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Honey farm in mississauga or near mississauga ?

Honey does not actually require a farm. Producers have a central place to process the combs but the hives themselves are located in various places. Bees are actually quite portable. Your best bet is a farmers market. I have also seen a stand for a producer at Pacific Mall if you don't mind a drive.

What's underneath the coating of my take-out Chinese chicken? Do I want to know???

You are not likely getting breast meat in those items. First reason is that North American tastes typically prefer breast meat to dark meat cuts. The suppliers can get a premium for those cuts as a boneless, skinless item or as the base for chicken sandwiches. The second reason is that the random bits of the chicken after the main cuts are taken are cheaper to buy and more likely to end up in battered dishes where they are less identifiable. The third reason is that Asians tend to prefer the dark meat of the chicken over the white.

Aug 19, 2012
pulguksa in General Topics

Hero, Hoagies, Grinders, Cheesesteaks?

Maybe not in Toronto, but there is a place in Kitchener that seems to be making an authentic Philly cheesesteak. A Taste Of Philly is downtown on King Street.

Carded in our Mid 50s!

There were some attempts made. From the first accout, "Her employer was concerned about the amount she had consumed and told Hunt that if she continued to drink he would call her husband to pick her up. Hunt did continue to drink, but the call was never made.

Hunt left the office party at quitting time, refusing two offers of rides home, and drove to a nearby pub where she continued to drink with co-workers until around 8 p.m. Again she rejected offers to stay overnight with colleagues rather than drive home in a snowstorm."

That still does not absolve her from personal responsibility. I have worked many licenced events and it is impossible to babysit every patron. I have been in all out wrestling matches to take keys from someone who insists on driving while several others walked out while I was occupied. Should I be responsible for all of them too?

(posted before i saw your edit, sorry about

Jul 19, 2011
pulguksa in Not About Food

Carded in our Mid 50s!

Seems I was a little off, she only drank at one other place after leaving work.

Or maybe I was right, this account mentions about 2 hours of lost time

Jul 19, 2011
pulguksa in Not About Food

Carded in our Mid 50s!

In lawsuit-happy North America, this seems like something that will be standard procedure soon. Up here in Ontario, there was a case in which a real estate company employee was served at a company function. She then left, after numerous attempts to get her to take a cab, and went on to drink at two or more other locations. She then crashed and sued and won a very large amount from her company. It seems that after serving her the first drink, the company was then responsible for her for the rest of the night.

I took the Smart Serve training that is required to serve alcohol here, the whole course can be summed up by saying that if you serve them and they crash, you're going to be paying for a long time.

Unless our culture rediscovers the concept of personal responsibility you're either going to have to suck it up and start carrying your id or quit drinking when you're out.

Jul 19, 2011
pulguksa in Not About Food

How do you get rid of fruit flies in your kitchen??

The pest control guy I used for my restaurant told me to just put some household bleach (which I had for sanitizing dishes anyway) down the drains about once a week. I had no problems with them after I started on that program. One way to check if the drains are your problem is to watch the top while you or someone else bangs on the trap, if they are in there, they will fly out.

Jul 06, 2011
pulguksa in Not About Food

Proper way to eat french fries ... etiquette question

Sushi is very much a finger food. Modern, Edo style sushi, started as a street food sold from carts in Tokyo. It would have been eaten on the run, on the way to or from work. As for french fries, I agree with the other posters that say to go with whatever you use to eat your main course.

Jul 04, 2011
pulguksa in Not About Food

Toronto butchers vs butchers

It was probably easier than you think to get the farmers to cooperate. Like many other professions, they are proud of their work and end product and probably more so for the organic famers. By and large, you don't get the poor treatment of animals up here that the activists would have you believe.

The Foodist Market on Queen St E: 40% off everything (closing down)

Commercial refrigeration is a gigantic pain in the nether regions, constantly breaking down and requiring costly repairs. I had a restaurant that, at one point, was operating out of a small beverage fridge as the large two door fridge and both cold prep units were broken down. Repairs like this can kill a business on the brink.

Weekend In Kitchener

Golden Harvest bakery down on King Street across from the Kitchener Market for fresh homemade croissants.

[Info] Stone Bowl Dolsot

Galleria on Yonge north of Steeles has them. I think I remember the price to be less but I am not quite sure. There are also heavy black pottery ones available for around the $8-10 range that work quite nicely although they do lack the visual impact.

Kitchner: Help us Chowhounds, you are our only hope!

For vietnamese, I have eaten at Benh Thanh in Waterloo on Northfield Road and enjoyed it, I have heard that Pho Dau Bo downtown on King Street is also good. There is a south american restaurant, Taco Bite, on the second floor of a building in downtown Kitchener on King Street. For Caribbean food, try Rainbow Caribbean Cuisine downtown on King or Ellison's Bistro across from the bus station. The Kitchener farmer's market has a variety of ethnic eateries. I'll third the recommendation for Taste Of Philly. For your morning nosh, a freshly baked, homemade croissant from Golden Hearth Bakery, also downtown on King, will fill the void nicely. One caveat to my recommendations, I haven't had the opportunity to go for fine dining but I do like tasty, well made food at reasonable prices.

Golden Hearth
343 King St E, Kitchener, ON N2G, CA

Rainbow Caribbean Cuisine
29 King St E, Kitchener, ON N2G2K4, CA

Ellison's Bistro
14 Charles St W, Kitchener, ON N2G1H2, CA

Local specialities

Not Toronto specifically, but Ontario, you could look for the small Noah Martin's summer sausage chubs. I know we have them out here in the boondocks, surely someone in Toronto carries them.

Fresh or frozen LOCAL ducks

You could contact Abate Packers in Arthur. I know that they supply many Toronto stores and restaurants.

ISO goat ribs in K/W area

There is a small west indian grocery store a couple of doors north of New City Supermarket on the south end of King Street that will likely carry or be able to order what you need.

New City Restaurant
8392 Kennedy Rd, Markham, ON L3R0W4, CA

Where to buy rabbit

If all else fails, you can contact Abate Rabbit Packers in Arthur. They are a family run business that specializes in rabbit, chicken, quail, duck and other specialty meats, focussing on poultry. To my the best of my knowledge, all of their product comes from local suppliers and they kill, cut and pack onsite. I know that they ship to Toronto quite often so they could likely tell you which retailers they are selling to.

Can I buy a real molcajete in Toronto anywhere?

You could try some Korean stores. I'm sure I have seen them there, I just can't remember which ones.

ISO Japanese wetstone

You can also try Ozawa Canada at 135 East Beaver Creek Road, Unit 3, Richmond Hill. They have the stones and also nice selection of Japanese knives.

Ozawa Canada
135 E Beaver Creek Rd, Richmond Hill, ON L4B, CA

Kitchener fire claims 3 restaurants

A fire early thursday morning destroyed the Campus Court plaza taking Caesar Martini's, Mr Sushi and Mel's Diner with it. From the news pictures, it appears that they are all total losses.

Is the fish you buy really the fish?

Basa is a catfish from the Mekong river in Vietnam. It is a mild white fish and i believe it is farmed although i am not 100% on that.

Caterer in Grey-Bruce

I'm not sure how far they travel but the people at The Queen's Bush cafe in Mount Forest do catering. The phone number is 519-323-1718. They are a small, more high-end bistro that I have heard good reports about.

Korea town and Korean food virgins!

Some of my favourite and safe Korean dishes:
Bulgogi - thinly sliced, marinated beef with vegetables Bibimbap - rice topped with vegetables and meat with a slightly spicy sauce Kalbi - marinated beef ribs Sangyeopsal - side pork Tang su yeuk - battered and deep fried chicken (pork, shrimp, beef) in a sweet and sour type sauce Ja jang mein - noodles in black bean sauce


Im a bit out of date on my Elora restaurants but in Fergus, the Fergus Tandoori Grill is very good Indian food right on the main street. The Breadalbane in Fergus is also well spoken of but I have not personally eaten there as yet.

Kitchen Stores that carry induction Burners.

The Bay has home units that look to be decent. Not all commercial ones require the 220 plug, I have a commercial one that plugs into regular sockets. For the most part, if a magnet will stick to your pot or pan, the induction will work. Cast iron works very well but, being so heavy, you have to be careful not to break the burner. As far as how they work, they are faster than most other burners and there is little risk of accidental fire. I found that it is harder to find an appropriate lower temperature for some dishes on mine. I'll boil noodles on it but i'll likely use the gas for my eggs.

Kitchener/Waterloo stores

Down the road from New City (south on King) is also Benh Thanh (sp?) which is a Vietnamese grocery store. There are a couple of David's Gourmet locations in town, one on King downtown and one in Waterloo on Northfield. The Korean stores are by King and Victoria. One is right at the corner in the A frame building but I have noticed their stock is going down. At the lights just north of there in the plaza with the LCBO there is another Korean/Japanese grocery with a little better stock. The LCBO at this location also carries a selection of sake and soju. I believe that there is a south american grocery store in the second block south of Victoria on King on the east side. There are two decent seafood stores in town, T&J seafood and Caudle's Catch. New City and Benh Thanh also have a selection of decent seafood.

Owen Sound Area Deliciousness

If you take the highway 6 route, there is the 100 Mile Market on 6 in the middle of Arthur. Near Arthur there is the River's Edge goat dairy. If you watch on the highway, there are usually a couple of Mennonites with stands out for their market gardens between Arthur and Mount Forest. About 5 minutes east of Mount Forest on highway 89 is Frey`s Meats, a Mennonite owned butcher shop. A short (24 km from Mount Forest) detour on Wellington Road 7 will take you to Mapleton`s Organics where you can get farm made organic yogurt and ice cream. Ice cream flavours include cappucino, ginger and chai ice creams.
Hope this helps

Skyr (Iceland cheese/similar to yogurt??) - Available in North America/Toronto

Today's Toronto Sun has a recipe for skyr on page 34.

Newfoundland food

It's not really in the GTA but if you happen to be headed north on highway 6, there is the Goofy Newfie in Fergus that has a lot of what you're looking for on the menu.

Making my own sushi - need equipment

Pacific Mall, upstairs where the restaurants are, there is a store that sells Japanese dishes and such, they have the sushi tubs and other equipment. I would also not be surprised to find those things at Tap Phong if you go downtown.