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Weekend in South FLA

I will be hanging out in South Florida, Golden Beach/Sunny Iles to be exact, for the weekend. Looking for any great ethnic suggestions. I eat everything and anything. I live in NYC, from long beach, ca. Love the dominican I usually get down there but always in the mood for something different. Any cuban, puertorican, dominican, mofongo, seafood, anything that you can offer would be great. I will be down in Miami and SouthB a bit too and will spend an afternoon in Key Biscayne so if you know anything there, bring it on. Thanks!!!

Moving to Charlotte. Afraid of the food

I am just adding to the original request, I am moving to Charlotte from nyc.
any price conscious suggestions for:
Southern food
quality date place


May 25, 2009
tubastu in Southeast

Why can't NY understand the croissant?

hands down, best croissant
Eli's on 80th and 3rd
as good as some of the top croissant's in paris (daniel, grand vendome)

May 24, 2009
tubastu in Manhattan

Upper East Side Restaurant Chatter (and more)

Hey, im a UE sider on 84th as well. For pizza you have to try Gotham Pizza on York and 75th, best in the area. For groceries I do a combination of YOu Dont kNow Nothing, agata & valentina (for certain produce, meats and fish), food emporium (for their sale items like OJ, ice cream, etc.) and then just hop on the crosstown to fairway to fill in the gaps. Sotto Sinque is decent for cheap takeout italian (pasta fagioli is cheap and a nice lite veg. meal). I would try mumdatz for more consistent indian than chennai(3rd and 85th) Guo's garden (1st btw. 86th and 87th) is decent strictly take out chinese that passes and you Cannot beat the tacos at the taco cart on 86th and Lex.

May 14, 2009
tubastu in Manhattan

Plan My Healthy Foodie's Dream Day in NYC

I would def. recommend checking out curry hill (20s on lex.) to satisfy all of your indian desires. Chennai Garden, while not the finest of surroundings or service, has excellent southern indian (vegetarian and kosher) food for excellent prices. while you are there check you keloustians (sp?) which is the mecca of indian markets (Lex. btw. 27th and 28th). Dirt Candy, although pricy, is some of the more "exciting" vegetarian cuisine in the city in the east village. If you check out Josie's on the Upper East side you may want to continue up to Spanish harlem (116th st) and check out a true living ethnic area of the city besides tourist china town. All sorts of dominican and mexican street foods as well as excellent dominican, puerto rican and columbian cuisine (El Nuevo Caridad is nice) all over.

Mar 12, 2009
tubastu in Manhattan

Ranking every NYC pizzeria I've tried (~70)

NO totonnos? give it a try, esp. the one by coney island. almost as good as it gets

Mar 11, 2009
tubastu in Manhattan


I second that. The most recent is 2007.
So to revise my original post...
Any recomendations for raw oysters happy hour specials? Location not too much of an issue (midtown/UES) preferable.

Mar 09, 2009
tubastu in Manhattan


Im looking for a nice after work spot to get raw oysters. Other food is nice but mostly concerned with the oysters. Anywhere to get a dozen deal instead of singles? Oyster stew recommendations appreciated too. Thanks!

Mar 08, 2009
tubastu in Manhattan

Good food East 42nd Street

You can try Metrazur. It's actually in Grand Central. Very nice atmosphere and quiet! I believe that on Fridays and Saturday there is a prix fix for 2 for $85 that includes 3 courses for each person and a bottle of wine.

Feb 20, 2009
tubastu in Manhattan


how is the challah at eli's on the UES? just about all of their bread is excellent. Ive lived in france and would hold eli's baguette at the same level as Daniel's baguette in paris

Feb 09, 2009
tubastu in Manhattan

Best pizza in any borough?????

OMG i totally know what place on 68th. They don't even have a name if i remember, the awning just says pizza!
I think that Gotham Pizza on the ues (75thish and york) is excellent; they use a form of panko under the pie instead of typical flour or cornmeal which gives it an amazing crunch. I also do love totonnos; BUT, not the ones in Manhattan, you must make the trip to Brooklyn. THERE IS NO COMPARISON. the extreme heat that original oven uses gives the undercrust a texture you will not find anywhere else

Feb 09, 2009
tubastu in Manhattan

Seeking great family style italian

Carmines is good although you may have a very tough time getting in on friday with 40 people. Tony's di Napoli is a very similary place in every aspect; i think actually has slightly better protien dishes. They have two locations; one in times square and one on the ues (2nd ave btw. 83rd and 84th). the ues location has a party room which im sure could accomodate your group.

Feb 09, 2009
tubastu in Manhattan

Best Pulled Pork in NJ

I would recomend Cubby's in Hackensack. While they are known for their ribs they have an excellent pulled pork samie. The pork is both tender and crisp and has a nice smoke to it. YOu can have the sauce served on the side (as i do) and they serve it with an excellent buttered and garlicked italian hero instead of that lousey bland potato bun.

Feb 09, 2009
tubastu in Manhattan