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Trip to Niagara Falls/Buffalo N.Y. what grocery items would you bring back?

Easy Cheese canned cheese.

Casual brewpub or gastropub for party of 14 just before Christmas

I'd suggest The Blake House on Jarvis.

Niagara Falls - I know, I know

Pizzeria Antica has really nice food and decent prices. It's located near the top of Clifton hill at 5785 Victoria Avenue. It has a nice patio out front and has expanded twice in the last few years to keep up with demand.

World’s Biggest Bookstore to become restaurant row

I really don't think this idea stands a chance of ever happening. The restaurant industry is pretty tough and any of these big chains they want to attract generally will only invest the money to open a place if they can get at least 20 year leases.

What restaurant is going to spend millions of dollars on a lease and millions renovating these places just to be evicted less than 10 years after opening.

Another thing is that there is a lot of competition at Yonge and Dundas and although there is alot of people on the area, not a lot of them are willing to make the walk down Edward street to go to a restaurant, especially mid winter.

And then on top of that you're gonna open your place right next to 3 other restaurants who are gonna be fighting for business before you all close in less than 10 years.

The Old Toronto Restaurants you make the wishes for the comeback

RD's BBQ and Blues at was located at Duncan and Pearl Streets was a really good spot.

Also, JJ Muggs, especially for the great patio at Bloor and Bathurst.

Holy Chuck... Priest has nothing on this place.

Holy Chuck.

Holy Chuck... Priest has nothing on this place.

I just wanted to add that on top of this place having the best burgers in Toronto, I feel that the service there is always top notch.

I go there on average 2-3 times per week and the girl who works the cash in afternoons is always extremely friendly and remembers my name and order and always has a big smile. The owners are usually there and always say hi and seem friendly as well.

What really stands out though, is that a few times they even gave me my order on the house as a way of thanking me for repeat business. This really is a great spot.

Please Critique My Toronto Must-Try List (Updated and Revised)

I really enjoyed Frank's Kitchen. I believe it was on your last list but it looks like it didn't make the cut this time.

Glass of wine near Yonge and Eglinton?

The Keg, just south of Eglinton, has a nice lounge area.

Chowhounds best 10 restaurants in GTA - 2013 voting

Enoteca Sociale
Pizzeria LIbretto
Frank's Kitchen
Harbord Room
Holy Chuck

Rolling Rock on Tap

Pickle Barrel at Yonge and Dundas has it.

Best pizza in Toronto?

We really like QMP and Libretto as well as Pizzeria Antica in Niagara Falls. I also go to Pizzaville alot and get a fresh made Panzerotto, baked or deep fried. I think for $6, it's a pretty good deal for a quick lunch.

Photo is from QMP.

Toronto: Best Dive Bars?

My favourtie all time pub in Toronto is the Tap at Bloor and Bathurst. Take your friends there and play some table hockey for a truly Canadian experience.

Seriously gross lunch at Pickle Barrel Y&E

Pb appeals to everyone in the same way that the #1 movie this weekend isn't necessarily the best out there and the biggest song on the charts right now is about the worst song you've ever heard.

But, if you're planning an office party right now, and you've got some people who are cheap, others who are vegetarian, others who aren't too adventurous and some who consider a place like Pickle Barrel to be fine dining. Where do you go?

A place like Pickle Barrel will always be busy cause dad can have a steak, mom a pasta and they have a kids menu as well. You can bring your dad who wants a burger and your mom who doesn't want to spend too much.

This isn't a place for the typical Chouhound type person. That should be obvious.

Skylon Tower AWFULLLL~! (Niagara Falls-REVIEW)

Pizza Antica really is an awesome restaurant. Several times each summer we start off in NOL and bike about 25km to Niagara Falls and eat at this restaurant before we bike back. I love those days.

I can never decide between the pizza deluxe and the gnocchi so I always get both followed by the Tiramisu.

The prices are really good as well, especially for Niagara Falls, with the pizzas averaging around $11 - $13.

Bar Italia - bad experience

I work in a restaurant where there is constantly people whining about having to take a small booth, escpecially when a bigger booth is available.

The thing is, when there are several big booths open, it is cool for a group of 2 to take one because there are still several big booths available. But as the bigger booths start filling up you have to be adamant that any groups of 2 sit at small tables because you have to keep at least a few big booths ready in case 3 or 4 people show up.

When we haven't been careful where seating people, we've been in the situation where we have a lineup of big groups who have to wait while all the groups of 2 take up the big 4 seater tables. Then the manager / owner gets pissed cause the restaurant is only half full (of big booths that are half empty) and we have a big lineup.

What if the hostess gave you and all the other groups of 2 the big tables first while leaving the small tables empty and then she had to turn away a group of 6 because there was nowhere to seat them right away? Do you think she'd get an earful from her boss?

You didn't get bad service.