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Sushi in the City

Hi folks,

Am fairly new to SF, moved into the Mission about 6 weeks ago. Am still exploring the various taco joints, have found my fave Thai places in the Tenderloin, but now need a sushi place to take 3 German ladies to.

Looking for something moderately priced, that is fun and of course good. In the Mission would be great, but willing to travel within the city. We are wanting to go tonight and would prefer a place where we can either reserve or not have to wait for 90 minutes to get a table.

Thanks in advance for your recommendations!

Where to take dedicated vegans

Many thanks to all for the suggestions!

Where to take dedicated vegans

My sister and husband are coming into town for the holidays. They are both dedicated and very strict vegans, so much so that they will not even Thai food seasoned with fish sauce.

I'm in need of restaurant suggestions that can satisfy the vegans and also keep a non-vegan chowhound like myself happy. In other words where can I get good vegan and non-vegan food? I live on the westside but will travel as far as East LA.

One thing I'm particularly looking forward is a good Mexican joint where I can get my tacos al pastor fix, and the vegans will be happy as well.

Thanks for any and all suggestions.

Looking for authentic Thai food

Thanks everyone. Looks like we'll be doing a little field trip.

Looking for authentic Thai food

I'm coming to the DC for a conference and will be meeting up with a friend who lives in good-food deprived southern England.

We both lived in LA (I still do), home to a large Thai community, and we are looking for the closest we can get to authentic Thai food in DC, ie not too watered down, sweet and insufficiently spicy.

Thanks for any recommendations you might have!

Where can I find some good crispy carnitas?

Thanks everyone for the great recommendations.

Where to take Japanese tourists?

You could try this place: Guelaguetza, 11127 Palms Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90034

It's very well made Oaxacan food (Mexico). It's not particularly spicy, but very flavorful with lots of mole, a thick sauce that comes in different versions, some of which include cocoa. Not likely to be available in Japan.

Where can I find some good crispy carnitas?

I'm looking for a Mexican joint (restaurants, hole in the wall, truck, whatever) that makes good crispy carnitas.

The best carnitas I know come from El Cuervo on Washington and 1st in San Diego. They are made with lard and are crispy on the outside, but still moist and juicy on the inside. I have yet to find a place in LA where the carnitas are anything like that, though I haven't done too much searching yet.

Grateful for any good tips. Thanks.

Japanese visitor - where to take them?

You might try Musha on Wilshire and 5th in Santa Monica. It won't be a cultural experience for your visitors -- it's an izakaya, a Japanase bar that is more like a western restaurant serving small dishes, sort of like Japanese tapas -- but they will probably feel very comfortable there and enjoy introducing you to their food.

Best Thai food in LA?

I've visited Thailand a few times and got turned on to spicy food there 13 years ago. I often have difficulty getting Thai restaurants here to make the dishes as spicy as I like them, but these three places are reliable and produce flavors that are a few notches beyond the many mediocre Thai joints around town. All have been mentioned by others.

1. Yai on Hollywood Blvd in Thai Town, just east of the 101, in a strip mall with a 7 Eleven. This place is nothing fancy, you're not going there for nice ambiance. But every time I go at least half the patrons seem to be Thais. The food is very good, try the shrimp larb. I haven't seen this elsewhere and it is very tasty.

2. Tuk Tuk on Pico, just west of Robertson also makes tasty food and can ratchet up the heat. Tuk Tuk has a nice ambiance and has a mostly west side clientele. They remodeled a few months back and increased the number of tables. Since then they've become just a little preoccupied with keeping the place full, though they've never tried to rush us out.

3. Renu Nakorn in Norwalk is also very good and has some less common dishes. But it's pretty far out in an otherwise very uninteresting neighborhood. You really have to want the food.