Nov 15, 2006
Andrew Hyatt in Outer Boroughs

Best Latte or Cappucino

There are some good cappuccinos around, but certainly most places don't achieve very good results. I like Casa (part of Cupcake Cafe) by 40th & 9th. Zibetto on 6th Ave bettween 56th & 57th is also great, actually even better than Casa.

Sep 03, 2006
Andrew Hyatt in Manhattan

Angelo's on 57th...any opinions?

It is quite good, the only high-end pie you are going to get in that area, really. The crust is nicely charred, the mozzarella & basil is fresh, the tomato sauce is nice. I think the crust lacks a certain bite, but in no way is it less than good.

Aug 17, 2006
Andrew Hyatt in Manhattan