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Angel Hair Pasta with Green Garlic Cream Sauce

We didn't have sugar snap peas, we used shallots instead of onions and we were probably a bit short on the 1lb of angel hair, but it was great! Our Angel Hair said it cooked in 2 minutes, so we waited after we put the asparagus in for a few minutes befoe throwing it in. My bofriend decided to chop up some lamb belly we had and "crumble" it on top, yum! Olive Oil should work, seemed pretty flexible.

Apr 24, 2012
evamophead in Recipes

A REAL Pesto dish

If you don't mind chains - a friend of a friend of a friend is the owner of the Maria's Kitchen (and I think Louise's ) restaurants and we were at a party that she was hosting and asked if the pesto they were using on the pizza had walnuts (my boyfriend is allergic to walnuts but loves pesto - we've had problems in the past) and she said 'NEVER'!!! The pizza was great and though I haven't been to one of those restaurants in a while as I live in Ventura, it gives me hope that their pesto is as good as mine :p

Feb 09, 2009
evamophead in Los Angeles Area