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Molly Ringwald's Whole Roasted Chicken

I've been doing chicken this way from a newspaper article featuring Barbara Kafka's recipe for years! The Sacramento Bee and I believe Molly is a home town girl. Great results and that clean oven is a must must must.!

Sep 15, 2010
aluelui in Recipes

What do you do with the giblets and neck for Thanksgiving?

After 30 years of "meaning to do something with them" and remembering that my folks always seemed to simmer these parts for some reason..... am happy to reconnect with my childhood. I ran out of dog food (horror! specialty stuff not to be found today so the dogs will be happy campers with the snacks THEY are going to receive and my gravy will be even BETTER than is always is. Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 26, 2009
aluelui in General Topics