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Famous Dave's is good. Out of about 7 trips I once had some dry meat. RH&B also has real smoked, juicy meat and once the technique is down it becomes more of a flavor/subjective thing based on the sauce and rub used.

RH&B also has about the best potato salad and coleslaw - the sides just ain't takin' up space on the plate!

I am not claiming they are the best (my ribs are!) but me thinks there is something else at work on when I hear the bashing of those restaurants.

Fish and Chips

WOW, Royal Mile Pub!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, I'm happy. The cod melted in my mouth, the batter is light and crispy.

The corned beef and cabbage was wonderfully tasteful too.

Glad it is diet time cause I would have burned an entire tank of gas returning to that joint already!

Thanks Folks

Fish and Chips

Thanks for the recommendations!

Proximity has me heading to Wheaton.

Fish and Chips

Did a search and found zip.

Home all alone this weekend and feeling like being bad.

Too old for cocaine and hookers so maybe an entire deep fat fried supper - LOL

Baltimore Steak Wars....Who Ya Got?

Back to the OP.

So at Sullivan's: Is it dry-aged US Prime?

Also, what cooking method do they use? One can take a steak from the Ruth's Chris kitchen and still not make it right without a proper steak oven.

I have read comments about their connection to Lone Star extending to the quality of the food.

Searching for Steak house recommendations

Georgetown Cupcakes

I am not a big fan of cup cakes (sweet is for my dry rub and BBQ sauce) but I would have been if they were always like this place.

Milk is not needed - two YUMS up!

Coconut and the Red Velvet for me please.

Grass-fed beef/pork etc

>IF you are ever out in Burtonsville (Colesville Road Rt. 29 exit on Beltway), there is an Amish market that carries all natural grass fed beef. I always get my Christmas rib roast there.
Beiler's Meats
15624 Columbia Pike Burtonsville MD <<
I am there every week for the fresh orange juice but only occasionally get beef from them. They are all over the place! I find meat that looks like US Prime once a month, looks like US Choice often, but frequently looks like some solid pink Select yuk.

A friend has had some good results by asking for a marbled cut. They will go in the back and hunt for ya.

New Ray's the Steaks: My Report

I have not seen open flame develop a good crust and I have been to Ray's and LOTS of other steak houses that do it over open flame. It is not hot enough and there is no way to control the air flow. Heat + air, then add the fuel (steak) = fire. This is why a gas grill will not properly work and why open wood or gas flame does not cut it.

With MASSIVE heat, a means to control the air is necessary to avoid turning the steak into fuel for the fire instead of food that the heat acts upon. I have seen lots of gas grills that claim to be anti-flare but the only time I have seen them in action they did indeed flare or they were cooking boneless, skinless, chicken breast - something that does not flare up anyway.

Need a proper steak oven/broiler - home ranges, even the professional quality, do not get close to the temps needed. Options that work are a very hot pan on the stove top or a charcoal Webber grill.

The charcoal is not about some special flavor that gas can't produce as much as it is about the heat and control of air in the grill. A large pile of charcoal will make the proper heat needed. A US Prime steak on the grill will burst into flame almost immediately but putting the lid on the grill will have the oxygen used up before oxidizing the meat (burning or consuming it as fuel) but still provide air for the coals. So the heat remains but the air is gone on the top of the grill.

This will make a crust that a gas grill owner will think could only be developed in a deep fat fryer! NO BLACK STUFF. The entire surface will be carmalized and a fork dragged across the surface of the steak will sound and feel like a most incredible crust that can be felt and heard; open flame does not go that far.

I believe it also has an effect on the center of the steak that seems to permit a medium rare with a rare texture (like a lite med. rare). Dry Aging a Rib Roast before trimming and cutting into steaks will also have a dramatic effect on texture and flavor - well worth the effort!

I must admit that I am a bit fanatical about certain items and as such my replies should be appropriately tempered :)

how would you like that cooked?

I know what you mean.

Waiter: How would you like your hamburger cooked?
Me: Medium Rare please.
Waiter: We can only cook them Medium.
Me: Then why the !@%& did you ask? (thinking to myself)

yucca fries

Last time I went to the Leisure World location the parking lot had such deep divots in the asphalt, that when parking, the front wheels of my car dipped into glossed over holes and my intercooler pipes smacked the cast curb :( :( :(

How is the Rusty Scupper in Bmore?

Another me too.
But then I have not been there in over 5 years. Went a couple of times and it is a nice place with good food but the food is not good enough to lure me back.

Urban BBQ - Silver Spring

It is closer to Hillandale, just North of the Beltway off New Hampshire Ave.

I have been excited to try some new BBQ. Got burned out on the restaurant BBQ and have been doing it myself lately but upon finding this site and doing some reading, I learned of lots of places nearby. Unfortunately Urban BBQ was one of'em.

The Good: Ribs and cole slaw. I will not say BBQ ribs because they were NOT SMOKED

The OK: I will not say bad because it was not bad - but I will NEVER get it again. The brisket and the pulled pork. Again - NOT BBQ.

I have read on CH that they have recently "upgraded" their smoker. I no nothing about it or how they do it (on site, centralized at one store, or something else). Maybe they were working on the smoker when I ordered and the oven was the best they could do that week (this week) at the location I visited.

Local big franchises IMO do it better.

As my first review, I have some disclosures:

I do not let my emotions guide my intellect. I have a friend that will be predisposed to any chain/franchise - I am not like that! But then I do not get my news from Oprah or Letterman.

I also do not breakout with bad, or crap just because I did not find it the best. Almost all food will be OK or not bad. Bad = sour, spoiled, burned, turned, dried out or soggy etc. That is something ya just can't eat.

I have no interests in any restaurants and have nothing to gain or lose by endorsing or poo-pooing any restaurant.

Maryland Farmer

Uncle Charlie's Backyard Barbecue - Darnestown, MD

I looked at the posting etiquette and the rules encourage an exchange so I do not know why my posts were removed!?!?!?

So I again have to say:
To claim RH&B does not pass muster, and then claim another BBQ place does not cut it because of a lack of smoke flavor, gray meat, and no smoke ring equals a continuity error because RH&B meat has a great smoke flavor as would be expected from meat with such a strong red smoke ring.

I am, right now, eating Urban BBQ. It is NOT BBQ! The ribs are very good but they are not smoked :( The pulled pork and the brisket is also totally void of any smoke ring or smoke flavor. This is from their Silver Spring/Hillandale (rt 650 and 495) location - maybe they were upgrading their smoker at that location last night???

Searching for Steak house recommendations

>>Each to their own, I suppose. The best steak I've ever had at Ruth's Chris is not as good as the worst steak I've ever had at Ray's.<<

So Ray's still uses open flame - it is not possible to properly cook a steak over open flame. That is how Outback and Burger King does it.

New Ray's the Steaks: My Report

>>re: 1FASTMF DanielK Feb 19, 2009
>> What cooking method do they use for the steaks?

Open flame.

That's too bad

Pasta Plus in Laurel

Pasta Plus is MOST EXCELLENT!!!!!!

New Ray's the Steaks: My Report

Thanks for the report!

What cooking method do they use for the steaks?

BBQ Ribs - Where to eat

I agree with the post above about Kloby's. The brisket was the best of the BBQ I tried from them and the slaw was very good but could have been super if it were a bit more creamy.

NO MORE O'brian's on Gude Drive - it is now Branded 72

Searching for Steak house recommendations

Butter rules - might even make your car run better too! :)

Searching for Steak house recommendations

>>You're right - Ray's doesn't melt a stick of butter on top of the steak right before it comes out of the broiler - they let the meat speak for itself.<<

...and it is NOT as good...unless one is seeking the mid 1900's Eastern European style meat-n-heat dinner

BBQ Ribs - Where to eat

I have been there two times and it was very good both times especially the brisket beans. The coleslaw is also very good. The brisket was so good the first time that it was what I got the second time so I can't comment on the chicken and ribs.

They did appear to be very slow both times I was there...the restaurant had a lonely feel to it even at prime lunch hours.

Searching for Steak house recommendations

I know the chain joint is not the usual first choice but Ruth's Chris is the boy.

I have been to Rays the Classic and they are great, just like so many other steak houses, but they do not do it like Ruth's. It takes more then just prime dry aged beef to make the taste!